10 Tips for Massive Bong Rips

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Is there anything better than getting out a bong and enjoying your CBD flowers? Whether the goal is to melt into total relaxation or get rejuvenated for fun times with your smoke buddies, you can’t go wrong with a bong.

Bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke 💨 your herbs, with percolator bongs enjoying the most favored status. Perc bongs offer lots of opportunities for smoke filtration, which means smoother hits for everyone. 

Smoking a bong isn’t rocket 🚀 science, but if you are looking to achieve massive bong rips that are good for the soul, our 10 tips can help you master this art.

Master Deep Breathing

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Quick, shallow breaths are a waste of your CBD flower strains. Practice deep breathing before you smoke a perc bong. When you exercise your diaphragm, it opens your lungs, giving you a longer ability to hold a hit.

Use Finely Ground Dry Herbs

The top 10 tips to taking massive bong rips.

Use a grinder to make sure your CBD flowers turn into a fine texture. This allows them to burn slowly and evenly. This helps in taking deep, long-lasting rips. It also makes you worry a little less about how to clean pipe resin frequently.

Use a Smaller Bowl Size

Using a smaller bowl size is a great way to get a bigger hit.

You would think the bigger the bowl, the bigger the hit, but the opposite proves true. Smaller bowls have less airflow, which allows you to take big hits with valuable concentrated smoke. 💨

Remove the Bowl Slowly

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Do not remove the bowl of a perc bong quickly. When you remove the bowl slowly, the smoke enters your lungs at a measured pace, allowing you to better process the benefits of it. 😀

Keep An Eye On the Water Level

If you’ve wanted to know how to take massive bong rips, here are the top 10 tips.


Keep the downstem submerged in water 💧. If you have a bong with more than one percolator, keep them all covered in water. Remember that water is what differentiates bongs from regular pipes, so you should always use the right amount of water

Make The Smoke Chill Out

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Bong percolators lower the smoke’s temperature but you can help cool it off even more. Water pipes offer a type that allows for adding pieces of ice 🧊, giving you an even smoother draw on your CBD flower.

Learn to Exhale

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As hard as it may be to believe, there is a correct way to exhale that helps you avoid a coughing fit. Try exhaling half the smoke, take a short breath, and exhale the rest of it. This quick breath in the middle helps guide the final part of the smoke out of your body, reducing the chances that you will cough.

One Final Deep Breath

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After you have exhaled the last of the smoke, take one deep breath. This ensures any lingering smoke in your mouth or throat will be delivered to your lungs. It also quickly introduces a blast of fresh air, helping prepare you either for the next hit or as a palate cleanser when the smoke session is completed.

Mints And Gum Aren’t Just for Fresh Breath

Wondering how to take a massive bong rip Here are 10 tips to keep in mind.


You probably know about the theory that it’s the cough that gets you off. In reality, an ugly coughing jag can often be avoided while you still receive the full benefits of your smoke session. People cough while using a bong because the smoke can cause their mouths and throats to become dry.

Having a mint 🍬 or piece of gum in your mouth while taking hits keeps a constant moisture level that can help prevent a lot of coughing.

Practice Makes Perfect

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While many people think using a perc bong is a no-brainer 🧠, it turns out that knowing some tips helps elevate the smoking experience. Keep our guide handy so things like grinding your herbs, using the bowl correctly, and mastering the details of water become second nature. Also learn how to get resin out of a pipe for a hassle-free cleaning of your bong.

Don’t sweat it if you find the breathing tips feel a little odd at first. Keep in mind that singers spend months of training developing the right breathing skills to allow them to perform at the top of their game. Allow yourself a few smoke sessions to practice the right way to breathe to get in those massive bong rips everyone wants.

Put Those Tips to Use

Put these tips to use and you’ll be taking bong hits like a professional in no time.


Now that you can teach a class in maximizing bong rips, it’s time to spark up! You won’t waste your CBD herbs, which stretches your smoking budget out. You will avoid constant coughing fits while providing yourself with the maximum effect the magic of CBD flowers offers.

Call up some smoke buddies and put together a smoke date at your place 🏠. You can impress everyone with an impromptu lesson on getting the most out of the perc bong you’re sharing.

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