5 Simple Ways to Get all the Feels by Giving

Typically, it's only the holidays that allow us focus a great deal on spending time with family, hanging out with close friends, and being around people you see once a year. Much time is spent sharing festive meals 🦃 and indulging in drinks with those we love.

I just love this time of year, but it sucks because it's just so temporary.

Everyone rushes around fitting in one more shopping trip so they can knock another gift off their list and help create beautiful memories of giving the perfect present, but then January rolls around and it is back to the grind.

What happened?

Didn't you feel a little better inside when you helped someone out in need? 💚

It doesn't matter what season it is, giving gifts to smokers makes us better. In fact, the world is round and karma is a thing...

So here are some ideas on how to refill your cup by giving:

    #1 Adopt a Shelter Pet 

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    Pick a shelter that needs donations and round up your neighbors to adopt it. Shelters that serve the homeless, domestic violence victims or children can always use help. Consider an animal shelter 🐶🐱 to help make the any day better for some furry friends!

    Contact your neighbors by phone or through a neighborhood app like NextDoor and put the word out that you are collecting items for the shelter you selected. Tell them they can drop off donations on your front porch 🏡 on certain days or pre-arranged times and you will take it from there. 

    You might be surprised how many people want to help out! A giving spirit is contagious. Once you’ve done a drop-off, reward yourself with a freshly packed glass smoking bowl.

    #2 Take a Drive with a Friend.

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    While the pandemic has isolated a lot of us in our homes, taking a drive still provides a fun way to get out of the house. Load up the car 🚗 with your family or housemates and drive around your neighborhood at night and enjoy the ride.

    You'd be surprised how much you miss by NOT stopping to take a look around your neighborhood. Shoot down the side streets, neighborhoods and maybe even discover a new secret smoking sesh spot.

    Once you find that secret sesh, make sure you have a freshly stuffed  RAW Rolling papers with your favorite green companion can be quite the creative inspiration!

    #3 Use Technology to Express Yourself

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    Our laptops, tablets and smartphones allow a variety of tech choices to help pass along a holiday message of giving. Record a video of yourself telling someone how you feel about them. You can get sloppy sentimental for Grandma 👵 or silly and warm for your BFF. 

    Create a playlist for someone who loves music 🎸. Share it on your favorite streaming music service or build a playlist on YouTube!

    Include songs that make you think of them and ones by artists they might enjoy discovering. Remember that using your smoke box subscription can make the music sound that much sweeter!

    #4 Put The Future in the Spotlight

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    2020 = Dead and Gone.

    2021 = Time to Shine.

    Social distancing makes it difficult to spend time with your favorite people, but 

    Release the genie 🧞 from the bottle and come up with a list of what things you hope to happen for the people you care about. Write down your wish list and send it via text, email or even snail mail, if you can find a stamp! 

    A written list of the good things you wish to happen to a family member, friend or classmate in 2021 can be just the sweet gesture someone needs this holiday. 

    #5 Give the Gift of a Smokers Subscription Box

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    If you’re like us, you have friends you know would appreciate a Me Time Box full of ways to enjoy their green goodies. You can send them a one time box or go full Buddy the Elf 🧝 and give them a monthly subscription! 

    If money is tight this year, consider divvying up your own monthly smokers box among friends. The generous supply of items in each box means you can help light up a loved one’s holiday with a new way to enjoy their leaf. You can then all meet up for a virtual smoke sesh and show off your cool new RAW cones, bongs, chillums and other merch.


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    We have all been forced to think about the hardships we endured and plans that went awry because of the pandemic. If you allow this to become your focus, it puts you at risk of beginning the new year full of stress and nobody wants that.

    We like to rely on a natural way to address anxiety like filling a filling a bubbler with ice cold water or packing our favorite one hitter and really start to engine more me time.

    While we cannot control certain aspects of our lives, we can control how we react and adapt. Remember to take the time to give to those in need. At the same time, remember to bestow a giving spirit on yourself. Allow for low moments and reach for high ones.

    We will get through this and continue to Live Better, Every Day 💚

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