Me Time Stories: How To Mask The Smell of Weed

When I was younger, I was very worried about how to mask the smell of weed. I remember sitting by the window of my room with my friend, constantly looking over my shoulder to see if the door was opening, checking the towel at the bottom of the door and then making sure to blow my weed smoke as far out of the screen as I possibly could. We even fastened a dryer sheet to the end of a toilet paper roll with an elastic and would blow the weed smoke through what we called, the sploof. It kind of made the smoke smell like a flower garden with a skunk in it.

how to mask the smell of weed with a sploof after smoking a glass pipe

Looking back, it’s hilarious to me just how panicked I was about the smell of weed. Not to say that I don’t think about it anymore, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if that was true. If the smell of weed did not give us away, our bloodshot eyes and hysterical laughter certainly did. My friend falling down our stairs and taking the strand of garland off the banister with him until he landed at the bottom wrapped in lights and tinsel, also probably gave us away.

how to mask the smell of weed, thick glass pipeWe knew every trick in the book back before states started legalizing weed. A smoke kit consisted of some brown weed, a paper clip, a gross paper towel, a lighter and probably a metal smoking pipe that would get terribly hot. Knowing how to clean your metal grinder or where to find our next hand blown glass pipes was simply a necessity. We had to conserve everything and spent half our time smoking out of a broken glass pipe. I laugh if someone asks me how to smoke kief. Really? Kief is the best stuff in the world, just sprinkle it in a joint that is mostly made up of the charred remnants of your stash and resin. Made the best joints, those did.

Today though, discovering how to mask the smell of weed is not as exciting. First off, not as many people care anymore. Those wide eyed reefer madness looks are few and far between. Don’t believe me? Just go walking around New York City, or any metropolitan area and you will clearly know that not many people are all that worried about masking the smell of weed. People have vape pens that give off little to no weed odor, and of course they can eat edibles which don’t smell like anything while you are chewing them up.

how to mask the smell of weed in a hotel room after using a smoking pipeIf you are thinking about smoking weed in a hotel room, which is pretty inadvisable because they will throw you out or call the cops, you could consider going into the bathroom. Go ahead and towel the door of your room, turn on the shower and let the steam build up. Allegedly, smoking in a steamy bathroom just dampens everything. That’s if you want to go that far, but like I said, it is not advisable to smoke in a hotel.

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