Can I Put Ice Cubes in My Glass Bong?

Putting ice in your bong takes your bong's filtration process to the next level.

You may have seen an ice bong in a store or at a friend’s house. Even if you already know a lot about different products that help you enjoy your favorite dried herbs, ice bongs might be new to your world. 🌎

If you’re wondering if you can drop ice cubes in your regular bong, let us explain the benefits of an actual ice bong. If you are curious to find out all about what ice bongs are and how to use them, we’ve got the info you need. 

What on Earth Is an Ice Bong?

Many people consider an ice bong to be part of the evolutionary process of smoking materials 💨. They have enjoyed recent popularity by those who like a new way to experience their greens, as well as those who appreciate the various benefits that ice bongs provide.

Ice bongs are quite similar to regular bongs when it comes to how they look and how you use them. The term “ice bong” comes from the fact that you fill the main chamber of the bong with ice. 

When you take a hit, the smoke that travels from the main chamber of the ice bong to the mouthpiece gets filtered by the chilled water. This cold water helps filter the smoke by reducing the toxic particles, providing a purified hit you don’t get from a regular bong.

The Benefits of Using an Ice Bong

One great benefit of using an ice bong is that it allows you to take a larger hit. Putting ice in the main chamber of the bong provides the ability to enjoy a super-sized drag each time you take a hit off it. 

We’re talking about the kind of big hit that doesn’t give you a sore throat or send you into endless coughing fits👅. You know how a nice big draw from a pipe or bong can deliver the quickest benefits from your favorite greens. With ice bongs, you get this benefit time after time.

The ice also allows you to take a much cooler hit than regular bongs provide.  As the ice melts, it drops down, providing a nice cooling effect for the water. This further adds to your ability to enjoy a smooth hit.

The compartment that holds the ice, known as an ice catcher, helps keep the water where it should be: in the bong, not in your mouth. The location of the ice between your mouth and the water acts as a splash guard.  

Using an ice bong can also make the smoke more flavorful. Many people report that the taste of smoke that has been cooled by ice feels richer and tastier 😋.

How to Use an Ice Bong

The first step to using your ice bong properly involves making sure that you have the water at the correct level. Check to make sure that the down stem is submerged in the water. If the water level is too low, it can hamper the bong’s ability to work correctly.

On the flip side, do not overfill with water 💧. When this happens, water can come up through the mouthpiece and give you a not-so refreshing drink you didn’t want. Nobody wants a mouthful of bong water, no matter what type of bong it is.

Fill the chamber with ice cubes. How many you put will depend on the width and depth of the chamber. Keep the top ice cubes a little bit below the mouthpiece.

Be mindful of the fact that ice inevitably melts. As it drips down into the chamber of the ice bong, it can affect the water level 💧. Adjust the level accordingly by emptying out any unneeded water. If you finish your smoke session and still have ice cubes remaining in the bong, you can fish them out and toss them. 

Make sure you regularly clean your ice bong, too. A bong that is properly maintained and cleaned will provide the best hits and last longer. 

Options in the ice bong family include the size of the main chamber. A larger chamber can help filter the smoke more efficiently. 

Debunking Negative Theories About Ice Bongs

You may have heard that ice bongs can be pricey 💲. Realistically, any item you can think of that relates to enjoying your dried herbs can run on the expensive side. Ice bong prices can be inexpensive, run on the higher side, or cost anywhere in between. 

Choose a high-quality ice bong that fits your budget and enjoy it. Very few of them will break the bank. Even if you spend a little extra, consider it an investment. Your smoke family collection always feels a little fuller and more enjoyable when it welcomes a fancy new member.

You may hear some chatter about how inhaling the water vapor produced by ice cubes can be potentially dangerous. While rumors abound relating to how bronchial issues can come from using an ice bong, no studies have proved this is a legit concern. It wouldn’t be the internet if some nosey know-nothing didn’t register an opinion without bothering to fact check. 

Ice Ice Baby

Now you know what ice bongs are and why so many people love them. If you’re ready to jump on the ice bong bandwagon 🚙, get started on ordering one today. You can enjoy a few refreshing, cool hits on your own or with friends who will be eager to see your newest smoke toy!

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