The Smart Guide to Living With Intention

The Right Mindset, Then Gain Momentum.

Are you tired of not living your life on your own terms?

If so, you’re not alone. Modern life is full of responsibilities and stressors, such as jobs, bills, school, illness, family, and relationships.

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All of these things can cloud your mind and force you to live on autopilot. Before you know it, you simply start to go through the motions.

Even getting out of bed can be hard.

But what if you could turn things around?

If life is getting you down, it’s time to take control back into your own hands. Living with intention means you live your life full of purpose and meaning. It means you spend your time on activities that fulfill you and help you grow. When you step away from mindless activities, you can start to make conscious choices of how you want to live.

Here are some habits you can start doing to bring more purpose to your life.

1. Notice Where You Are Living On Autopilot

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Before you try to adopt a ton of new habits and activities, it helps to take stock of your current physical and mental health habits.

If you want to live with more intention, you must feel comfortable turning inward.

Think about what are you spending your time on.

Does any of this sound a little familiar?

  • You scroll through your phone for hours gaming or browsing social media.
  • You don’t have goals, or you’re not making progress towards the goals you have.
  • You are a people pleaser who says “yes” to everything asked of you.
  • You make excuses to not challenge yourself, by not trying new things.

If you relate to any of these signs, it’s okay!

We all do on some level, which is totally human. Don’t beat yourself up over it. We can all lose sight of what truly matters.

What’s important is getting back up again after falling down.

2. Consider Journaling for Intention

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Why not pick up a journal to reflect on your thoughts and feelings?

And just an FYI, you can vLog or write a note on your phone, which still totally counts.

You may be surprised at how this simple task can start to change your perspective.

With such busy lives, it can feel unnatural and maybe even scary to sit with your thoughts and write them down.

However, taking just 5 or 10 minutes a day to journal can relieve stress and bring clarity.

One easy way to start is by gratitude journaling. Start by writing 5 things you are thankful for every day and see how it changes your mood!

You can even write about how grateful you are for learning about the chillum pipe while ripping a bong to help focus your mind.

Sometimes, all you need to get in right mindset to journal, and smoking does lead to creativity, so take a quick hit and get to it.

3. Decide What Matters To You

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It’s time to get some introspective, if you want to find inner peace!

If you’re like us, you may find that taking a nice bowl pack in a glass bubbler pipe will help open up your mind.

When you’re ready to make a change, ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • “What is important to me?
  • “What motivates me and feeds my soul?”
  • “What do I want from life?”

Once you define what makes your life worth living, you can spend more time on activities that serve a positive purpose.

4. Keep Track of Your Thoughts and Behaviors

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As you make changes in your life, you may find some inspiration from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The goal of CBT is to adopt new habits after recognizing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Taking the CBT approach may lead to a greater sense of self-confidence and a stronger ability to overcome problems. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to pair your CBT with some CBD or a tasty frozen bong hit to really focus on your #innerself. 

You can start to notice unhealthy habits by taking note of your actions throughout the day.

How much time are you spending on social media apps?
Do you find it hard to detach yourself from work emails off-the-clock? Are you looking at news and politics too much?

Track the amount of time you are spending on these things and commit to being more intentional with your days.

Using CBT, it can help to remind your brain about the important things in your life.

5. Be Present and Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness and gratefulness in order to find inner peace. Read the rest of the guide to living with intention from MeTimeBox, stoner gifts for girls and free glass pipe samples!

Meditation can help you become more present, instead of regretting the past or worrying about the future.

Research shows that mindfulness can be beneficial for various conditions, including anxiety, depression, pain, and high blood pressure. Learning how to refill your cup with by giving with your MeTimeBox can help ease your mind into a relaxed state.

In the End, It's All About Your Mindset

It's All About Your Mindset and how you decide to live with intention. Read our tips from metimebox products, free glass pipe bowl and top rated stoner boxes with free shipping!

It takes a strong will and desire to make changes in your life. If you are here reading, then you probably have discovered that it's totally up to you on how long it takes to heal.

When you can point the finger inwards, release the things that you can no longer change, and listen to your heart, then the healing begins. 

Finding meaning in your life and living consciously is one of the best rewards you can give yourself.

Prioritize your mental health and watch your life improve 💚

And remember: always make plans for some me time, so you can live better, every day.

New habits take 21 days to become part of life, so get that momentum going. You got this.

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