Can CBD Gummies and Hemp Edibles Cause Cavities?

CBD Gummies and Hemp Edibles help with your oral health problems.

In the CBD world, gummy bears prove to be quite popular. Many people enjoy popping a delicious gummy bear in their mouths and reaping the benefits. People also love adding hemp edibles to their dietary intake. If you haven’t tried CBD gummies or hemp edibles yet, you may have some questions about possible negative side effects. 

Your specific concerns may relate to how CBD edibles impact your dental health 😁. We have answers to some of the most common questions related to this. Getting informed will help you feel good about making the decision to add CBD gummies and hemp edibles to your regimen.

CBD Edibles May Make You Happier About Going to See the Dentist

Use CBD edibles and be happier about going to see the dentist


You work hard at practicing good dental hygiene, which may leave you wondering how adding CBD edibles to your life may impact it. You might also be nervous about if you should tell your dentist that you consume CBD edible products. Keep in mind that CBD gummies and hemp edibles are legal. You don’t have to hide your habit from your dentist! 

CBD edibles may even be able to help someone who has a fear 😨 of going to the dentist. CBD provides anxiolytic effects which help counter symptoms related to anxiety disorders. No one actually looks forward to visiting the dentist. Whether you just get a little nervous or you have full-blown dental anxiety, a delicious CBD edible before your appointment may provide a more calming trip to the dentist. You can go ahead to get your weed box with no hesitation. Cheers!!

The journal Neurotherapeutics stated that “We found that existing preclinical evidence strongly supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely.” 

Do CBD Gummies and Hemp Edibles Lead to Cavities?

CBD reduces inflammation and sensitivity to pain caused by gum disease.


The American Dental Association (ADA) 👄 clearly advises that people avoid too many sugary foods. When it comes to CBD edibles, how much sugar they have depends on many things. The amount of sugar may vary according to the product, such as a gummy bear vs. a cookie 🍪. 

Another big factor relates to what ingredients a company favors using in their recipes. Some companies place an emphasis on providing a real blast for your sweet tooth. They infuse their CBD edibles with high sugar counts. 

Frankly, this strikes us as counter-productive. Adding CBD products to your life is all about choosing optimum health. CBD edibles are on the cutting edge of modern ways to enjoy something to eat while keeping a healthy dietary intake in mind. Popping little sugar bombs in your mouth isn’t part of a healthy dental hygiene plan.

Luckily, a lot of companies make a priority out of choosing their ingredients wisely. When investigating CBD gummies and hemp edibles, look for those that use low amounts of sugar. Search out products that use d-ribose and fruits and vegetables as sweeteners. Many products have such a low amount of sugar that by law they have to list the sugar content as 0 grams. 

In conclusion, CBD edibles with low sugar content help keep cavities at bay. If your dentist isn’t aware of this, slide some knowledge their way! 🧠

How Do I Know What’s in CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are different than your average edible cannabis-infused treat.


We’ve told you to look for low-sugar, healthy ingredients but where can you find that info? Before buying weed boxes, look on the packaging for a clear list of ingredients. If you are ordering online and the company says they will mail an ingredient list with your order, that should activate your Spidey senses 🕷. Any company with an ingredient list they are proud of should provide it on their website. 

Be sure to look for a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab for any product you want to purchase. A CBD brand that does not supply a certificate of analysis may be hiding something. 

Amazing Ways CBD Can Help Promote Good Dental Hygiene

CBD helps to stimulate and strengthen the bones which is great for maintaining teeth health

As more studies are done on CBD products, the unexpected ways it can help promote good health just keep piling up. CBD can help in the following three dental-related situations:

Minimize the risk of gum disease: Cannabidiol products in edible form contain anesthetic and antiseptic qualities that help reduce the risk of gum disease. CBD has been known to counteract inflammation that leads to gum diseases such as periodontitis. Gum disease can break down tissues and bones that support your teeth and lead to tooth loss.

Relieve tooth pain: When ingested as an edible, CBD products can provide pain relief, including dental-related pain. Topical CBD products, which are applied directly to the affected area, provide quicker relief from pain.

Assist in post-surgery recovery: After dental or other kinds of surgery, patients typically require medications that prevent inflammation and pain, as well as fight bacteria. Some of these medications are expensive and come with a risk of addiction. CBD products can provide a safer, less expensive alternative to help someone recover from a surgical procedure.

Our Conclusion

CBD edibles add positive health benefits to your life

We posed the question of if CBD gummies and hemp edibles cause cavities. If you shop responsibly, checking ingredient lists and certificates of analysis, you can make wise choices that mean cavities won’t be a concern. There isn’t anything wrong even if you opt for a smoking subscription box as long as you handle the stuff responsibily. Just another way CBD edibles add positive health benefits to your life! 💪

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