20 Ways to Get Lifted

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Do you have a reason to bust out your favorite dried herbs and put them to use? Maybe it’s your birthday or you’re finally getting together with friends you haven’t seen in months. Perhaps stress from school or work has you in need of some relaxation. 

Maybe your excuse for smoking those herbs is just because it’s a Tuesday or you believe in the idea of smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. The only thing that can hold you back from a full-on celebration is if you have gotten a little bored with the same old smoke session. 💨

Kick back and read our list of 20 ways to get lifted that will light your fire! 🔥

Rolling papers: Let’s get rolling with the basics. Generations of people have rolled up their herbs and enjoyed the feel of a tightly-packed cigarette in their hands. Learning the skill of rolling like a pro makes anyone into a smoking artisan! 🎨 


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RAW Cones: For those who may not have a great rolling skill set or just want to save time, RAW cones are your best friend. If you’ve got fumble fingers, get RAW with cigarettes that look like a pro rolled them.

Rolling Trays: A well-made rolling tray with high sides will keep your herbs from falling out while you prep them for smoking. They come in a ton of fun designs and colors, usually at bargain prices.

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Grinders: If you come home with a collection of herbs in large clumps, a grinder will shred them into tiny, manageable bits for you. Grinders are compact and work quickly with just a few twists of the wrist.

Kief Catchers: If you’re after a bonus kind of herb, get a grinder that comes with a kief catcher. Kief is the powdery substance that comes out of the grinding process. Using it ensures you don’t lose any of your dried goodies, and it can be used to fill in a bowl when herb supplies are low. 


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Glass Pipes: A favorite among smokers, a beautiful glass pipe can really set the stage for an herb-smoking get-together. Glassblowing artists make sure that their pipes come in an array of gorgeous colors and designs, allowing you to amass a collection of these beauties. 

One-hitters: Also known as chillums, these compact pipes offer you one hit at a time. You can conserve how much you smoke and enjoy these little monsters 👾 without attracting attention. 

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Glass bubblers: Bubblers are pipes that utilize water 💧, similar to bongs, but they are smaller and fit snugly in your hands. They are more portable than most bongs, but still offer you the water effect that gives you a smoother hit. You won’t regret using water bubblers pipes. Give them a shot! Yes, you might even end up recommending your friends to use a water bubbler pipe.

Bongs: There’s something communal about bongs that makes people enjoy passing them around in a circle. The water filtration helps you get a smooth, filtrated hit. Bongs come in a cavalcade of designs, from compact to so big you’re tempted to put a collar and leash on it 🐉. In fact, a bong with bubbler is a favorite for many smokers.

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Lighters: You can’t smoke anything without a way to spark it up, but why settle for some boring lighter found in every house in the country? Check out all the cool lighters out there, including ones featuring favorite animals, music artists, and sports teams 🏈 on them. 

Mini-torch lighters: A step above regular lighters, they often provide a more even and powerful heat source. Brandishing one also makes you feel like some sort of industrial superhero who has harnessed the power of the flame!

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Smell-proof stash bags: Herbs are known for sometimes giving off a strong aroma 👃, even when not in use. Stash bags made from smell-proof materials help you keep your business to yourself. This can prove important when traveling around town or across the country.

Stash boxes: You may prefer to keep your stash box in a private place, but many of them come with hidden compartments. These provide you with a way to store your greens and accessories without worrying some nosey visitor 👀 will suss out your stash. These boxes can sit on a bookcase or dresser and all it looks like is that you have good taste in knick-knacks.

Subscription boxes: You can buy smoking accessories piece-meal over time, but have you ever tried a subscription box service? These provide you with reliable delivery of multiple accessories every month that comes right to your front door. Get what you need and some things you never knew you always wanted!

Cigar-splitting tools: If you like to roll your greens up similar to a cigar, you know it can be difficult to achieve the split you want. Cigar-splitters provide the perfect split, taking the sometimes messy learning curve out of your hands 👐.

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Humidors: Humidors are humidity-controlled boxes that store your dried herbs and cigarettes. They can fit on a desktop and provide you with properly stored smoking products.

Ashtrays: Gone are the days when people just tucked a motel ashtray in their suitcase. Ashtrays are made in an array of choices to suit your taste and needs. Get a tiny, portable one to take with you on the road or platter-sized ones that allow guests at a smoking session to all claim a spot. 

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Vaporizers: Vaping dried herbs has become popular in recent years. Fans enjoy the benefit of reduced possibly toxic byproducts a vaporizer offers. 

Cleaning Supplies: Clean smoking accessories provide strong, smooth hits every time. Put together items like cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and pipe cleaners in a cleaning kit within easy reach. 

Curiosity: We include this because many people still aren’t sure if diving into the world of smoking greens will be a good fit for them. Dried herbs help people relax, enjoy socializing together, and contribute to better mental health 😁. Don’t say no until you’ve explored the word of getting lifted. 

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