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How To Use A Glass Bubbler

how to use a glass bubbler, smoking out of glass water pipes, glass water bubbler
Once you have mastered the perfect amount of water, the artisan glass bubbler will be one of your favorite glass pieces. A glass water pipe like a bubbler can be the most exquisite piece in your entire glass pipe collection. For many people they are intimidating, but once you know how to use one they offer a great way to get the filtered refreshing smoke like you can get from a bong.

How to Clean Your Glass Pipe

How to clean a glass smoking pipe, using rubbing alcohol to clean a glass pipe
  1. Go grab some Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. Go grab a clear bowl or plastic bag
  3. Place your resinated glass pipe in the bowl or bag
  4. Pour the alcohol over the glass pipe making sure it is entirely immersed
  5. Add some salt and stir it around
  6. Come back in 3 hours