Smoking Guide: Learn How To Use A Bong

Me Time Box products offers a wide array of hand blown glass pipes, including the giants of the collection, bongs! A bong is one of the most fun and fulfilling smoking pipes for your medicine, but for some people it may seem like a little too much.

Don’t worry, not only should you not be intimidated by a bong, but it is one of the best delivery tools for your medicine. Whether you have purchased an individual water pipe or the bong subscription box, it is bound to put a smile on your face.

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The History of Bongs

A bong is the classic water filtration system that was first introduced to the world over 2,400 years ago in the far east. Bongs have also been called billies and moofs, and the word originates from the Thai word, baung.

After a couple millenium of coming up with some pretty amazing smoke pipes, the bong is what most smokers wish they could always smoke out of all the time. However, these water pipes aren't the most portable or discreet pipe out there. In other words, taking them to a concert probably isn't the best idea. 

Why is a Bong Such a Cool Smoke Pipe?

The general idea is that all of the smoke from your medicine will first go through water before being inhaled. The water will trap a lot of the larger particles in the smoke, along with many of the toxins, so that you get a cleaner smoke.

The water also cools the smoke down a lot too. As the smoke enters the lungs, it feels cool and refreshing. Suddenly, the hot smoke of a joint or a bowl feels harsh after getting a refreshing hit from a water pipe.

Bongs are also unique smoke pipes, in that they come in all sorts of cool designs. Smokers will collect them and some become showcase items that they tend to pull out for special occasions. 

Are Big Bongs the Way to Go?

Bongs don’t need to be big either. Me Time Box Products even offers 4 inch and 6 inch bongs so that you can find just the right one for you. It is important that you have the glass smoking pipe collection that fits you and your friends.


Some smokers think a big bong can be a big pain. They are bulky and can tip over easily. Some people think the really big bongs are a lot of fun though, so that is up to you.

So, How Do You Use a Bong Anyways?

So, it's time to get down to the nuts and bolts of how to use a bong. It's not too complicated, but there are a couple of extra steps when comparing smoking a bong to smoking out of a straight glass pipe that does not use water.

Adding the Water

To start, simply pour some water into the larger chamber of the bong that you smoke out of. Watch the water line through the glass, you just need enough water to cover the bottom of the stem of the bowl.

Like smoking out of bubbler, you will find that you often tilt your bong back a little while you are smoking which will help the water cover the stem of the bowl even more.

After you are done smoking, you should empty the water from the bong as it will now be dark, cloudy and have an odor. If you leave the water in the bong, then you will get a gross black ring on the inside of the bong.

Packing the Glass Bowl

We aren't talking about packing a luggage bag, or packing your bong into your luggage. We are talking about taking your dried herbs and stuffing it into the glass bowl of your bong.

Break up your medicine well and pack it into the bowl just like you would any other smoking pipe. Use a grinder if you have one. Buy an herb grinder if you don't have one already. They break up your stash the best so that you can a great smoke experience. 

Lighting a Bong 🔥

Put your mouth against the top of the large chamber so your entire mouth is in the pipe and your cheeks are sealing the pipe airtight. Begin inhaling to test it before lighting the packed bowl.

You will see the water bubble at the bottom of the bong. If there isn't enough water, add some. If there is too much water and you are getting it in your mouth, empty some of the water out.

You light the bowl the same way you would any other pipe, try cornering the bowl to help preserve your medicine. You'll the flame from the lighter pull into the bowl, just like any other pipe.

First time bong users will get a little wide-eyed seeing the chamber fill slowly with smoke like morning fog rolling into San Francisco. It's true, bongs can offer a pretty big hit.

Clearing a Bong of Smoke 💨

If there is a tricky part to smoking out of a bong, it’s pulling the bowl. First, a quick warning, do not blow into the bong. That may seem obvious but a bong can deliver a serious hit that may make you cough. If you are new to smoking out of a bong, you might accidentally cough into the pipe.

If that happens you may shoot water, and your packed bowl, right out of the pipe. That’s just messy. Also, be careful not to inhale too hard, especially on smaller bongs, as the taste of the water in the bong is not what you would call a delicacy.

Back to pulling the bowl. Some of the Me Time Box Products bongs have a carb on the side you can use to clear the pipe, especially the smaller ones. But, larger bongs tend to have precision fitted glass bowls that simply sit freely in the stem and maintain an airtight connection.

Glass bowls will have a small handle, or perhaps knobs, you can hold and use to pull the bowl out of the stem. Pulling the bowl will clear the chamber of smoke while you are inhaling just like taking your finger off the carb.

You should find that the smoke is much cleaner and smoother after being filtered by the water. It is a fantastic way to get the most out of your medicine.

Make the Most of Your Bong Sessions

If you really want to get creative, grab three or four ice cubes out of your freezer and carefully drop them into the big chamber. The ice will chill the smoke even more and make your hit even smoother.

I hope this helps with your smoking experience and makes your introduction to using a bong a little less intimidating and more fun.

We appreciate you choosing Me Time Box Products and working with one of the independent pioneers of the industry. Bongs will let you get even more out or your Me Time.

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