Learn About Water Bubbler Pipes

This beautiful glass bubbler water pipe is great for social occasions or to enjoy with during some private me time. The artisan hand blown glass design makes for an excellent conversation piece without the bulkiness of a glass bong.

Picking a water bubbler can be a daunting task with so many options on the market, but it doesn’t have to be. Get to know the different types of bubblers before you shop to find the perfect one. 

What is A Bubbler?

The water filtrations system of a glass double bubbler water is far more complex than necessary. The single chamber in these glass bubbler water pipes is more than sufficient to provide the clean refreshing smoke that comes with water filtration.

Maybe you have never used a glass pipe with water before, and you’re asking, “What is a Bubbler?” Or maybe you’ve always thought water pipe bubblers were too complicated or high-tech for you. As medicinal smoke becomes more and more popular and socially acceptable, people are also starting to realize the benefits of water pipes that have almost been lost to history. 

A bubbler is a kind of smoking device that filters the smoke through water, and sometimes a series of chambers with various functions that deliver cooler, cleaner, smoother inhalation than from directly inhaling smoke from a smoldering products. Bubblers pipes, bongs, water pipes, no matter what they are called, their purpose remains the same. 

This delivery method has been used literally for thousands of years, dating all the way back to around 1400 B.C., as medicinal smoking was normal in ancient cultures all over the world. It works by creating a vacuum that sucks the smoke from a burning product through the use of bubbles.

It’s physics, very simply. This puts less work on your lungs, cools the smoke, and delivers a more potent puff ⚗️

The Bountiful Benefits of Bubblers

Glass Bubbler pipes are a hybrid of the bong and a glass pipe. It uses water like a bong, but is really small like a glass pipe which is why sometimes they are referred to as glass water pipes.

The number one benefit of bubbler pipes is cleaner smoke, allowing for a much smoother and enjoyable smoking experience. It is easier on your lungs, which in turn means less coughing.The cooler, filtered smoke also means less irritation in your throat and less resin on your lips than when using rolling papers or other kinds of pipes.

Bubblers come in all shapes and sizes now, too. They are not all the feet-high towering tubes hidden in your brother’s bedroom. Now you can get beautiful glass bubblers that resemble works of art- and some really are in their own right, being hand-blown and one of a kind.

Some of the glass pieces available make you want to leave them on your coffee table for display; they really are that nice. Your mom will compliment you on your nice new vase.

Others are your standard bong that just gets the job done, regardless of appearance. The functionality of water bubblers is far more important than the look of one. And thus, typically less expensive than the hand-crafted and blown-glass ones. 

How to Use a Bubbler

A glass bubbler pipe offers the water cooling smoke experience that a bong provides, while also being small and portable like your traditional glass spoon pipe.

First you need to know the different parts of a bubbler to understand how to use a glass bubbler. The main components are the mouthpiece, chamber, stem, bowl, and carb. The mouthpiece is from where you will inhale. The chamber holds the smoke. The stem holds the bowl and slips into the chamber just touching the water. The bowl holds the herb, and the carb regulates air flow. 

How to use a bubbler is actually pretty simple. Just follow these few steps for maximum enjoyment and efficiency:

  • Fill your glass bubblers with cold, clean water enough to cover the end of the stem that sticks into the chamber. At this point you could add an ice cube or two for cooler smoke. 
  • Pack the bowl with freshly ground herb. Do not pack it too tightly or you won’t get a good draw off of it. Too loosely and it won’t burn well. Just enough to fill the bowl and gently press it with your finger to make it stay in place should suffice.
  • Apply your mouth to the mouthpiece and gently inhale as you light the bowl. Don’t hold the flame over your herb for too long as you won’t want to waste it. Let the embers create a low temperature and slow burn for a fuller smoke effect. Inhale until the chamber fills with smoke, then release the carb and inhale completely into your lungs.

If you are new to water pipes, the first couple times may be a challenge, and taking it easy is probably a good idea until you become accustomed to the use and effects of bubbler bongs. 

How to Clean a Bubbler

Just like a standard heavy glass pipe, the bowl is not removable on a bubbler. Like a glass smoke pipe, a bubbler will have a carb on the side so that you can fill the chamber with smoke and then release it to clear the chamber.

How to clean bubbler is slightly more complex and definitely not as enjoyable as using the bubbler, but easy nonetheless. The biggest thing you have to be sure of when cleaning a glass bubbler is to not break or chip it by being impatient or careless. Obviously glass is fragile so using the right cleaner and proper handling is important 💨

  • Change bubbler water frequently, first of all. Find a sink or container to dump out and dispose of the old water. Then fill your pipe with warm water and securely plugging the openings, gently shake the bubbler to loosen the built up resin, and dump that as well. Put smaller pieces, like the bowl and stem, into a small bowl or bag to clean separately. 
  • Now fill your bubbler with a high percentage rubbing alcohol and about a tablespoon of coarse salt. Then shake that, too, and dump.
  • If there is stubborn residue stuck to the glass, gill it with the alcohol-salt solution and let it sit for a while, maybe even overnight depending on how bad it is. 
  • Repeat this until the bubbler is clean to your satisfaction, and rinse thoroughly with clean water before using it again. 

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can also use vinegar to substitute it, and rice can be used to replace the salt. Use a cotton swab or soft tissue to clean the smaller parts. Keep in mind, too, that resin stains can be removed with lemon juice, and a slice of lemon makes a great mild abrasive with a dash of salt on it.

The bubblers glass is sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations so make sure to use warm water, not hot, and let it come to room temperature before filling with cold water to avoid cracking. 

Wrapping it up

If you are building a collection of glass smoking accessories and don't want to wait for your monthly stoner subscription box to surprise you with a new glass bubbler, then just buy a bubbler bong and start building 🛠

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