Me Time Stories: Unique Glass Pipes For Unique People

You must have heard the jokes over the years about people and their dogs looking alike. It struck me the other day that smokers tend to select unique glass pipes that are symbolic of who they are as well. It turns out that smoking weed is not just smoking weed. Companies make concentrates now for dabbing or vaping, which are both opposite ends of the spectrum. Dabs use incredible amounts of heat while vaping focuses on using the lowest temperatures possible for delivery. In the middle of the spectrum are traditional smoking pipes and rolling papers. A smoker will choose the glass smoking pipe that best suits their lifestyle and who they are.

unique glass pipes for busy people that like glass smoking pipes like one hittersI can only scratch the surface on the who and why of selecting glass hand pipes, but suffice it to say that smoking pipes are designed to fit the needs of each and every smoker. Perhaps one of the best examples are busy people. Whether a busy person is a business professional, athlete or just someone that is always going doesn’t matter. Small handpipes like small glass pipes or one hitters are all made for the busy person. These sorts of unique glass pipes are designed to be inconspicuous and can easily fit into any sort of weed smoker's travel kit. If you are a busy person and curious about how to use a one hitter, check out our blog.  

unique glass pipe for organic consumers like thick glass smoking pipesMany health conscious people and patients have selected weed for their medicine, but like everything else, they want to smoke weed as healthy as possible. In terms of unique glass smoking pipes for the healthy smoker, glass bongs and glass water pipes have been the go to delivery system for centuries. The water in a bubbler or a bong filters out a lot of the large particles from the smoke and cools it down as well. With vaping technology, temperatures are kept below combustion levels so that particles are not broken into such small particles.

unique glass pipes for smoker that are creative and artsy like artisan glass smoking pipesThen there are the creative and artistic smokers that seek out the most unique glass pipes out there. They like animal glass pipes, or artisan chillums and often have a wide selection of glass smoking pipes in their collection. The creative types often gravitate towards sativas and like hand blown glass smoking pipes that are full of swirls, colors and glass marbles that stimulate their visual senses. If you were take a look into their happy kit for smoking essentials, you might find a menagerie of creative glass pipes that they select from depending on their mood at any moment.

unique glass pipes for healthy smokers like glass bongs and glass water pipesWeed is also associated with the world of organics. An all natural alternative to acetaminophen or opioid based prescription drugs, weed is a go to alternative for all the organics outs there. GMOs have not taken over the industry yet so for many people weed has become symbolic of organic products. What you find in their collections of glass smoking pipes tends to be similar to what you find in the creative type’s smoke collection. Triple blown glass hand pipes that are creatively made are often discovered in an organics glass smoking pipe collection. They also tend to like chillums and glass water pipes more than they would like concentrates made for vaping or dabs.

I am only scratching the surface here, but unique glass smoking pipes are really important to the weed smoking community. It is not just about having a wide variety of smoking pipes but also having the right smoking pipes for your needs. We are proud to offer every type of thick glass pipes on the market to meet our customers needs. Next time you checkout a smokers pipe collection, if you think about it critically, you may find that you are discovering a lot more about that person than you would have thought.