Dealing with the Stress of Working from Home

If you’ve never worked from home until this year, you might have imagined it as sitting around in your jammies enjoying a relaxing work week. The truth is that working from home can be as stressful as being in the office, customizing a smoking subscription box may be the answer to your problem.

Working from home is not a pajama-easy work week. You need to vent stress to live better, every day with Me Time Box products, free glass pipe.

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Even if you’re not part of the cube farm at the corporate office or running around trying to manage people in person, stress doesn’t stop being a problem when you work from home. It is important to put a system in place that helps you go from Worker Bee 🐝 to Mellow Soul 😌 at the end of the day.

Our monthly pipe subscription boxes easily becomes part of a hard-working employee’s arsenal of ways to relax. We take the guesswork out of what you might need and do all the shopping for you.

All you do is dig into your new box each month and let the good times roll. It’s just that easy!

Smoker’s Subscription Box

You can find unique ways of venting work related stress with a smoker's subscription box.

Work is work, no matter where you park your office chair. You’re dealing with deadlines, endless meetings and a boss breathing down your virtual neck. It is important to have down time after the workday is done.

If you haven’t tried a hemp subscription box yet, you may be missing out on what helps you transition from a hard day’s work to a relaxing evening at home. Weekends last longer, too!

We offer a variety of pre-selected products discreetly delivered each month to your doorstep, all at a generously discounted price to ensure you get extra value. Every month will feel like the Holidays 🎄 when your package full of goodies arrives with new ways to organically deal with the stress of working from home.

What’s in the Smoking Bundle Box?

A smoke box subscription is a mystery box full of smoke pipes, chillums, grinders and more.

Are you just getting started shopping for your stash collection and are curious about what you’ll receive each month? Maybe you’ve already got an impressive collection you’ve worked on for years, and you are ready to add to it. We’ve got what you need either way 💨.

Each month’s product selection contains a wide variety of items you’ll love to try out. Because our customers enjoy finding new products to take for a test run, we definitely think outside the proverbial “box” when it comes to what’s inside the smoking subscription box. Yet sometimes there is nothing better than the old favorites people know and love.

Me Time Box Products has an inventory of high-quality basic items that most people like to employ as a go-to method of enjoying their dry herbs. No collection is complete without at least one glass pipe, a colorful bong and a pack of RAW Kingsize rolling papers.

If you aren’t sure if you will fully understand what each item is or how to use it, we’ve got that covered for you in one of our fun informational videos, like one of my favorites ▶️ How to Use a Glass Bubbler.

Unique Glass Pipes

You could discover a sherlock pipe in your smoker box subscription kinda like Data here is smoking.


Many people count glass pipes as an old faithful choice for their bud. Glass smoking bowls are often colorful and expressive, making them fun to collect and show off to your friends.

We understand how important it is for us to kick back with our smoking glass bowl, packed perfectly, to help decompress after a stressful WFM day of endless video conferences and meetings 😒. We only source beautiful and well-constructed hand pipes to offer to our valued Me Time Box customers.

There are a lot of new and old school pipes for weed out there, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what is what. If you need some edification on the unique terms associated with pipes, read our glass pipe slang article. 

Colorful Bongs

A really big bong like Godzilla is tough to fit into a subscription box for smoke pipes, but water pipes don't need to be big.

Bongs come in a true variety of sizes and shapes. There are small bongs that easily store away in tight spaces. There are big bongs that give Godzilla a run for his money. With our huge variety of bong types, you’ll enjoy discovering which size is right for which occasion.

If the idea of a bong intimidates you, fear no more! We’ll help you discover how to make friends with a bong in our How To Use a Bong article.

RAW Rolling Papers

Fonzie would have loved to get some rolling papers in his smoke subscription box so he could roll one up in the sleeve of his t-shirt.

Rolling papers have enjoyed popularity for generations for good reason. Sometimes there is no simpler way to enjoy dry herbs than when you roll them yourself. It is a surefire and all-natural way to help reduce anxiety from work.

The workday will go by faster when you know that you’ve got our rolling papers on standby, ready to help you move from a brain full of business to No Worries time.

Not confident in your ability to roll one up? How to roll with rolling papers is an easy skill to learn, especially when you use our premium rolling papers. Check out our easy instructional article or rolling and start rolling like a boss!

How to use rolling papers.

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