5 Ways to Mentally Defeat Negative News

Let’s be blunt, it’s hard to digest news today without feeling like it’s all negative. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and an election year, a great deal of news coverage on television, online, and in print has been negative. If you’re not careful, you may fall down the rabbit hole, which makes dealing with everyday life that much harder. 

You can’t avoid the news, however you can reevaluate how much you let occupy your mind. Think about the number of hours a day you spend taking in the latest virus statistics, polling numbers, and other stories that are often repetitive in nature and just drag you down. 

There are ways to stay informed and still let the good times roll. When we say letting the good times roll, we literally mean rolling your own. By consuming just the right amount of your favorite natural products with  water bubblers pipes, you can change your perception, defeat negative news influences, and create a positive outlook for all aspects of your life.

Try implementing these 5 things and defeat negative news influencers. 

1. Look for Good News Sources

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Do an online search for good news or happy stories. There are plenty of options for websites and channels on Youtube that are devoted to making viewers laugh and presenting feel-good stories to help uplift your spirits.

You might like stories about hometown heroes 🇺🇸 or a collection of romantic marriage proposals 💑 or kids being surprised by a birthday present they always wanted. We’re a sucker for videos of baby goats running around just being adorable! 🐐

Schedule a block of time in your day to camp out in a comfy chair or at your desk to enjoy the lighter side of life. Break out your small metal rolling tray, your favorite glass pipe bowl or RAW cones, and you’ll soon remember how much good there is in the world. 

Enjoying your hard earned, natural stress-relieving medicine with your favorite bong with bubbler and feeling positive go hand in hand.

iet Time For You

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Sometimes you just need some Me Time to bring you back to center after reading the headlines. Claim a spot in a quiet room and let your partner, family, or roommates know that you will be unavailable for half an hour or so. Don’t forget to silence your devices! 📴

You can always use assistance clearing out those negative thoughts, and we can help with that! Grab one of our colorful glass pipes and pack it full. If you’re into yoga, use your favorite dry leaf to fuel a session that leaves you feeling centered again. 

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If meditation is more your style, break out your favorite bubbler bong and let those burning issues of the world just fade away. 

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Did you know, shallow breathing that often happens when you are feeling panicked causes less oxygen in your blood, leading to even more panic? Learn some handy breathing exercises to help wash away the negativity. When you concentrate on breathing deeply and consciously for a period of time, your body naturally relaxes 💨

3. Notice When Social Media is Anti-Social

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Most people enjoy their time spent on various social media sites. You can keep up with your friends and family, share photos, and discuss your new favorite song or recipe. 

Social media can have a negative impact sometimes, especially if you devote too much time to it. People are quick to share negative memes denigrating people and opposing viewpoints, which only adds to your negative news intake.

A smoking subscription box is the perfect companion to help you wean off social media when it becomes overwhelming. Instead of counting Debbie Downer Twitter posts or rolling your eyes at another angry political rant on Facebook, open up your smokers box and check out all the smoking accessories we pack into each Me Time Box.

4. Read All About It!

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One of the best ways to escape from the negative news that blares all around us every day is to read something different! Whether you are in love with your e-reader or you prefer to cradle a real book in your hands, reading is a fantastic way to relax and forget about the burning issues of the day. Doing it with your water bubbler pipe to keep company is an extra perk!

Curious about the history of bongs and how to use them? Allow us to recommend a little light reading about this. As long as we’re blowing smoke, check out The Benefits of a Smoking Subscription Box

If you are on the fence about taking advantage of this antidote to negative news, think again! We’re all about natural remedies for the stress of getting through each day.

You can also share our articles with a friend who is unsure about adopting plant over pills philosophy. Help them educate themselves about what we already know. And before you know it, they’ll be breaking in their awesome new chillum and letting all that negative news just wash away!

5. Getting Together Without Leaving the House

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COVID-19 has made us all rethink our social lives and how often we see each other. The internet offers great alternatives to let us get together virtually and fight those feelings of isolation. 🥊

Invite some friends to an e-party using a video hangouts app, just make sure you aren’t using the same Zoom conference room as your boss. Tell them the number one rule is No Negative News! If you’ve got friends like us, you’ll have no trouble getting a few of your favorite people together for a virtual group smoke session on camera.

The gang can break out their quality random rolling papers, RAW cones, bubblers, or bongs and chat away with a renewed positive vibe. Release all your negativity and remind yourself what it’s like to have fun! 🎉

Make silly faces 😵 or tell dad jokes. Show off your adorable new puppy or awesome pet iguana. By the time you’re ready to log out of the party, your spirits will be lifted. 

In Conclusion

Remember that none of us can avoid negative news completely, but we can make sure to schedule a time to refill our tanks by shifting our mental states to help drown out the noise.

You are always in control of your thoughts, not the other way around. Remember that the world is a mirror and will reflect exactly what the way you feel about friends, family and current events. Reflect positivity and release all worries, criticism and fear. 

Follow a path of positivity and you will be rewarded with good news, good people and good smoke 💚

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