4 Reasons to Own a Metal Grinder

We’re all looking for ways to simplify our lives and how we enjoy our smoke products is no exception. When you’re ready to take some me time after your busy week to enjoy a smoke break 💨, you don’t want a time-consuming task you have to perform first. 

You may be used to breaking up your leaf with your hands but did you know there’s a better way? Metal grinders offer you an efficient and quick way to prep your goods that will have you enjoying a good mood quickly. 

Let us help you do the math with our four reasons this smoking accessory is right for you. 


  • What Is a Metal Grinder?
  • No More Sticky Fingers
  • Metal Is More Durable Than Plastic
  • Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
  • Grinders Make Portability Easier
  • Cleaning Your Grinder
  • Where Can I Get a Metal Grinder?

What Is a Metal Grinder?

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For newbies who aren’t sure what metal grinders are, allow us to give you the lowdown. Grinders are cylindrical-shaped devices with a top and bottom piece. You place your greens inside and turn the halves so that the ‘teeth’ inside grind them, making the greens evenly shredded without any debris in them. 

Grinders typically have either two or three compartments and are made from either plastic or metal. Like glass pipes, they are made in a variety of colors and designs. 

If you’re looking for the best type of grinder to use for kief, we explain it all for you. Now on to our 4 Reasons to Own a Metal Grinder!

Reason 1: No More Sticky Fingers

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We are all concerned with washing our hands throughout the day enough already these days. Who needs to add yet another reason to soap up? Some jobs are best done with a literal hands-on approach but using your fingers to break up your goods can be a sticky job. 

Using a grinder takes all the dirty work out of it for you. Sometimes you rage against the machine 👺, sometimes you let it work for you! Who doesn’t want a product made for one specific job that makes your life a little easier? We definitely do!

You also won’t lose any precious bits of leaf that get stuck to your fingers and are no longer usable. Keep your hands clean and every bit of your greens usable.

Reason 2: Metal Is More Durable Than Plastic

Learn about the metal herb grinder versus the acrylic herb grinder from Me Time Box Products.

Plastic grinders can get the job done but metal is a more durable product. Too often an acrylic grinder is made from cheap material, both in terms of quality and what it’s worth.

While you may save a few bucks 💰 when purchasing a plastic grinder, you may lose out in the end because of how easily they break. If you get too aggressive with your grinding, then a piece of a plastic tooth could break off and get into the mix. There’s a surprise no one wants! 😦

Some people find that a plastic grinder can be great in a pinch, but a metal grinder is more reliable in terms of quality and how much longer they last. Also, a medium acrylic grinder is WAY better than no grinder, which is why we usually include one in your monthly stoner subscription box.

Reason 3: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Whether you favor enjoying your favorite greens in rolling papers, a glass pipe, a chillum, or a bong, you want a product that lasts as long as possible. If you just shove a pinch in and light up without grinding first, you are going to get parts of the leaf you don’t want. 

You will also find you have to roll, pack or load up more often because of the trashy bits that take up valuable real estate. A metal grinder’s job is to give you the smoothest greens you can get. When you grind, you will be able to pack more into your RAW cones and pack bigger, denser amounts into your glass pipes and other smoking devices. 

Many people experience a higher amount of relaxation time when they use a grinder, because it is stress-free. This means you hit the jackpot and save money because you use less of your goods. You also will likely notice a richer taste and a smoother burn from your greens when you let the good times roll

Reason 4: Grinders Make Portability Easier

Metal grinders can make transportation easy. Get a small metal grinder in your monthly smoking subscription box from Me Time Box Products!

Whether you’re headed to a friend’s house or going on a trip, you want to make sure you use the most efficient way to travel with your goods. Grinders offer a unique way to hold the amount you need when you hit the road. Some people are surprised by just how much you can pack in one. 

Sometimes you don’t want to discuss your private hobbies with others. The quality insulation that a metal grinder offers helps control any unwanted odors, which eliminates anyone asking questions about your personal habits. 

Cleaning Your Grinder

Learn how to clean a metal grinder from Me Time Box Products, best stoner subscription box.

Now that you’re ready to get on the metal grinder bandwagon, remember to clean the small metal grinder on a regular basis. You want to avoid the possibility of a mold build-up that can occur from leaf residue left in the grinder too long. 

Pour rubbing alcohol on a rag or paper towel and rub the inside of the grinder gently. You don’t need any special grinder cleaning kits because it’s so easy. Why pay more when you can do it yourself for free?

Where Can I Get a Metal Grinder?

Buy grinders and buy smoking accessories at Me Time Box Products, home of the custom built smokers subscription box.

Whether you are new to using a grinder or an old pro, a smokers subscription box is a great place to get metal grinders. You can collect a variety of colors and patterns that express your taste, as well as have one handy no matter where you are. If you only need a couple, it’s always a smoking cool move to pass some off to friends as gifts. 

Don’t forget that the Me Time Box Products team will usually include a grinder in your monthly smoker’s subscription box, but it isn’t guaranteed. Check out our no-brainer reasons to buy a monthly smoking subscription box to decide if the box makes sense or if you would just rather buy a metal grinder.

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