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The Fastest Way to Pack a One Hitter Discreetly

How to use a one hitter in public with while at a concert

So I am at a concert trying to enjoy my prepacked one hitter when I lose it. As frustrating as losing one of my glass smoking pipes is, I move on because I have more chillums sitting in standby.

Right when I am ready to have a private smoke session, a dude bumps into me and offers me his vape pen. I decline and offer him my one hitter which he accepts and finishes. Without thanking me, he goes back to his buddies. After the show he bumps into me again but this time he has something ready for me.

Why I Like it Thick: My Glass Pipe Story

Imagine the sound a thick glass pipe would make bouncing hard on a marble floor trying not to break. That is what happened at my house party when a particular guest that would have been better off with a nice chillum, dropped it. The durable glass pipe su
At a small house party I recently hosted I nearly lost the thick glass pipe I have had for years, twice. It all started when one of my negligent guests that needs to practice with a nice one hitter or something, dropped my unique glass pipe on my hard floor. The glass smoking pipe bounced for what seemed like forever and created a palpable silence throughout the party. The durable smoking pipe survived the fall miraculously though. That is until I had a few glasses of wine and the unthinkable happened.

Should I Be Smoking Out of a Cracked Glass Pipe?

Have you been smoking out of a cracked glass pipe? It happens, but don't inhale glass shards.

Accidents happen and glass breaks, but should you be smoking out of a cracked glass pipe? The short answer is that it's probably safe to smoke out of a cracked glass pipe, depending on how badly damaged your piece is.

But if you can get a new free glass pipe, then why wouldn't you just save the cracked bowl for emergencies? Read the Me Time Box Product Story about my cracked glass pipe experience.

Choosing the Right Type of Glass Pipe To Fit Your Personality

Looking for the right type of glass pipe that fits your unique personality? Look no further with this handy guide to the different types of pipes for you to try.

There’s a glass pipe for every smoker and while you may not have the time to experiment in order to find the right setup for that perfect smoking experience, we are here to help as we have compiled the best glass pipes of 2020.

With so many types of glass pipes, how do you choose? Read our breakdown and choose wisely. Your pipe is a reflection of who you are.