Can't Roll? Try These 6 Great Alternatives to Rolling Papers

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If you are an avid dry herb smoker, you may be curious to know the other ways you can smoke your stash without having to roll a joint. There are plenty of alternatives to rolling papers, which provide an equally fun smoking experience without as many challenges.

If you think rolling a joint is challenging, then use one of the other ways to smoke your stash and keep having fun.

It’s tough to keep your stash in the paper when rolling one up. It falls out the ends and is never as thick as you intended. Here are some other reasons why rolling joints are difficult.

🤬 They can be too tight to smoke
🛶 They canoe
🗑 They waste your stash
🙁 They never look as good as they should
🤢 They are typically soaked in someone’s saliva

The paper rips sometimes too. Not to mention the fact that you probably spend too much time envying people that can roll expert joints. You see their perfect cannons and it just irks the hell out of you.😣

Don't let the frustrations of rolling a joint get to you, just buy pre roll cones instead.

Stop worrying about that! ✋All that matters is you get to enjoy your herb when you can.😎

There are too many reasons why you may want an alternative to rolling papers. Here are six ways to smoke your herb without having to mess with rolling papers.

Pre Roll Cones 

Ah, the mysterious cone… What are these conical shaped papers with filter tips? The only reason they may be a mystery is because they are just not one of the most well known smoking accessories on the market. Other than that, these wonderful little innovations are not complicated.

Figuring out how to use a pre roll cone is not very challenging.

If you love smoking joints and the problem is that they are just too tedious to spin together, then cones are what you have been looking for! 🥳 Pre-rolled cones are simply rolling papers that have been formed into a cone around a paper filter tip for you ahead of time. 

Instead of a roll-your-own (RYO) cigarette paper that feels like you need to spend a semester mastering a subject, you pack these bad boys. Just grind up your stash really well and slowly drop it into the wide opening of the cone a little at a time. 

Take the convenient packing tool that comes in RAW cones, (or just grab a straw or something) and push the dry herb to the bottom of the cone. Once packed, just give the end of the paper a little twist, and it will look just like a preroll.

They are usually made out of hemp which is great for smoking your stash. They typically come in pre rolled stacks. Cones are already rolled perfectly every time and many smokers think they run even smoother than joints. 

Cones will last a really long time and you can pack up a bunch of them at a time and store them away for later use. They are probably the easiest alternative to rolling papers and once you try them, you may never go back to joints ever again.

You can pack as many cones as you want and store them away for future smoke sessions.

Cones are for sophisticated smokers. 🧐 Here are the advantages of cones vs rolling papers:

  • You pack cones instead of roll them
  • Cones come with built-in filter tips
  • Its difficult to overpack them, so air should flow well
  • They take zero licking or slobbering 

Hemp Wraps 

Hemp wraps are replacing the blunt in popularity. Made with pure hemp leaf, these large rolling papers look like a blunt wrap, but they are better for you and go much better with your stash than tobacco leaf does. They also contain no THC or nicotine.

Hemp wraps are growing in popularity over tobacco paper for rolling a blunt.

As an alternative to rolling papers, yes rolling is still involved, but rolling a hemp wrap is easier than a joint. The wrap is thicker and so does not rip as easily. Hemp wraps typically stick better to your stash and they have a serrated edge that keeps it from slipping up the other side of the wrap once you’ve molded your stash.

Hemp wraps are also huge next to rolling papers so you can fit a lot of your dried herb in them. Also, there is a ton of flavor in a hemp wrap vs a rolling paper. They take your smoking experience to a new level that you can relish with each puff. They are also great for sharing.

Glass Pipes

The glass smoke pipe has been everyone’s go-to, alongside joints, since the 60’s and even earlier. Glass smoke pipes are nothing like a joint, except that you smoke your dry herb with them too.

A glass smoke pipe is certainly a different way to smoke than rolling papers, but they are also very different.

