Break the Stigma! 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

We’ve all been there. We find something exciting and challenging we want to accomplish and are filled with motivation. Nothing will stop us! Then after putting in some of the work...BOOM! 💣

Our motivation is gone and for most of us, it’s hard to get back into the groove of things.

Maybe it’s because us smokers share a lot of the same characteristics and traits. In fact, we are all human and therefore equal, so it’s perfectly normal to need a little extra motivation here and there. This is when we turn to our favorite glass smoking pipe, regroup and get back into action.

Whatever the project is, keeping your motivation is the key to completion. It’s not always easy to stay motivated, but we’ve got you covered with ways to get the job done and reward yourself. Dive into your smokers subscription box 💨 and pull out a glass chillum to celebrate tiny victories. Soon enough you’ll master your motivation, set goals and start building our future 🇺🇸

Setting Smart Goals


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Think of it like being a marathon runner; if you look at it as an almost impossible, daunting task of running twenty-six miles, you will be overwhelmed by the enormity of it. You’ll be tempted to throw your hands up in the air, sit on the curb and give up. 

Break it up into smaller, smarter goals: 

✅ Mile one!

💨 Smoke a Chillum

✅ Mile five!

💨 Puff the Glass Pipe

✅ Half-way there!

💨 Smoke the RAW Cone

✅ One mile to go!

💨 Take a hit from the glass bubbler

🏅 Victory!

Separating a marathon into several short-term goals feels more manageable. Knocking out several smaller goals gets you crossing the finish line in record time! 

Taking a smoking break is HIGHLY recommended. Celebrate the small wins one puff at a time 💨

It’s kind of like cracking open your first smoking subscription box. There are lots of great items in there, but you can only enjoy one at a time.

You can start by mastering the art of using alternatives to rolling papers. You might then move on to breaking in the gorgeous new free glass pipe you received with your first order. Figure out what order you want to do things in and before you know it, you will have accomplished all your goals! 👍

Remove Distractions

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Don’t try to multitask. You can’t focus on your project while answering texts, keeping one eye on the TV, or daydreaming. Create a space that is distraction-free (kids, roommates, neighbors and unruly pets out!) and train your mind to stay on track. 

Listening to classical music can center your mind. ☮ If your family or roommates refuse to stop sounding like zoo animals 🙉, try noise-cancelling headphones to help tune them out.

For some of us here at Me Time Box Products, just the right amount of 🌱, maybe a couple of puffs from the preroll, can tune out just about everything. We suggest keeping a backup supply of our high quality RAW paper rolls and RAW cones handy, we’re sure motivation will come easily. 💨 Light one up, take a few puffs and drop the RAW Cone back into the smell-proof container to extinguish it, until the next project milestone is complete.

Reward Yourself with More Me Time

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Look at your mini-goals you set and build in a reward for achieving each one. Did you finish the research for your report? Blast your favorite song and victory dance around your office. 💃 

Did you stack up an impressive pile of old clothes to donate? Grab that pint of Ben & Jerry’s from the freezer and say goodbye to those ugly Christmas holiday sweaters Aunt Betty sends you every year. 

Whenever you bang a gong to sound victory, you can grab a bong with bubbler to accompany it. Pack one of our colorful bongs to celebrate each victory along the way. 

If a chillum is more your style, reward yourself with that. What’s a chillum and why should you use one? We’re so glad you asked because we’ve got the answers! 

Team Up with a Smoke Buddy 


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It’s easier and more fun when you share the workload with one of your favorite people to smoke with. See if your BFF has a project they want to complete. Share your goals and jump in feet first together. 🙌

You can check in with each other for inspiration and hold each other responsible when the motivation seems to have left the building. We are all very much responsible for all our own actions as it’s always nice to hear someone else’s perspective, no matter what they look like or believe in. Building something with a friend, while passing the joint and becoming better humans? Yes please. Let us know when you have some time and send a calendar invite. 💚 

Never be afraid to high five each other as you both move closer to victory, because fist bumps and high-fives feed into motivation and positive reinforcement. Set a goal and plan a fun event for when you both finish your projects. Sharing your triple blown glass pipe with a friend as you knock out your mini-goals or as part of a victory lap guarantees a good time. Pass that glass pipe bowl over this way! Didn’t someone teach you to share?!

Each water bubbler pipe that arrived in your smokers subscription box can be used as a reward for you and your smoke buddy. If your friend isn’t familiar with the fun world of glass smoking bowls, we made a quick guide to choosing the right glass pipe to fit your personality

Take Smoke Breaks Often 💨

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Don’t overextend yourself! Whether it’s a one-day event or a project that takes weeks, set reasonable amounts of time away from the task in order to recenter your energy. We find that when anxiety starts to build up about not finishing on time or not knowing how to do something, a puff from the one hitter pipe will bring us back to center. 

Remind yourself that you don’t have to get it all done in one day. You’ll never get that swing set built you bought for the kids or that classic car you’re going to restore if you don’t take time for yourself. Smell the roses once in a while! 🌹

As you accomplish a mini-goal, mark it off your checklist, and take a smoke break. You get so many kickass products in our monthly smoking subscription box, you probably haven’t had time to take them all on a test drive. Use your down time to break in one of your new RAW joint rollers or fancy glass bubblers. 

Never used water bubblers pipes? We built this manual on how to use a bubbler, if you want to be  in the know!

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Now you know how to stay motivated with frequent smoke breaks and move mountains. Go forth with your big plans using your smoking accessories as motivational tools to help you change the world! 🙌

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