The Best Accessories for Smoking

Smoking and I go way back. I remember those days of scrounging for change or trying to figure out how to roll one up so it was at least smokable. These days though, I have it down to a science and weed accessories have become an essential aspect of my smoke sessions.

Using a glass tip in your joint makes it a perfect weed accessory to conserve your stashLetโ€™s see, Iโ€™ve got the weed buster (my nickname for my awesome three chambered weed grinder). I have glass filter tips because I donโ€™t know about you but that last little bit of greenery that never gets smoked at the very tip of the roach always bothered me.

add some hemp wraps to your weed accessories to add another fun piece to your happy kitSpeaking of roaches, I have hemp rolling papers, hemp wicks, those clear cellulose flavored papers from Token, traditional RAW rolling papers (bleached and unbleached), blunt papers and RAW cones. To light them, I got clipper lighters! The little pokey tool in a clipper lighter is always there when I need it!

doob tubes, a raw rolling mat, hemp wicks and rolling papers are essential weed accessoriesI got doob tubes, those plastic tube containers that are great for storing pre-rolled joints and for putting them out when there is still a half a joint or blunt left. No oxygen puts it out. I have wax containers and dab spoons, though I am still getting to know that whole new smoking trend. I even have a spray that eliminates the smell of weed.

A little 4 inch bong is a perfect addition to my smoking pipe collectionBut, the best part of my oh so special happy kitโ€ฆis my collection of glass smoking pipes. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I have big bongs, medium bongs, even 4 inch bongs. I have artisan one hitters and chillums. I have sherlock pipes, glass water pipes like bubblers and your traditional glass pipes with a carb. I love those in particular, theyโ€™re a reliable thick glass pipe that come in all sorts of colors.

Well, what do I do with all of my weed accessories? If itโ€™s late at night and I wake up from a bad dream, my glow-in-the-dark pipe is easily found on my bedside table. If I have guests over, I let them choose if it is time for a bong, a RAW cone spliff or whether they want to smoke out of one of my many handsome bubblers.

the best weed buster out there also makes for a fantastic weed accessoryI have a glass case just for all of my weed accessories. I keep my weed travel kit in there too and my best grinder for kief. Those three chambered grinders are key. It is organization at its finest and when you are a busy executive like myself, organization is very important.I have all the cleaning tools I need too. Want to know how to clean a one hitter, just ask. I know all the tips and tricks. Need to know how to clean a weed grinder, or how to use a weed grinder? Look no further. Here is what it comes down to. Weed accessories are a major part of the fun and satisfaction of smoking. Itโ€™s all about enjoying life and a better today. Why not add some color too?

get a beautiful thick glass smoking pipe to add as the best weed accessory you will ever need

Itโ€™s aย boring joke for us smokers to be disorganized, but the world is moving on. A solid glass smoking pipe can be a lifetime companion, but a wide variety of smoking pipes makes it a lot more fun. Unscrew that bottom chamber of your weed grinder, and get as creative as you want because now you got all the smoking tools you could ever need. Ready to make a purchase? Get the best smoking subscription box from Me Time.

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