Simple Ways of Achieving Peace of Mind Since COVID-19

Let’s face it: The world was already stressful enough. You’re juggling a career, managing a home, maybe taking care of kids, too. Whether you fight daily rush hour, work from home, or juggle classes while getting your degree, you deal with stressful thoughts and feelings.

Balancing life after COVID-19 can be challenging, but incorporating a natural lifestyle with a smoking subscription box can help.


Who could’ve predicted COVID-19 would sweep everyone off their feet, making life even more hectic and worrisome? Yet here we are.

You are now battling your way through a new normal (that isn’t normal at all), trying to take care of your needs and those of your loved ones, while it seems like a World Full of Karens are out there frustrating you at every turn.

Is there hope to manage and be more mindful of your thoughts? Absolutely! We have the answers for you.

The ethos of our company is about living better every day and this particular post is about why we choose a more natural lifestyle to support our overall wellness. Incorporating natural ways to relax can play an integral role in achieving peace of mind.

Here's what we are going to chat about today: 

😖 Stress and Anxiety
🎁 How Can A Smoker's Subscription Box Help?
💨 Bongs, Bubblers and Pipes, Oh My!
🤫 Will My Neighbors Know My Business?
🆓 Did Someone Say Free?

    Stress and Anxiety

    Me Time Box Products Health and Happiness Ways to Achieve Piece of Mind Post COVID-19


    The drudgery of being cooped up at home, dealing with job loss, the fear factor involved in being an essential worker, and worrying about health all make 2020 a year like no other.

    Add in concerns about having children who can’t return to their usual school schedule, and it’s no wonder so many people are searching for a new way to cope.

    COVID anxiety is a huge problem for everyone, causing some people to reach for prescription meds or a glass (or three) of booze to help combat the stress of a pandemic world.

    But there is a more natural way to take control of your negative thoughts and wash away your daily stress 🌱

    Even in today’s chaos, you can still redirect racing thoughts and tendencies to panic, and find peace of mind. A Me Time Box smoking subscription box will deliver everything you need to help set up a reliable, organic system that allows you to relax. BYOB.

    Is a Smokers Subscription Box Right for Me?

    Me Time Box Stoner's Subscription Box may be the choice to manage your stress.


    It’s a whole new world out there in positive ways, too. The country enjoys radical acceptance of more modern ideas for dealing with the complexities of life.

    Just waking up and getting through a regular day can leave you in need of a short-term exit strategy so you can recharge your batteries.

    Whether you are curious about this lifestyle or just want a simple way to manage your stress, we can give you 5 Reasons Why a Smokers Subscription Box is a No-Brainer!

    Bongs, Bubblers and Pipes, Oh My!

    Me Time Box Products offers guides to use the products in our smoking subscription box.


    If you are new to the lifestyle, you might find yourself confused by some of the products and terms. We make it simple by giving you easy to follow definitions and instructions. Before you know it, you will be an expert in all our products.

    For example, are you curious about bubblers? No, it’s not a bottle of champagne or a water fountain.

    Check out How to Use a Bubbler and find out how to fill a bubbler with water, plus everything else you need to know about this convenient product.

    Or, how about a chillum?

    Not sure what it is? No worries. You are not alone.

    A chillum, sometimes called a glass one hit is a kind of classy pipe you use to smoke. Using a chillum to smoke your favorite stuff is beyond fun!  So, while you enjoy smoking, having a bowl is mandatory.

    Not sure how to pack bowl for your smoking sessions? 

    Take a chill pill. Here we are to tell you how to pack a bowl.

    Will My Neighbors Know My Business?

    Me Time Box ships your stoner subscription box with discreet priority shipping, for free!


    Absolutely not! Nosy Nellies will have to look elsewhere for gossip material because your smoking subscription box comes to your front door in discreet shipping that affords you privacy. Even if your monthly goodie box is delivered while Grandma is visiting, she will never guess the contents of the package.

    We understand that your private life should remain private, which is why we send your stoner subscription box in packaging that won’t raise any eyebrows. Whether it’s handed off to you personally or it sits on your front porch waiting for you, no one but you will know the fun products waiting inside the box.

    Did Someone Say a Free Glass Pipe?

    Is a Smoker's Subscription Box the right choice for me


    Everyone loves something free! But how do you tell if an offer that sounds too good to be true is, ya know, too good to be true? You may have heard of the Free Pipe Frenzy offer on Facebook. Free sounds great, right?

    The problem is by the time you jump through enough hoops to qualify as a trained circus animal, your bank account takes a hit in excess of a hundred dollars. Not so free now, is it? Don't believe me? Read all about Free Pipe Friday and Free Pipe Frenzy

    While offers like this may be technically legit, they really are just fancy multi-level marketing scams. Do you really want to annoy ten friends by pestering them to join this private group in the hopes that you will score free swag? Your friends will tell you not to bother them.

    Me Time Box offers a real opportunity to claim a free glass pipe that is both beautiful and high quality. You just pay a modest shipping fee (remember, we always use discreet shipping!).

    Stay healthy, happy and sane 💚

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