A Stoner’s Guide to Dab Rigs: What it is, its Components, How it works, and more!

When it comes to smoking dry CBD Flower herbs, we can't help but admit how fascinating it is to use a hand-held blowtorch to set it ablaze. A large number of the stoner population have shown their love for dabbing, owing to its almost immediate effect and high potency. 

However, using dabbing rings can be intimidating at first. Trying to understand how they work and figure out how to navigate between the components can get tricky. That’s why, we’ve compiled a stoner’s ultimate guide to understanding, working, and buying dab rings. 

What are Dab Rigs? 

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Dab rigs are specialized devices that can be used to consume or ‘smoke’ a variety of CBD concentrates, Hemp resins, Hemp extracts, and more. These devices are specifically designed to consume dense CBD concentrates through water vapor. The user, while dabbing, is not smoking the substance in the traditional sense, and instead inhales the vapor released by dabbing. This process requires no combustion, thereby enabling a smoke-free experience. 

Dab rigs, which are also known as CBD oil rigs, are devices made out of glass and share resemblances with bongs. They are smaller and the method used for heating the substance is fundamentally different from how a bong works. Dab rigs are made with various components. A concentrate is a concentrated version or extract of your favorite substances. Unlike dried hemp flower herbs, CBD concentrates can only be consumed via dabbing. This is why many stoners swear by the effects of using dab rigs. 


How Do Dab Rigs Work? 

A lot of people ask the questions, “what is dabbing?” and the simple answer is inhaling small amounts of concentrated or vaporized smoke products, typically CBD resin. The next questions are about dab rigs, how it works, and how to efficiently use it. The central working component of a dab rig is referred to as the nail, which rests on a glass piece within or even on the rig. A hand torch is used to heat the nail to a very high temperature. When it reaches a temperature of 350 to 400 degrees, the product being consumed is placed or ‘dabbed’ on the nail. 

The heat from the nail triggers a flash reaction, which releases vapor. The vapor, packed with the potent ingredients of the substance, is then inhaled. Dab rigs use convective heating thereby producing highly potent vapor, which is relatively healthier and less harsh than actually smoking your products. 

Components of a Dab Rig

There are various dab rig parts that make up the entire apparatus. Unlike standard bongs or pipes, the parts of a dab rig are detachable and can be bought as individual parts or a dab rig kit. Many dab rigs might have fancy additions, but the main components are: 

  • Bong or Water Piper: 

Every dab rig needs a base, which is always a bong or a water pipe. The bongs used for dab rigs are standard but are not used for the actual heating process. The bong or pipe is used to allow the dab vapors to cool down as it travels through the chambers. It also provides water filtration, ensuring a smooth hit clean vapor. The base essentially ensures that the CBD dab vapor you inhale is clear and cool enough for your lungs to comfortably inhale. 

  • Nail or Banger:

The nail, also referred to as the banger, is the most essential component of the dab rig, responsible for heating and vaporizing the concentrates. The nail can be heated either through a torch or an electric source of heat. They are most commonly made of titanium or quartz. Bangers perform essentially the same function as a nail. However, they are made only of quartz and take the form of a small bowl. 

  • Torch: 

If you choose a non-electric dab rig, you’ll need a powerful torch, like a butane or propane torch. Small torch lighters can also get the job done, but they could take forever, and you’re looking for that quick, sweet dab! You can, luckily, find these torches at your closest supermarket. 

  • Dab Tool: 

Dab tools are the devices that bring your products in contact with the heated nail or banger, making it an essential component of a dab rig. They are usually made of metal or glass and are used to fill up your concentrate. 

How to Find The Right Dab Rig?

If you’re confused or overwhelmed by the sheer options of dab rigs, and it’s components; consider the following to help with your search: 

  1. Budget: Look into your budget before choosing a dab rig. There are dab rigs priced at as little as $20 20 $ and as high as a few hundred bucks. This depends on the customization, the individual parts you choose, and the set-up itself. 
  2. The quality: You want to look into the quality of a dab rig before purchasing it. Look into the materials used to make the components, customer reviews, and maybe even try a few types out before choosing the best fit for you. 
  3. Kits or Components: If you’re looking to buy a dab rig for the first time, you should keep an eye out for complete kits that come with all the right components. However, if you’re looking to upgrade or customize your rig, just look into the individual components you want to upgrade and set it up yourself. 


Now that you’re aware and equipped with all the right dabbing knowledge, it’s time for you to spread out your wings and get your own lean, mean, dabbing machine. A solid Dab Rig can be your best friend, save you money, and hit you with the most potent vapors you’ve ever inhaled!

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