10 Satisfying Dabbing Accessories

Dabbing was an art that was practiced only by experienced stoners, but over the years, more people have grown fond of it. And for good reason too! Dabbing has now become a mainstream branch of smoking and comes with its own customized accessories.

However, one important tool that you need to smoke a CBD dab is a proper dab rig. If you want to get the most out of your CBD dab, you need to invest in some items that can take your dabbing rig to the next level.

This article will outline the top 10 dabbing accessories, but you need to know what a dab rig does in the first place. 

What Does a Dab Rig Do?

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A dab rig is the chamber of a glass pipe that connects to a nail or banger and is used for dabbing. Simple, right? It replaces the traditional bowl that’s typically found on a bong. 

People who are new to dabbing might be overwhelmed by the whole process, cost, and the number of accessories needed to use a dab rig. But with a good dab rig, you can expect a stronger effect and a concentrated terpene flavor. 

Technically, you can use any bong as a dabbing rig and any dab rig as a bong as long as you swap out the nail and bowl. It’s not recommended to do so, but it is possible if you don’t have the means for an actual setup.

10 Dabbing Accessories to Level Up Your Dab Rig

Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers are dab nails made of quartz that attach to your dab rig

Quartz bangers are used to heat the concentrates and deliver the smoke through the water pipe to your mouth. You can find other types of bangers but quartz is usually the way to go as it does not crack or break under extreme heat resulting in a broken weed pipe heat.

Carb Caps

Carb caps work with banger nails

If you drive a manual car, you know how great the feeling is to change gears. Getting that same level of control for your dab rig provides the same feeling. Sort of. Carb caps allow you to control the airflow to take dabs as fast or slow as you desire, and they are usually made from either glass or quartz; you can even find titanium carb caps as well.

Dabber/Dab Tool

Dabbing tools used to pick up a dab of Smoke concentrate.

What do you use when you want to mix the CBD dab around while you’re heating it? You can’t just carry a teaspoon with you all the time. Besides, it doesn’t even feel right if you use anything other than a dabber. Thankfully, you can find dabbers of all shapes, sizes, and designs made from ceramic or titanium. You can even find some that are custom-blown pieces made from quartz.

Dab Torch

Heat up your dab nail or quartz banger with Dab Torch

This one is a simple one. You can’t smoke your CBD dab or anything for that matter without a fire. A torch is a dabber’s best friend and can heat the CBD dab to the right temperature without burning your hand in the process. 

CBD Concentrate Containers

It would be sacrilegious if you kept your CBD oils and hemp concentrates in a basic plastic bag. They deserve better than that! You need a proper container to keep it safe and to hide the smell. You need a waterproof and airtight container. You can find a whole variety of concentrate containers on the market, and some even deliver them to your home!

Dab Mat

Setting up your dab rig and dealing with the extracts can be a “sticky” situation, especially if some of the dabs get stuck to the countertop. The best way to avoid this problem is to get yourself a high-quality dab mat. You can find silicone dab mats that are perfect for keeping your dabbing tools and accessories together while you set up your dabbing rig.

Dab Tool Carrying Case

Dabber Carrying Case is an all-in-one travel solution

Just like how Bob the Builder has his set of tools, you need to keep yours together and safe. YES WE CAN smoke on the go as long as you keep your dab rig and stash safely in your tool carrying case. You don’t want other people snooping around in your business. The best way to safely conceal and carry your rig around is with a good carrying case.

Nail Attachments

Nail attachments, like quartz bangers, are another way to smoke dabs. There are different categories based on their form and function, such as wry neck nails, domeless nails, and e-nails. They are typically made from ceramic, quartz, or even titanium. Essentially, nail attachments are a shallow dish that you heat up to vaporize concentrates.

Reclaim Catcher

They say 2 is better than 1 and with reclaim catchers, you’ll get exactly that. Reclaim catchers are a way to really make the most out of your dabs. It allows you to take an extra dab concentrate from the previous dabs that have pooled together in the catcher. You can just reuse the dab instead of having to scrape it off after it hardens.

Why Dab?

As mentioned earlier, dabbing is an art, and if ripping bong hits was considered a Banksy piece then dabbing would be the Sistine Chapel. It can take you to places where bongs only dreamed of. 

Dabbing can also be an economical option too as you wouldn’t need to spend as much to reach the same level you would with a bong or pipe. Dabbing is a great way to smoke concentrates, and with technology advancing by the day, you can even get e-rigs to help you with your hits. The better question is, why not?

In Summary

To close it off, dabbing rigs help you take a dab in the best way possible. You can accessorize your rig to make it more efficient and enhance your dabbing experience.If you have been disappointed with shady free glass giveaways on Facebook like free pipe frenzy or freepipefridays, it’s time to trust real business like Me Time Box. 

If you want to customize your rig but you don’t know where to start, you can always look for Me Time Box products, as they are a brand with everything you need to start your dabbing journey.

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