How To Fly With Weed

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Late last year I found myself in Las Vegas, the new weed capital of the United States.

They have really embraced the legalization of weed in Vegas if you didnโ€™t know that already. I was sitting at a restaurant on The Strip and started thinking about how to fly with weed.

I donโ€™t know why, I just started thinking about it. I was absently people watching, and the thought just popped in there. I tried to shake it off, but it clung to my brain and I couldnโ€™t shake it. I was actually thinking about how to get weed through the airport. Why would I even consider such a thing?

Seriously, trying to sneak weed on a plane is a terrible idea. It is a Schedule 1 drug still which means you are violating federal law by crossing state lines.

You have TSA agents at security with X-ray machines and possibly drug sniffing dogs scrutinizing your every move. I once heard Montel Williams speak to a crowd in Jamaica, and he told three different stories about how he forgot he had weed on him when he went to the airport and they detained him each and every time.

Who wants to deal with that?

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There is nothing wrong with bringing a clean glass pipe with you on a plane. If you travel somewhere cannabis friendly and pick up a glass water pipe or even win a free glass pipe, as long as you havenโ€™t used it, they will let you through without a problem. But, if you are thinking about traveling with weed, you best be careful. Maybe they will just throw out your weed at an airport, but they can also turn you over to the local authorities.

But, I still found myself thinking about how to fly with weed. What would be the best way to fly with weed? Well, I thought, you wouldnโ€™t want to try and take much with you, and flower smells. So, maybe flying with edibles would be the way to go unnoticed. A lot of vape cartridges have metal in them and so they would set off alarms. The truth is that there are so many states that have legalized weed, whatโ€™s the point? Just find some more whenever you get to your destination, right?

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If you were going to fly with weed, where would you put it? Should it go in your checked bag, carry-on, or somewhere on your body? You could try the mule method, but that is absolutely insane. How do you get weed through an airport? Should you remove it from its packaging and put it in another container? Maybe mix it in with your toiletries. No matter what I thought of, none of it added up to anything that made any sense. Conclusion: taking weed on an airplane is a bad idea. A weed travel kit sounds nice on the surface, but ultimately what for? If they legalize it nationally, maybe you will find weed in the Duty Free shop at the airport someday.

While I would never advise anyone to try flying with weed, I would be awfully curious to hear some stories about it. Share your traveling with weed stories with us @TheMeTimeBox on Facebook and @MeTime.Box on Instagram.ย 

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