Hand-blown glass pipes can be beautiful! 🥺 They have a glass bowl that you pack your ground up stash into. There is typically a little carb hole on the side of the bowl that you cover with a finger to control air flow. The chamber is long and can balloon out nicely and then narrow into the mouthpiece.

Really, hand pipes are not comparable to smoking a joint. There are no competing flavors, they are reusable, easily cleaned and can be a smoking companion for life. Heavy hand pipes do break though, so you need to handle them with some care. You can get double blown glass pipes, even triple blown pipes, if you want a more durable pipe.

Smoking out of a thick hand blown glass smoke pipe can add a great deal to your smoke session experience.

The colorful, beautiful designs typical of glass pipes add to your smoking experience. To call a glass pipe an alternative to a joint, just doesn’t seem right. They certainly are an alternative to rolling papers, but they are something every toker should have, no questions asked. 

Glass Bubbler Pipes

A glass bubbler pipe is not dissimilar to a traditional glass pipe, except they use water!💧Actually, you don’t even need to use water in bubblers to smoke them. If you want to add water, you can for the added benefit of water filtration and a smoother hit.

You can add a filter tip to a joint if you want to. But, traditionally smokers use rolling papers without any sort of filter. Their lips and fingers can get burnt and the air just doesn’t flow as well. With a beautiful glass water pipe, maybe the most unique glass pipe available, your filter is water.

If you get your hand on a nice glass bubbler pipe, then you will have one of the nicest additions to your smoke collection.

Like a traditional glass smoke smoke pipe, bubblers will have a glass bowl, a carb and a mouthpiece. They are larger than your typical smoke pipe, with an additional chamber below the bowl where the water sits while you smoke. A glass stem will extend down from the bowl into the water.

Again, bubbler water pipes are an alternative to rolling papers, but they are really a different animal. They are not inconspicuous and are not as portable as rolling papers. But, the cool water cools down the smoke for that smooth hit and they are one of the prettiest pipes you ever own. 

5” Glass Bongs

Bongs are often made of glass, but they can be made from many different types of materials, including plastic, wood, clay, bamboo and ceramics. A bong filters and cools smoke with water, similar to a bubbler.

A small bong is nice for its portability in comparison to big bongs that you really can't take anywhere.

Just like a glass bowl or a bubbler, it’s tough to compare a bong to rolling papers. But, it certainly is an alternative to rolling papers. A nice 5” glass bong, is most comparable to a bubbler. The one main difference is that a bong will have a removable slide you can use to control air flow.

With a glass bong, you can accessorize it by adding larger glass bowl slides that will allow for larger quantities to be smoked at any one time. Bongs are very easy to clean relative to nearly any other smoke pipe.

Many bongs are really big and bulky. They are hard to bring anywhere except maybe from your bedroom to your living room. But, this nice 5 inch glass bong is portable and provides all the benefits of water filtration.

A big bong isn't very portable and probably won't make it outside your bedroom or living room.

Glass One Hitters 

The glass one hitter is the pipe most comparable to a joint and rolling papers. Although, they still are very different. A one hitter, or what is often called a chillum, is a straight pipe about the size and shape of a perfectly rolled joint.

The differences between a chillum and rolling papers are that chillums are reusable, made out of glass, can break and do not hold very much of your dry herb. They are similar to rolling papers in that they are more inconspicuous, easily stored away and very portable.

A glass one hitter is still very different than a joint, but if forced to compare a glass pipe to rolling papers, it would be a one hitter.

One hitters are cheap pipes that are not designed for sharing as they only provide a few hits at most. But, that is ok, because puff puff pass is not as popular as it once was. They are great addition to a smoke pipe collection as they fill that last niche of being more portable and inconspicuous than other glass smoke pipes. 


There are many alternatives to smoking your stash besides rolling papers, but they are all unique and distinctly different than smoking joints.

So, there are six ways in which you can continue to smoke your dry herb without the added worry of dealing with rolling papers. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, but ultimately it is up to the smoker to work out the best fit for them. Ultimately, the variety of ways to smoke your stash only adds to your overall smoke experience.

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