All of the Amazing Rolling Paper Alternatives

Last night I was going through my inventory of glass smoking pipes, bongs, bubblers, one hitters and the wide variety of rolling papers I have. I went with an awesome RAW cone. If you have never seen these rolling papers that you donโ€™t actually roll, let me explain.






First, I have lots of standard rolling papers. Heck, I even have pink ones. But, I have never been very good at rolling. There are always loose parts that force the J to canoe and burn unevenly. Like everyone else, I have tried rolling machines. I donโ€™t know what it is about them but I always give up on rolling machines. They just donโ€™t make my happy kit all that happy.

Packing a Raw Cone is a lot like packing a one hitter or a chillum

Most People Can't Roll

I know how to use a one hitter and even how to clean my bong and other intricate glass water pipes. Other than that, I have always relied upon friends to roll for me. Some of my friends are just absolute whizzes at rolling. They can do it in the middle of a hurricane without anything to help them but their hands. I am just not so skilled. If you want to know how to roll a J, donโ€™t ask me. But, I have a better alternative.

if you know how to pack a one hitter than packing a RAW Cone is easy

RAW Cones

I mentioned the RAW Cones. They often come in my Me Time Box Subscription that I get every month along with hemp rolling papers and a slew of other rolling alternatives. The cones are great. They come already in the shape of a cone and have a filter already pushed into the tip. I just pull out my weed grinder and make sure all of my mj is ground up really fine. Then I just start to drop it into the top of the cone. You can just pinch it and let it fall into the top of the cone.

With the week poker tool that comes with your RAW cones you can easily pack it up

As the cone fills up there is also this little cardboard tube that comes with each RAW cone in the package. It is a perfect weed poker tool for packing my medicine evenly into the cone. Once the cone is filled nearly to the brim and I have made sure the mj is packed evenly throughout, I twist the top, give it a shake and suddenly I feel like I should be listening to โ€œStir It Up.โ€

find all sorts of rolling papers in a Me Time Box Subscription including raw cones

I love my unique glass pipes, and I know how to pack a one hitter very fast for when I am on the go. But, there is just something super cool about chilling with a nice J and kicking my feet up. It feels like a luxury and I just donโ€™t have many of those. My backyard suddenly turns into some beautiful Caribbean island with palm trees. That is the best I can do because I canโ€™t afford to get the Caribbean otherwise.

So there is yet another smoking tip. Even for all of you more experienced individuals out there, the RAW cones are worth it. For those of you that are like me, the cones just make life much easier when a J just makes sense. Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying life. Stay lifted!

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