3 Creative Ways to Use Your One-Hitter

Creative Ways to Use Your One-Hitter during a solo smoke

One-hitters offer a lot of advantages to fans of this piece of versatile smoking equipment. If you haven’t checked one out, they may be just the new toy you want to add to your collection. See if one-hitters sound like a great new way to enjoy your favorite herbs during a solo smoke 💨 session or with like-minded companions.

What are One-Hitters?

One-hitters are pipes that are small in stature but still pack a punch when it comes to smoking your dried herbs. They are also known as chillums. The materials one-hitters are most commonly made from are glass, ceramic, and metal. 

You can find a wide variety of styles and designs that express your personality or just look cool 😎. Once you try a one-hitter, you may discover how fun it is to add more to your collection. 

One-hitters provide just that: one hit of your dried herbs. This allows you to load up a small amount and control how much of it you smoke. You may find this gets you in the habit of being more conservative with how much you smoke, which saves you money in the long run. 

Using a One-Hitter is Easy Peasy

One hitter pipes are easy to use.

One-hitters typically come in a tube-like shape, with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece 💋 on the other end. The first step is packing the bowl with ground herbs, making sure you pack it fairly tightly. This helps keep the herbs from falling out when you hold the one-hitter in a horizontal position while smoking. 

Place your mouth at the mouthpiece and inhale gently as you keep the bowl end lit with a lighter, match, or another flame source. You puff on a one-hitter similarly to a pipe. Inhale, hold, exhale!

After the hit, you can tap the bowl end of the one-hitter over an ashtray or other receptacle. The ash will fall out, leaving room for you to repack the bowl for your next hit. You can also blow hard through the mouthpiece in order to clear out any leftover ash in the stem. 

One-hitters Make Smoking Alone Convenient

One-hitters are great option for solo smoke sessions.

One creative way to use a one-hitter involves their appeal to those who prefer moments of solitude when they enjoy their greens. One-hitters can be a great option for solo smokes. You save time by not having to load up a big pipe or bong or roll up a large cigarette like people do when they share a smoking session. 

One-hitters allow you to quickly load up one big hit and enjoy it at your leisure. Loading a second or third one takes little time, and allows you a few thoughtful 🤔 minutes between hits to decide if you want another one. You don’t mindlessly puff and pass, but instead, make each drag of your herbs count.

When you’re done, cleaning up couldn’t be simpler, as we previously described. If you’re in a rush for a solo smoke, one-hitters give you the ability to accomplish a speedy loading of the bowl, smoke, and clean up. 

Dugouts Offer Convenient Storage for Your Herbs

Dugouts are a convenient storage box with loading space for the herb.

Another creative way to enjoy a one-hitter has to do with the kind that comes with an added bonus. You can buy just the one-hitter or you can get something called a “dugout” ⚾, which offers an added convenience. Dugouts have a small, enclosed space to store your pre-ground greens. 

You simply insert the bowl end of the one-hitter into the compartment and twist it with a grinding motion. This packs the bowl full of greens, leaving you with nothing left to do but fire up your lighter.  

Dugouts come in small sizes, providing you with the convenience of having not only your pre-ground greens but a way to light them up. Because dugouts are little, you can easily transport 🚙 them without anyone knowing about your precious cargo. 

Discretion When You Want It

One-hitters provide a discreet way to enjoy the dried herbs.

The third creative way that one-hitters come into play has to do with keeping your business to yourself. One-hitters offer discretion to those who want to enjoy their dried herbs without inviting commentary or unwanted attention from others. What you do in your downtime is your business and one-hitters help enforce that policy.

When you use a typical large bowl or rolling papers, telltale smoke 💨 escapes from them. One-hitters remove that inconvenience from the equation.  Because you only take one hit at a time, there won’t be any lingering smoke after each toke.

Many one-hitters are designed to look like a cigarette. If you prefer to appear as if you are enjoying a product purchased in a pack at a convenience store, rather than a more homemade part of that tobacco smoking family, this may be the answer for you.

Time to Start One-Hitting It

Try a one-hitter to enjoy your favorite herbs during a solo smoke session.

We’re betting if you haven’t been dying to try a one-hitter before, you feel the urge now. Experiment with your first one and see if you don’t end up wanting to buy a second or third one. One-hitters are often inexpensive, making them a great gift 🎁 choice for someone you know who also enjoys a good smoke.

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