Add the Perfect Amount of Water to Your Bong

Add water to your bong before you lift off

You’ve had an exhausting day and you want to grab your bong and let the stress just melt away. Maybe you’ve got friends coming over and you want to prep the flashy new bong you got so everyone can share in a mood adjustment. 😊

Suddenly it hits you: am I adding the right amount of water to my bong? There are so many kinds of bongs, that everyone can’t be an expert. We break it down for you so no matter what bong you’ve got your mitts on, you will know the perfect amount of water 💧 to add to it. 

Bong Water Basics

Make sure that the right amount of water is added to the bong

Are you the proud new owner of a bong? Maybe you’re not sure about the basics of putting some H2O 💧 in it. Bongs have long been popular as a way to enjoy your herbs because of the smooth smoking experience they create. 

Bongs prove the adage that variety is the spice of life. They come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. You can choose from many types of materials and colors to help express your unique style and personality. 

No matter what kind of bong you have - and we’re going to break that down for you next - a few basic rules apply:

  • Make sure the slits are covered by water. This allows the smoke to filter through the water. 
  • Water helps filter and control the temperature of the smoke. Make sure that all the slits and openings are bubbling. 
  • When unsure, put a little less water than you think you might need. It’s easy to add more water if you need it.

Once you know exactly how much water to add to your bong, you will optimize every smoking session. Now grab your bong, put on your thinking cap, and let’s get started!

Filling a Single Percolator Bong

 Filling a Single Percolator Bong with enough water will make it work well

Single percolator bongs are quite popular because of how easy they are to manufacture and use. If you have a percolator bong, start with the lower chamber. Fill it from the top, approximately to the halfway point. 

Make sure all the slits, holes, and openings are below the waterline. Check to see that the down stem is slightly submerged in water. If the down stem is diffused, double-check that the slits are all covered by water.

Filling a Double Percolator Bong

Double Percolator Bongs will surely improve your smoking experience.

Double perc bongs feature two percolators that help ensure you get the most flavor out of each hit you take. Filling this type of perc differs from a single perc because you add water from the mouthpiece. 👄

Once the water has flown through both of the percolators, you need to blow down. This causes the water to trickle down. Watch to see that both percolators and the bottom chamber fill up approximately halfway with water. You can then stop blowing and start enjoying your smoke session.

Filling a Double Chamber Bong

Filling a Double Chamber Bong will get you the most out of the quality of smoking.

Double chamber bongs provide smooth filtration when they have the right amount of water. Start by filling the bottom percolator, then fill the top percolator from the mouth. In both places, ensure that the slits are all covered by water. 

Filling a Honeycomb Bong

Honeycomb bongs are one of the most popular types of bongs on the market.

Honeycomb 🐝 bongs work differently but don’t let how they look intimidate you. The honeycomb bong gets its name from the disc that has hundreds of holes to help with the filtration process. Fans of this type of bong enjoy getting consistently perfect drags of their flower time after time.

Fill this type of bong from the stem until it’s about one-third of the way to the honeycomb. The size of the holes in the honeycomb bong allows for a slight variation in water levels. Water may sit on top or fall through, allowing it to pull up through the percolator when you take a hit. As long as water flows through the perc, it’s not important if the water level is above it or not. 

Filling a Triple Honeycomb Bong

The best way to fill a triple honeycomb bong is usually up to the second honeycomb.

Filling up a triple perc bong isn’t much different from a double perc. Pour the water into the mouthpiece 👄 tube. You’ll want to fill it up to the second honeycomb. Once you take a hit, the water will rise into the third honeycomb. 

When you see that the bong is beginning to fill, blow down until the three percs and the down stem are halfway underwater. Let the water settle and then give your bong the once over. 

Make sure all the percolators and down stems are submerged. If they’re not, you can tilt the bong to the side, which causes water to fill the necessary chambers. Repeat this until you get the desired result.

Summing Things Up 

Filling a bong with the perfect amount of water and enjoy the optimal bong experience.

See? That wasn’t hard at all. 🧠 As long as you use clean water and follow our simple instructions, you will enjoy the optimal bong experience.

Now that you’re an expert at filling your bong with the perfect amount of water, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy some time alone chilling out or hanging with good friends who appreciate the power of the bong. Class dismissed! 🏃

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