6 Reasons to Add Water to Your Bubbler Bong

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If you have not yet been convinced of the benefits of buying a bubbler, then consider these six benefits of water filtration.

While use of medicinal smoke has been documented for centuries, research also shows inhaling any smoke can have negative consequences on your lung health and beyond.

In order to make smoking safer, scientists have discovered that water filtration can be used to eliminate some of the harmful side effects of smoking. 

First, What Is a Bubbler? 🤔

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If you find yourself thinking about all the crazy lingo in the glass pipe business, I am sure you've asked yourself what is a bubbler? 

Known as bongs, bubblers, or water pipes these smoking devices use water to create a filter through which the smoke is drawn into before inhaling it by utilizing vacuum-inducing bubbles that are created when you breathe in from the mouthpiece.

So what is a bong and how is that different than a bubbler? There is no difference. Water pipes essentially all function in the same way.

However, some have additional chambers where you can add ice or that filter the water and smoke through a series of turbines that create a whirlpool effect.

They can get pretty fancy, but if you are just looking for the benefits of water filtration then a simple, small water bong will get the job done. 

What Are the Benefits of Water Filtration? 

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The benefits of water filtration go beyond purifying the smoke. The positive effects this has on your health and even your wallet are tremendous.

Not only will using water filtration to purify your smoke make a more pleasurable smoking experience, but it will burn less product and put less stress on your lungs.

1. Bongs Remove Impurities 😵

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Smoking from a glass water pipe is better for you because the filtration process removes harmful particles and toxic materials from the smoke. A study on the reduction of particles from tobacco smoke filtered through water revealed that this method reduced particles by 50 percent. 

2. Get a Cooler Smoking Experience 🥶 

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A glass bubbler provides a cooler smoking experience. And not just in the hipster sense of the word either.

Although cooler smoke is cool, the water literally makes the smoke colder, so by the time it reaches your lungs the ice-chilled smoke will be less irritating to your throat and lungs.

3. Bubblers are Convenient 🤗

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If you want convenience, it’s not in rolling with rolling papers over and over. Get yourself one of those high tech bongs with turbines and honeycomb filters made out of beautiful colorful glass and you can proudly show it off on your coffee table as a piece of art. 

Plus give yourself and easy access to packing as many bowls as you want with as little or as much product as you choose. A glass bong offers quick action and no fumbling with papers.

Which brings us to our next point...

4. Bubblers Produce More Powerful Puffs 😤 

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A bong or bubbler is going to make each puff a powerful one. The water filtration not only makes your hit cleaner and smoother, but it will be more concentrated and you’ll likely need a lot less to do what you need it to do.

Many times, you can accomplish in one hit from bong, what would take several hits from a joint to do.

5. Smoother Hits 💨 

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Another one of the benefits of a bong is the smoother hit we mentioned above. Combine cooler smoke, with less toxins and particles, plus denser smoke and you have a nice smooth hit without making you cough your brains out. 

6. Bongs Offer More Control 🧘‍♀️

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If you want more control over your product, rather than let a rolled joint smolder and burn off smoke while you’re holding your breath, a small water bong will do the trick and save you time and money.

The large chamber and carb allow you to choose how big of a hit you want to take each time. 

A Quick Refresher on How to Use a Bong 👩🏻‍🏫 

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If you’re new to the water-pipe arena and need to know how to use a bong or how to use a bubbler, then you’re in luck because it’s really rather simple and enjoyable. Just remember to take it easy and go slow the first couple times until you get used to the more powerful puff. 

Step 1: First, fill the bubbler with enough water to just cover the end of the stem that holds the bowl in place.

Step 2: Then, pack your bowl with freshly ground herb of your choice. Don’t pack it too firmly, as you want sufficient air flow to give you a more even burn. 

Step 3: Next, light the bowl as you breathe in from the mouth piece. Once the herb is ignited, remove the flame from the bowl piece and inhale slowly and steadily. You’ll see the smoke begin to fill the chamber and the delightful blub-blub-blub sound of the water bubbling will begin.

Step 4: Once the chamber is filled with your desired amount of smoke, release the carb or slide the bowl piece up from the stem to release the smoke from the chamber as you take one last deep breath in to consume the smoke into your lungs. 

Step 5: Chill tf out ⭐️

How to Clean a Bubbler 🛁 

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Cleaning a bubbler is about as easy as using one.

Just take it apart and put the small parts in a zip-lock baggie or plastic container to soak in a solution of high percentage rubbing alcohol and salt.

Or substitute the rubbing alcohol with white vinegar and the salt with raw rice. Amounts will vary depending on the size of your bong but enough alcohol or vinegar to submerge or fill it should suffice, and a tablespoon or two or salt or rice per cup of liquid ought to do the trick.

Once you’ve done that, empty the dirty bong water and rinse the bubbler with fresh water to remove loose particles.

Then fill it with the alcohol/salt solution and gently shake to cause micro-particles to loosen and stains to lighten. A lemon slice is also a good tool for tough and stubborn resins and staining. 

Once it’s clean to your satisfaction, simple rinse with clean war water.

Make sure not to use very hot or boiling water as this can crack the glass or break the smaller parts.

Cleaning a bong is really pretty painless, so keep it clean for the best tasting smoke 🌱

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