The 5 No-Brainer Reasons to Buy a Smoker's Subscription Box

Thinking about getting a stoner subscription box? Here are 5 great reasons to buy a smoking subscription box.

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    1. You Save Money 💸
    2. Discover New Products 👀
    3. Ordering From Home 👩‍💻
    4. Discreet Shipping 📦
    5. We Are Just Better 😇

    Have you been wavering on whether or not to get a Me Time Box Products Subscription or purchasing a one time box?

    We compiled a list from our customers of the 5 reasons that getting a subscription box makes a whole lot of sense. 

    These 5 points explain why a smoker's subscription box is a no brainer. They are not the only reasons, but just the most popular feedback from our customers over the past few years.


    The 5 No-Brainer Reasons to Buy a Smoker's Subscription Box from Me Time Box


    No Brainer #1: You Save Money 💸

    Why would you want to spend any more of your money on smoking accessories than you absolutely have to? Sure, there is that special occasion here and there where you might splurge on a potential gift for yourself or for a friend, but we are not talking about those one-offs.

    We are talking about the regular goodies that you always need, such as lighters, one hitters, wraps and papers. 

    Before March 15, 2020

    You walk into a smoke shop for your regular goodies and a new glass pipe. You went in for a $20 glass pipe and came out with a double-barreled, 24 inch, glow in dark percolator bong, convertible with the quartz banger, a carb cab and a set of tools for $250.

    As soon as you walk that door, it's yours. Then in kicks in. That unmistakeable feeling that every smoker knows.

    😨Buyers remorse 😨

    "What did I just do?"

    "I just went in for a pipe and papes. WTF?"

    "Where the hell am I going to put this thing?"

    After March 15, 2020

    We built the smoker's subscription box to save you money and get new beautiful pieces to add to your collection. No hidden fees. No commitments. 

    The box contents are constantly changing, but we are committed to helping you save money. The items in the monthly stoner box will be valued at $110-$125 before shipping, based on the smoke shop prices in the LA area.

    Buying from our Smoke Shop Online is Simple:

    1. Add the Smoker's Subscription Box to your Shopping Cart
    2. Pay for Aforementioned Subscription Box
    3. Wait 3 Days for a Surprise with Your Discreet Delivery
    4. Open, Smile and Celebrate Your Victory 🥳

    The amount of savings is unparalleled to the feeling of sheer joy after receiving your very own Me Time Box. Let this discreet smoker's box be your consistent glimmer of light for our future.💚

    Shouldn't you be spending your hard earned money on better things that you can use to test your new piece anyway?

    No Brainer #2: Discover New Products 👀

    We hand curate every one of our Me Time Boxes to ensure that the items you receive are going to be unique and useful. We also include a couple of eye catching glass pieces in every shipment.😉

    Our team is searching high and low for the products that we think are nice pieces. Trust us, we have been in this industry since 2012. It's hard to impress us.

    When we come across something interesting or innovative, we may put it in the subscription box or you might get a extra special accessory. Some of our previous random additions to our stoner subscription boxes have been: nectar collectors, high-end torches and 7" bongs.

    If we find it at a great deal, you get extra benefits included.

    Ensuring Happiness in Every Box

    If you have had subscription boxes in the past, it can sometimes feel like trial and error, with it sometimes ending up in complete disappointment.

    First and foremost, this is a smoker's subscription box. These are not free samples or trial sized knick-knacks.

    Nothing will ever go to waste in this box, so the only disappointment that we can imagine is that you were hoping for a different marquee glass piece. 

    Just Return it Unused

    If you are truly unhappy, we'll take it back. 

    We want you to live better, every day. One of our many roles in that is not contributing to any of your anxiety or stress about a purchase from our brand. 

    We will gladly accept a return, as long as the item's aren't used and arrive to us undamaged. For all the details, feel free to review our return policy .

    ✅Save Cash

    ✅Discover New Products

    ✅Simple Return Policy

    ✅Low Risk, High Reward 

    No Brainer #3: Ordering From Home 👩‍💻

    Before March 15, 2020

    Ordering from home or work is easy and simple, and does not affect your routine.

    Visit a friend for a while.

    Stop at the smoke shop.

    Pick up a few things from the grocery store.

    Go home and start the routine.

    After March 15, 2020

    The outside air is contagious 😷

    Smoke to relax 💨

    Zombies walk among us 🧟‍♀️

    Smoke again to relax 💨


    Smoke again to try to sleep 😴

    Staying home

    We're not saying that your experience was exactly like ours was (or is), but things have definitely changed. Even if you are headed to work, there’s an odd feeling in the air and nothing really feels like it did at the start of 2020.

    Stay home, order a smoker's subscription box and get delivery service. After all, this is an "essential business" and we are doing our part.

    Choosing Online vs Choosing in Person

    Sure, you will sacrifice the luxury of hand picking out the perfect glass piece at a head shop, but you trade that for the savings, value and quality you get in a smoking subscription box.

    Besides, let's be honest with one another. When it was that bigger piece that you picked out, it was for sharing and hearing the ooh's and ahh's of jealous friends. 

    At a retail store, the element of choice makes us all feel a little euphoric, but it costs you more money for that feeling.

    By shopping online, we create a different feeling with our smoking subscription box. You won't just feel excitement for that day. We make sure you know what to expect, when to expect it and then we want to know how you feel about it.

    Feel true joy every time you open the Me Time Box and find a new tool to help enhance your experience and calm your mind.

    Added Bonus of Online

    Since social circles have shrunk and some smoke shops closed up, you will have the nicest growing collection of top notch, unique glass pipes and bongs to show-off on your chats and IG stories.

    No Brainer #4: Discreet Shipping 📦

    We will keep this no-brainer short because we all understand the need for discretion.

    As a society, we are not all on the same page when it comes to views on our natural lifestyle. Some of us still need to protect their anonymity for employment or familial situations. 

    Simple Brown Box

    If you are concerned about others knowing about your puchares, such as friends, family members or neighbors, Me Time Box Products has you covered.

    Nobody will know what you ordered. 

    If someone brings in your box, there is no distinguishing logos or website on the label or the box itself.

    We got you 💚

    No Brainer #5: Candidly, We Are Just Better 😇

    We did the research. We bought the competitors boxes. We broke it all down and realized that we got it going on.

    Not only do we have an absolute rock-star dream team running this business, but our overall product quality and selection crushes our competition, hands-down. 

    We've seen some weird items in some of the boxes out there, like a pack of gum. It wasn't even sugar-free! A business card for life insurance? Really?🙄

    Unfair Advantages

    • We buy direct from smart glass blowers and importers. The other box companies still have to buy through traditional sellers, so we can buy cheaper.
    • We are in LA, and Los Angeles is still the center of the movement where we have access that the other companies don't because they are in other states.
    • We are all professionals driven to shape a better future using the tools that we have to influence change. You won't find that passion anywhere else.

    Our Happy Customers Did It

    We didn't make the list, just summarized what a lot of our customers have been saying for years about Me Time Box Products.

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