5 Tips to Maximize Your Weekends

Are you a weekend warrior ready to release the stress of the work week? Maybe you spent five days playing teacher, while your kids get used to attending school from home, or you put in your own hours pursuing your college diploma. 

Whatever you did, Monday through Friday usually makes you ready to indulge in how to make the most of your weekends. These 5 tips will help you to maximize your weekend me time 💚

Here's what we talk about in this post:

  • Quit Feeling Guilty For Wanting to Relax 
  • Catch Up on TV You Missed 
  • Play That Funky Music
  • Tackle a Creative Home Project
  • Make Time For Friends and Family

Quit Feeling Guilty For Wanting to Relax  

Quit feeling guilty about spending some me time on the weekends.

Before the pandemic, people were expected to cram their weekends full of activities like running errands, going to the gym, taking the kids to the park and other things.

Everyone was expected to stay super busy, making Saturday and Sunday feel like a never-ending treadmill. It’s like it was a crime to just kick back in your own home and relax!  👮

The downtime people are experiencing during a partly-quarantined world means it’s time to stop feeling guilty for wanting to slow down. Go ahead and throw your feet up, take a deep breath and relax like you’re getting paid for it. Me Time Box Products can help you get started on perfecting the art of your own Me Time so that you can enjoy life, every day.

Catch Up on TV You Missed 

Hit the glass bowl and catch up on your favorite shows. You deserve this me time!

Between replying to just one more email from the boss, tackling another load of laundry or helping with homework, watching your favorite TV shows 📺 often gets put off.

The weekend is the perfect time to flop down on the couch and enjoy your herbs in rolled form. Our smoker subscription boxes are always packed with the perfect rolling tools, like RAW pre-rolled cones and a small metal tray giving you a head start. Ensure that you get some idea about the best way to clean glass pipe so that you don’t have to spend the weekend on the internet looking for cleaning tips

If you haven’t yet developed a talent for using rolling papers like a pro, school is in session. 💨 

Can’t roll your own? Learn how to roll a joint from the Me Time Box Products staff. We know a little bit about smoking 💨

You’ll be ready to start relaxing in the time it takes to load up the next episode of the show you’re binge watching. If you like to enjoy your herbs with a little assistance in rolling, try using RAW cones. They are simple to use and a smoker’s best friend.

Play That Funky Music 🎶

Smoke a glass pipe and start dancing. Crank up the music and let loose!

When you’re at home, you can dance like nobody's watching, letting your favorite music carry you away from the stress of the week 💃

Whether you like dancing to the latest club remix, swinging your partner around the room ballroom-style or banging your head, your favorite playlist can offer up music that can soothe the savage weekday beast inside you.

Start the morning with some fancy footwork or dance the night away!

Use one of our beautiful glass pipes to deliver the flower you need to get your feet moving. It takes real artistry to create the high quality glass smoking bowls we feature in our smoker subscription boxes

Curious about the glass blowing process? Read our post about how to blow a glass pipe. This video details the magic used to handcraft a glass pipe. Also, check out this step-by-step guide on how to clean resin out of pipe.

Tackle a Creative Home Project

Get motivated by smoking a glass bowl and then tackling a creative home project.


Not everything on your "To-Do" list for the house has to feel cumbersome. Some projects prove to be fun, once you are properly inspired. Pack one of our unique glass bongs and feel inspiration fill you up before you roll up your sleeves and get started. 
Educate yourself if you don’t know how to use a bong or how to clean glass bowls because it can really deliver a bigger hit to keep you motivated to do any project.

because it can really deliver a bigger hit to keep you motivated to do any project.

Need some motivation and some ideas?

➡️ Tackle a fun task you’ve put off, like a flower bed you can admire from your living room or bedroom window. 

➡️ Grab the sketchbook or guitar you put away after college and let creativity fill your afternoon. 

➡️ Stop postponing painting the guest room that funky shade you love and grab a roller.  

➡️ Print out one of those homemade baking recipes that have filled social media for months and channel your inner Chopped Champion! 🍪 

Whatever you decide to do, remember that it doesn’t have to be completed in one day. Longer term projects can help give you additional purpose and reason to feel good about yourself!

Make Time for Friends and Family

Me Time Box Products Tip: Make Time for Friends and Family. Group Smoking Sessions are fun!

It’s always a good idea to spend hang time with good friends and extended family members, but the current COVID climate makes those choices limited. Even if you can’t sit next to your bestie or your favorite aunt, take advantage of all the high-tech options out there and don’t let a 🦠 get in the way.

Internet-based programs like Zoom and Skype offer ways to virtually meet up one-on-one or in a large group. Schedule time in your weekend to catch up on what everyone is doing, where you want to meet up when times are more relaxed, and what hot gossip everyone has.

You can also use smart phone video chats to feel close to people you miss. 

Got a little anxiety in seeing yourself on the camera? Try using our rolling papers, raw cones, glass pipes or a glass bubbler bong before logging on to meet up with friends and family. There’s nothing better than letting your stash fuel a good mood, while chatting with someone you love. 

If you have friends like we do, then a virtual smoke sesh can be fun too 💨

Follow these tips and the work and school week stresses will melt away, helping you to enjoy life, every day 💚

Curate your own custom smoking subscription box that is the perfect companion for how you maximize your weekends.


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