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How to Naturally Defeat COVID Anxiety post Vaccine

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Sure, there is a vaccine now and everyone seems to be lined up to get it, but does this mean that the COVID-19 anxiety goes away? Nope 😩

Follow our guide and learn how to naturally defeat anxiety until the world sees some sort of stability. 

Famous Female Smokers That Inspire Us.

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In an industry dominated by the image of a typical stoner poster child being a guy, it can be quite a surprise to find out which ones of our favorite female celebs partake in puffing. From movie stars to the music industry, toking up has been associated with faces like Seth Rogan or Snoop Dogg. But what about the ladies in the house?

Chakras and Crystals 101: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Energy

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Understanding your personal energy doesn't have to feel like the quantum physics it really is. Nor do you need the IQ of Einstein to reach higher consciousness. If you are curious about crystals or have the feeling your energy needs alignment but you’re not sure why, this beginners guide to understanding energy should help.

5 Simple Ways to Get all the Feels by Giving

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Didn't you feel a little better inside when you helped someone out in need? 💚

It doesn't matter what season it is, giving gifts to smokers makes us better. In fact, the world is round and karma is a thing...

So here are some ideas on how to refill your cup by giving:

Break the Stigma! 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Learn to Break the Stigma with 5 Ways to Stay Motivated from Me Time Box Products, Glass Pipe Giveaway and Stoner Box.

We heard some old wive's tale that people who adopt a more natural lifestyle are lazy and unproductive 😒

That's just not true! Read our five favorite ways to get stuff done after a session 💪

5 Ways to Mentally Defeat Negative News

Focus on good news and not negative news by using a smoking subscription box from Me Time Box Products.
You can’t avoid the news, however you can reevaluate how much you let occupy your mind. Think about the number of hours a day you spend taking in the latest virus statistics, polling numbers, and other stories that are often repetitive in nature and just drag you down. 

5 Tips to Maximize Your Weekends

Me Time Box Products: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Weekends
Whatever you did, Monday through Friday usually makes you ready to indulge in how to make the most of your weekends. These 5 tips will help you to maximize your weekend me time 💚

Dealing with the Stress of Working from Home

You can sit peacefully on your porch when you are working at home with a smoke subscription box.
Once, working from home seemed reserved for poorly funded entrepreneurs, or as an aka for unemployed. Now, so many of us find ourselves commuting from our bedroom to the spare bedroom that we must look at it differently. Our home is no longer the place where we can go to release the stresses of work. All the same, we must find a way to release tension. The solutions is right under your nose, and we mean that both figuratively and literally.

Simple Ways of Achieving Peace of Mind Since COVID-19

Simple Ways of Achieving Peace of Mind Post COVID-19 - Me Time Box Smoking Subscription Box
You are now battling your way through a new normal (that isn’t normal at all), trying to take care of your needs and those of your loved ones, while it seems like a World Full of Karens are out there frustrating you at every turn. Is there hope to manage and be more mindful of your thoughts?

The Fastest Way to Pack a One Hitter Discreetly

How to use a one hitter in public with while at a concert

So I am at a concert trying to enjoy my prepacked one hitter when I lose it. As frustrating as losing one of my glass smoking pipes is, I move on because I have more chillums sitting in standby.

Right when I am ready to have a private smoke session, a dude bumps into me and offers me his vape pen. I decline and offer him my one hitter which he accepts and finishes. Without thanking me, he goes back to his buddies. After the show he bumps into me again but this time he has something ready for me.

Why I Like it Thick: My Glass Pipe Story

Imagine the sound a thick glass pipe would make bouncing hard on a marble floor trying not to break. That is what happened at my house party when a particular guest that would have been better off with a nice chillum, dropped it. The durable glass pipe su
At a small house party I recently hosted I nearly lost the thick glass pipe I have had for years, twice. It all started when one of my negligent guests that needs to practice with a nice one hitter or something, dropped my unique glass pipe on my hard floor. The glass smoking pipe bounced for what seemed like forever and created a palpable silence throughout the party. The durable smoking pipe survived the fall miraculously though. That is until I had a few glasses of wine and the unthinkable happened.

The Best Accessories for Smoking

Doob tubes, glass filter tips, lighters and some clear token rolling papers are great weed accessories
As a long time smoker, I now need all of the smoking essentials. I have glass bongs of all sizes, I have beautiful thick glass smoking pipes, I have every type of rolling paper. I got the best weed buster on the market and I have glass filter tips for rolling one up. These weed accessories that are in my opinion, essential to making my smoke sessions as special as they can be. Especially when friends come by, I love having a variety of nice and colorful durable artisan glass pipes for them to choose from whether it is a one hitter or a bubbler.