Clean Your Glass Pipe and Prepare to Get Creative!

There’s nothing like wanting to get artistic. When you’re in that creative state of mind, it can be a pure high in itself. You find yourself preparing whatever your artistic medium may be: pen and paper, computer, a canvas partnered with a palette of oil colors or chalks. It’s time to show your true colors in 2021 and beyond!

There’s also nothing like wanting to get creative … and suddenly finding yourself staring at a blank canvas, or a blinking cursor, or an empty sheet of paper. You stare. And you stare. And somehow, your artistic flow feels stuck. Blocked. It feels like your creative side is taking a long, lazy nap.

Chilling Out Helps Inspire Your Creative Side

Every artist, every type of creator, feels stuck sometimes. An important key to opening up the creative floodgates and getting “unstuck” is to let it go for a little while. Focus on something else completely.

You can let loose your inner artist by enjoying a soothing smoke break. Take out your dried herbs, pull a few rips, keep your mind calm. This all helps to reduce stress and promote a whole new flood of creative juices.

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A Clean Pipe For a Creative Mind

First things first. If you want to be creative, you have to be in the right frame of mind. And if you want your glass pipe to get you to that frame of mind, you need to know the best way to clean glass pipe.

A clean pipe allows for a clean rip which allows for chilling out and getting your creativity back on!

Your masterpiece awaits. Check out these steps for how to clean pipe resin out your smoking accessories and get back to your creative passions!

The Best Way to Clean a Glass Pipe or Bowl

Your ultimate creativity begins when we get that bowl all cleaned up first and take the steps toward how to get resin out of a pipe:

  • Using your fingers, push some sea salt or Epsom salt into your pipe or bowl’s open apertures
  • Take the “salty” pipe and place it in a baggie that seals tightly, or a plastic container with lid
  • Pour rubbing alcohol into the container or baggie until your pipe or bowl is completely covered by the liquid
  • Seal up the baggie or the container; shake it gently for 10 minutes
  • Take your glass accessory out of the liquid solution; dry it with a soft cloth
  • Lastly, insert a pipe cleaner into your pipe or bowl to get every nook and cranny
  • After about 15 minutes of air drying, you’re set to smoke to your creative heart’s desire!
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Weird Fact: Great Art Has Been Born From the Stressed-Sides of Our Most Famous Artists

When it comes to art, it’s a proven fact that feeling stressed or “off” can be creative inspiration. (That doesn’t mean YOU have to inspire yourself through stress or weirdness. Remember, you have stash to stave off the tension and creative blocks. We just thought showing these weird facts about famous artists would be interesting!)

  • In a frustrated rage, Vincent Van Gogh cut part of his ear off with a knife. He then gifted his “ear piece” to a prostitute he frequented
  • Virginia Wolfe’s sister, Vanessa Bell, was a painter and writer. Ms. Bell was NOT relaxed while creating her art; she would write while standing up, often for hours at a time
  • Michelangelo believed that bathing was dangerous to his health, and it is said he never bathed – not once – during his entire adulthood. It is also said that upon his death, his clothing literally had to be peeled off his body

Sounds like they all needed to sit back for a while with a quality bong or chillum!

So if you’re feeling stuck or having what many call “Covid PTSD”, just know that even the world’s best and brightest had their issues yet were still able to create world-famous art. As for you, just go ahead and relax with a good lift to get you on your creative path again. And make sure to keep your ears intact at all times!

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