Should I Be Smoking Out of a Cracked Glass Pipe?

Can you still smoke out of a cracked glass pipe? The short answer is YESbut there are some caveats and exceptions. 

Why do we do it? Why! Let me know if you have been here before. You’re sitting on your couch looking at your beloved glass smoking pipe lying broken on your coffee table. It’s a thick glass pipe that survived falling off of tables, slipping out of your hand and at least one instance where it bounced off of concrete. You have watched countless times as inconsiderate weed smoking companions smashed it on top of tables and counters while deep into some story that had no point. But, it survived it all, yet you are still sitting there thinking about smoking out of a cracked glass pipe anyways.

me time box thick glass pipe and smoking out of cracked glass pipeWhen you woke up this morning, your unique glass pipe, that for some reason was just a more durable smoking pipe than any you had ever encountered in your life, now sits on your coffee table with a large chip off the mouthpiece. WTF! You look around the empty room looking for the culprit and trying to break down the mystery of the cracked glass pipe. Stressed, you put your hand through your hair and think, a smoke session is what I need.

me time box glass water pipe and smoking out of a cracked glass pipeProblem is, you don’t have anything to smoke out of. Your ex took that beautiful glass water pipe when they left, you ran out of your RAW rolling papers and trying to dig out that old school metal bowl would be more of a project than you are up to at the moment. You got to go to work later and your routine would be completely knocked off course if you dug around in your closet looking for a hand pipe you aren’t even sure is there.

So the question is; would I be an idiot for smoking out of a cracked glass pipe? Perhaps there are some apples in the kitchen and you could go really old school. Who needs a glass smoking pipe when you have an apple? No, making a bowl out of an apple is actually a project and you have always found that it wastes your herb. You could make a smoking pipe out of aluminum foil but you’re not sure if you even have foil, plus you have heard that it’s bad for your lungs to smoke weed out of aluminum foil.

one hitter alternative to smoking out of a cracked glass pipe

You look back down at your cracked glass pipe. Why would smoking out of cracked glass pipe be so awful anyways? Would you cut your lips? Would you inhale small shards of broken glass? Would your thick glass pipe break further if you handled it? You think; that site the other day was offering free pipes by mail why didn’t I take advantage of that? Your eyes narrow and then you make a decision. I’ll get another awesome hand pipe tomorrow, but for today I am going to chance it.

You pick up the cracked glass pipe and examine the mouthpiece. There is this one jagged sharp shard of glass staring right at you. You actually touch it with your index finger, and yep it’s confirmed, it's sharp. But otherwise, it seems good to go. When you get your hands on whoever broke your glass pipe, oh there will be words.

In the end, you manage to get through your smoke session and your routine stays uninterrupted. You even get excited about shopping for the next unique glass pipe you will be adding to your inventory. Maybe you will go back and take advantage of that free glass pipe offer.

My suggestion: Claim a glass pipe from the free pipe giveaway, while supplies last and stop risking your lungs, lips and fingers on cracked glass pipes!