Buy Cheap, Buy Twice? Not When it Comes to Glass Pipes.

Q: Do I need a cheap glass pipe or a more expensive unique glass pipe?

A: From a functional standpoint, the tool that gets the job done, is the right tool 💨

If your only interests are getting smoke sessions in, cheap glass pipes will get the job done and in fact, you actually don’t have to spend any money at all if you don’t want to. 
In fact, this is why we launched our Free Glass Pipe offer. If your cheap glass pipe does the trick, then it's a-okay with us!

If all you want is a cheap pipe, then you can have one for free on us.

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Just How Cheap Are You?

If you are super cheap, then you will get what you pay for.

Read this article on the free ways to smoke your dry herbs using handy household items. Dent a soda can or grab an apple and go to town.

While you’re at it, pop that 1978 bottle of pinot you have been saving and pour it into a plastic cup. We aren't 17-year olds toweling doors and blowing smoke out our bedroom window. We are adults that have learned to enjoy the finer things in life. 

If you are thinking up some arguments, let’s save some time. It’s true that saving money is very important. Good business people are not wasteful. They are efficient with their spends and that mentality ends up spreading to all aspects of their life.

We 100% understand that. We only have quality smoke pipes available for sale. You can buy the smoke subscription boxes we fill with quality pieces for this very reason. Buying in bulk is one of the ways to save money, right? 

Overpriced Head Shops

Traditional head shops overcharge for all their smoke pipes, so you have to be smart when you shop for bongs and other smoke pipes.

There is no denying that smoke shops across the country overcharge for their smoke pipes. You’ll walk into the smoker's shops and see a display of water bongs on one side, and on the other side you’ll see a case of fancy (looking) hand pipes adorned with all sorts of knobs and colors. 

When you get home, you find the bong is poorly balanced and falls over the next day, shattering all over the floor. It makes sense to be skeptical of these shady head shops sitting in strip malls and back alleys. They will attach a big sticker price to their pipes and oversell them. 

Had a bad smoke shop experience? Read our breakdown of shopping at a retail headshop vs browsing an online smoke shop

So, it stands to reason that at some point, enthusiasts are bound to become a bit jaded and stop caring as much about having a nice piece. But, don’t be that way. As the smoke shop industry becomes more mainstream, proper business practices are coming and having a nice glass piece can be very rewarding. 

Inspecting Glass Pipes with a Critical Eye

You need to inspect a glass pipe well before you buy it and know what to look for.

You may need to do more research on pricing smoke pipes than your typical glassware, but once you find the perfect glass pipe for you, it’s worth it. Cheap glass pipes should mean they are poor quality. They are a part of our throw away society, and that needs to change.

Imagine seeing an attractive glass smoke pipe and holding it in your hand. How do you apply a critical eye to a smoke pipe? First, look for hairline cracks. Those cracks will spread and also tell you the pipe cannot handle even small bumps. Hairline fractures are also indicative of sloppy management, which should make you mistrust the whole store.

Here are other ways of applying a critical eye when shopping for glass smoke pipes.

  • How heavy is the pipe? A light pipe has very thin glass that will shatter easily.
  • Is there a carb hole on the side of the bowl? A pipe will never smoke well without airflow control.
  • Is there space on the bottom of the bowl to catch ash so you are not sucking it into your mouth?
  • Is the chamber long enough for the smoke to cool down before entering your lungs?
  • Has the underside of the bowl been flattened, or are there glass knobs to keep the bowl from rolling when you set it down?

Don’t You Really Want an Underpriced Quality Pipe?

When you find a quality underpriced hand pipe or bong, it's like finding a treasure.

If all the boxes are checked when you inspect the glass pipe, then you are holding a quality handpipe. Now, take a look at the price tag. If it costs less than what you thought, then is it a cheap glass pipe? Or, did you just find a treasure? 

Pretty Pipes vs Well Made Smoke Pipes

If a glass pipe has color swirls that appeal to you, if it has nice bubbles blown into the inside of the glass or its general shape makes you smile, then it’s time to take a closer look. A handpipe that you think looks pretty and is made well can make a big difference to your smoke sessions. You will be more inclined to clean your glass pipe and make it last longer.

You could find a really nice glass pipe with a reasonable price tag if you know how to inspect smoke pipes.

It’s important not to overspend on a glass piece. But, at the same time, don’t buy a glass pipe just because it’s cheap. You are not really saving money if the pipes you buy keep breaking right away. You could spend a thousand dollars on cheap pipes over time, as opposed to buying a quality pipe that needs no replacing.

Why Glass Pipes are About More than Just Smoking

A glass smoke pipe isn't only about smoking just like clothes are not only about covering your body.

Finding a way to live better, every day, is not just about smoking. Just like clothes aren't only about covering your body and watches aren't only about telling the time.

Enthusiasts typically plan activities after they smoke. They make amazing food that they know they will enjoy when it’s done. They read an amazing book. They take a bath or watch a movie they’ve wanted to see.

A high stemmed wine glass that fits comfortably in your hand and looks nice when you set it down, definitely makes drinking wine better. Same with scotch and margarita glasses. Why think of your glass smoke pipes any differently?

Our Conclusion

A great bong, handpipe, chillum or any sort of glass piece enhances a smoke session. There are a lot of quality glass pipes for sale, so don’t get discouraged and just waste money (unless you are in a pinch). You can always find an affordable smoke pipe to love for a longtime, with a keen eye and some savvy thinking.

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