How to Naturally Defeat COVID Anxiety post Vaccine

Remember 2020 when we all thought we just needed to hang in there for a few months and COVID-19 would get under control and we’d all feel better? It turned out that we are all in this for the long haul, which means increased levels of anxiety for everyone. 😧

It may seem hopeless but there are definite ways to address the added stress that has built up this year and will continue to manifest in the new year. Recognizing your own power is an important move because you are stronger than you think! 

    Exercise Your Rights

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    Did you know that regular sessions of moving your body help reduce anxiety levels? If you’re already used to an exercise regimen, don’t let the pandemic be an excuse to slack off. If your routine of visiting the gym is temporarily compromised due to social distancing, try a quality used piece of home gym equipment or switch to a new activity like running. 🏃

    Water isn’t just for drinking after you’re done sweating. Reward finishing your hard workout with a cool-down period that includes a water-based smoking product like a bong or a bubbler. Relax your body and your mind!

    Communicate Regularly

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    Isolation has become the norm for too many people, inadvertently increasing their stress levels. Take stock of how much alone time you have every day and make an effort to stay in touch with others. 

    Utilize phone calls 📱 and internet technology 💻to check in with family and friends and make sure you are hearing the voices and seeing the faces of those you care about. 

    Schedule Zoom get-togethers built around an activity like playing a game or just to get in a good gab session. Break out your favorite glass pipe and feel your anxiety levels go down as you talk to your posse.  

    School Is in Session

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    Many schools 🏫 that are limited in their capacity to offer in-person classes now offer them via the internet. Whether it’s a local community college or an out-of-state Ivy League university, there are lots of choices, including free classes, for ways to learn something new. 

    Youtube is another awesome source for free lessons. You can learn a foreign language, how to play guitar 🎸, a software program for work, how to do basic car maintenance, and a ton of other choices. 

    When you are done learning, bust out your smokers subscription box and let the good times roll. 

    Document Your Pandemic Experience

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    We are living in a historic time and it’s worth recording your experience. Think about seeing old photographs and videos from important times in history such as 9/11, the turbulent 1960s, and wartimes. Society learns about how people felt, thought and acted during notable times in history because of records left behind.

    You may be sick of wearing a mask but make sure you snap some pictures 📷 to show your grandkids someday. Shoot videos of you and your family at a social distancing event so when your kids are grown up, they will have a record of that weird year when they were a living part of an extraordinary time. 

    Keep a handwritten or electronic journal 📓 detailing how you feel and the activities you are doing during the pandemic. Be sure to make note of local and national regulations related to the pandemic, as well as progress towards enough people getting the vaccine.

    What may feel like just another day of COVID life will be fascinating to revisit after life has returned to a more normal pace. 

    We like to take advantage of rolling papers and RAW cones to enjoy our greens as we mull over our place in such a historic time!

    Don’t Be Afraid to Use Telehealth

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    Even the strongest of people can benefit from seeking professional help during stressful times. If pandemic-related events are causing you elevated levels of anxiety, consider using therapy for temporary help. 

    Many licensed counselors now offer telehealth appointments, which are done via online meeting programs. You can talk to a therapist about how COVID-19 is affecting your emotions, finances, future plans, family life, and romantic relationships 💕. 

    Having someone neutral in your corner with whom you can discuss all your stressors and come up with a battle plan for handling anxiety proves to be a game-changer for millions who are dealing with the Pandemic Blues. We’re all about natural remedies like talk therapy and using greens 💨 to rid our lives of too much anxiety. 

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    We’re big believers in sharing life philosophies about how to tackle stress using natural remedies. Whether it’s the grind of daily life or the pile-on that COVID-19 has dumped on you, having a reliable resource to help center yourself and rediscover your groove is important. 

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