5 Fun Things to Do When Your 420 Box Shows Up

The Me Time Box subscription is the signature product of Me Time Box Products, where you can find all of the highest quality glass pipe and smoking essential items for the best prices.

A Me Time Box smoking subscription boxes make it easy to find time for your favorite hobby

What could be better for a smoking enthusiast who loves to toke than a box of smoking gear delivered straight to your door each month? In an age of social distancing and finding new ways to entertain ourselves at home, these monthly smoking subscription box ideas make lockdowns and quarantine more bearable. 

When your smoker subscription box arrives, we have some fun ideas for after you unpack your box of products, like repairing glass pipes and suggestions for some new smoking gear to add to the list

What is a Smoking Subscription Box?

The assortment of one hitter bowls, glass pipes, glass water pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, hemp wraps and herb grinders are endless.

A smoking subscription box is a box of products that includes unique items each month like rolling papers, a lighter, rolling tray. Or you can build one that is specific to dabbing. The choices are endless and totally up to you. A subscription box for stoners definitely makes a great gift but there’s no shame in treating yourself either. 

Social distancing protocols are keeping many people inside, too. You also save yourself the time and hassle of driving to the store and can order a smoke box subscription from an online smoke shop instead. Tell yourself this is the responsible thing to do, because after all you are avoiding unnecessary human contact. And while you’re waiting for your goodies to arrive, consider some of these fun things to do for smoking subscription box enthusiasts

1. Clean Your Collection

We all have a stash of old pipes that are in desperate need of a good cleaning but it can be a tedious task. What a better time to clean your old dirty pipes than when a spanky new glass smoke piece arrives? 

While you’re enjoying a joint with the fun new rolling papers that come in your smoking subscription box, you can watch videos on YouTube about how to clean bubbler resin or how to clean pipe residue with vinegar. 

2. Host a Virtual Smoke Session

Host a virtual smoke session with your new 420 subscription box from Me Time Box Products, home of the free glass pipe!

If you are used to bonding with your buds in person while you pass the pipe, then create a virtual smoke session and toke together over video chat. While it is not the same as puffing in person, at least you can still see each other’s smiling faces and talk about what came in that stoner subscription box you just got in the mail. 


If you can still get together safely in small groups, you and four of your friends can go in on a 420 party pack loaded with enough supplies to keep everyone entertained with their new toys for hours. Make it a monthly meeting and order a new kit every time. Just bring your own flower and keep six feet apart. 

3. Try Something New 

A smoking subscription box is the perfect stoner gift and ensure that your smoking kit collection is always fully stocked. It is must have to make sure that you enjoy life, every day.

Why not try something new in your stoner box subscription? Used to toking from a glass smoke piece? Bored with your bong? Try a  mini dab kit instead. Switching up your intake methods is a fun way to explore other options of smoking, plus it keeps your metabolism guessing therefore keeping your tolerance lower. 

Tired of the same old rolling papers? Get some new fun Greenbacks rolling papers that look like the U.S. $100 bill and light one up. You can get kits with mini bubblers, glass pipes, chillums, you name it. They’ll have a lighter and everything you need to get to burning. No need to get stuck in a rut. Expand your mind and your options with something new. 

4. Fix Cracked Glass Pipe Problems 

Should you be smoking out of a cracked glass pipe? Nope. Get a free glass bowl for smoking from Me Time Box Products!

A cracking pipe or a broken weed pipe can be a major buzzkill but it doesn’t have to ruin your day. No one wants to be smoking glass shards, so if you want to keep using your old pipe you have to learn how to fix that broken glass piece.

But do you really want to mess around with heating your glass pipe with a torch and risk potential injury? Smoking box subscriptions are available pretty cheap and you can easily replace your old piece rather than fix cracked glass pipe problems on your own. You’ll likely save at least the cost of potential medical bills.

A good smoker box subscription often has more than one pipe in it so even if you drop your new one and break it, you will have a backup to use right away. And if you really are that clumsy, get a pipe protected by silicone

5. Watch Reefer Madness

Open your 420 smokers box and then turn on Reefer Madness to get a good laugh going. Don't forget your free glass pipe bowl, just pay shipping!

Even if you have seen this cult classic a million times, it is always worth a revisit. And if you have never seen Reefer Madness, it is a must see for all smoking enthusiasts. It’s the perfect movie to watch while you are enjoying your stoner subscription box on so many levels.

By today’s standards, the movie is hilarious. In its time, it was seriously intended to be a warning for those who considered taking a toke of the devil’s lettuce. This movie is fun to laugh along to, and the shockingly untrue propaganda the movie really is reminds us of how far we have come in the fight to legalize on a federal level. 

While you may be enjoying the freedom of legalization in the state in which you currently toke, many people are still battling with imprisonment, the burden of criminal convictions, and inaccessibility to a wonderful medicine that helps countless individuals from all walks of life. That we can order smoking subscription boxes online now is a stoner’s dream come true next to living above a dispensary. 

Now Go Have Some Fun!

Smoking subscription boxes really are a great way to pass the time and try new products, whether you are smoking up on video chat or safely gathering in small groups. They can be a part of your stoner routine and make it easier for you to keep up on maintaining your other smoking gear. 

Best part though, is they’re fun! And after the year we just had, we could all use a little more fun in our lives. That’s why we suggest signing up for a monthly subscription to a new ox of products for all your smoking needs and taking that time to make this pandemic more manageable. 

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