Me Time Box Stories

If You Were Going to Smoke a Chillum in Public

How to smoke a chillum in public with while at a concert
So I am at a concert trying to enjoy my prepacked one hitter when I lose it. As frustrating as losing one of my glass smoking pipes is, I move on because I have more chillums sitting in standby. Right when I am ready to have a private smoke session, a dude bumps into me and offers me his vape pen. I decline and offer him my one hitter which he accepts and finishes. Without thanking me, he goes back to his buddies. After the show he bumps into me again but this time he has something ready for me.

The Thick Glass Pipe Story

The Thick Glass Pipe Story
At a small house party I recently hosted I nearly lost the thick glass pipe I have had for years, twice. It all started when one of my negligent guests that needs to practice with a nice one hitter or something, dropped my unique glass pipe on my hard floor. The glass smoking pipe bounced for what seemed like forever and created a palpable silence throughout the party. The durable smoking pipe survived the fall miraculously though. That is until I had a few glasses of wine and the unthinkable happened.

Best Accessories for Smoking

Doob tubes, glass filter tips, lighters and some clear token rolling papers are great weed accessories
As a long time smoker, I now need all of the smoking essentials. I have glass bongs of all sizes, I have beautiful thick glass smoking pipes, I have every type of rolling paper. I got the best weed buster on the market and I have glass filter tips for rolling one up. These weed accessories that are in my opinion, essential to making my smoke sessions as special as they can be. Especially when friends come by, I love having a variety of nice and colorful durable artisan glass pipes for them to choose from whether it is a one hitter or a bubbler.

Me Time Stories: Traditional Glass Smoking Pipes or Vape Pens

Would you prefer a beautiful unique glass pipe or just another mundane vape pen
It is impossible to avoid this vaping trend but when I walked through a recent convention. I could not help but notice how beautiful the glass smoking pipes were relative to the boring vaporizers everywhere. There were unique glass pipes of all sorts there including chillums, glass hand pipes, glass water pipes, bongs, dab rigs and more. Hand blown glass pipes are just prettier and more reliable than any sort of vaporizer technology.

Smoking Out of a Cracked Glass Pipe

smoking out of a cracked glass pipe and missing your thick glass pipe
You may have found yourself in a position when you wondered whether smoking out of cracked glass pipe would be okay. This is the Me Time Story about just that moment and all that goes through a smokers mind when they are left with little choice but to smoke out of a broken glass pipe. You may have a very thick glass pipe, but it will break someday. It would have been smart to have some other unique glass pipes as backups, but all well. It's at moments like this that you are kicking yourself for not doing something about that free glass pipes giveaway you had seen.

Me Time Stories: Unique Glass Pipes For Unique People

Unique Glass Pipes For Unique People that love organics, health and art
If you take a close look at the unique glass pipes found in a smokers collection, it might tell you a lot more about the owners than you might initially think. Busy people select unique glass pipes that tend to be small, like a one hitter, to make travel easy. A person that loves organic products will like a nice thick glass pipe with creative designs. A healthy smoker tends to like glass water pipes like bongs for the water filtration and an artistic smoker will typically like artisan glass pipes with swirls and colors.

Me Time Stories: How To Mask The Smell of Weed

Me Time Stories: How To Mask The Smell of Weed After Smoking a Glass Pipe
Today, masking the smell of weed is not as important as it once was due to many states legalizing weed. Still though, if you are wondering how to mask the smell of weed, read this story and the mystery will be solved. Unique glass pipes get broken, but you can always replace them as long as they are not too expensive, but the smell of weed will remain unavoidable. You can try edibles and vape pens, but not if you want to know how to smoke kief.

Me Time Stories: How To Fly With Weed

Me Time Stories How To Fly With Weed, traveling with weed, best way to fly with weed
Flying with weed is just a bad idea, but I found myself daydreaming about the best way to fly with weed while in Las Vegas having lunch. I knew there was nothing wrong with taking the free glass pipe I won through airport security, but if I wanted to travel with weed, how would I pull that off? I eventually concluded that the answer to the question of how to fly with weed, was simply not to do it. But, I still thought I would put down my thoughts on flying with weed. Why not?