Does CBD Oil on My Face Help With Acne Breakouts?

CBD oil in skincare products have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help alleviate acne breakouts

Acne is a common skin condition that everyone experiences at one point. This is usually caused by the body’s sebaceous glands producing an excessive amount of sebum. This can lead to oily skin and clogged pores, eventually resulting in acne. 

While there are many products that promise to deal with acne, CBD oil beauty products are believed to be a gamechanger in this field. According to a 2014 study, CBD — which is short for cannabidiol — may be able to stop sebocyte cells from producing excessive sebum, thus minimizing or even preventing acne breakouts. CBD in skincare products also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help alleviate acne breakouts

These are just among the many CBD skin benefits you can get when using CBD for skincare. Further, CBD can also help alleviate or treat acne scars as well as areas of the skin that have incurred scarring due to other skin conditions such as psoriasis. 

Thus, it’s easy to see that CBD oil and skincare are not entirely worlds apart. CBD skincare products have since dominated the market in its various forms and formulations. You have CBD bath bombs, hemp oil serum, full-spectrum skincare products, topicals, and so much more. 

With this wide range of CBD products, which ones are the best for managing or preventing acne breakouts altogether? 

Topicals and Creams

CBD topicals and creams are similar to regular anti-acne creams, but with the added benefit of having CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply CBD topicals and creams directly to the affected area, and it will be absorbed by your skin. They’re fast and easy, and they usually come in small packages that you can bring along anywhere. Add CBD topicals and creams to your skincare routine and observe how it works for a few days or weeks. You can even strengthen its effects by using a CBD cleanser just before you put the topical or cream on your face. 

Oral CBD 

Depending on the severity of your acne breakout, you might have to take CBD orally to combat your condition. Since oral CBD is ingested, its effects can be much faster compared to when you use topicals or creams. 

CBD can be taken orally for several benefits

However, be aware that taking CBD orally can potentially interact with other medications you’re taking. Before opting for this route, exercise caution by clearing this up with your physician and dermatologist. 


CBD roll-ons have an effect that’s similar to CBD creams and topicals.

CBD roll-ons have an effect that’s similar to CBD creams and topicals. The only difference between them is that CBD roll-ons are more convenient to use. Since the CBD formulation comes in the form of a roll-on, you don’t have to wash your hands after every application unlike when you’re using creams and topicals. CBD roll-ons are also portable and less messy compared to its topical counterparts. 

Acne No More 

Prevent acne by using CBD

One thing you should know about CBD for acne is that it’s far from being a magic cure-all. Keep in mind that there are lots of factors that can affect acne breakouts such as your diet, temperature changes, hygiene practices, and the like. You also have to consider your skin sensitivities, so you can use CBD safely. 

While reaping CBD beauty benefits may take some time, it’s well worth the effort; using CBD might just be the answer to your acne woes. Still, exercise caution and consult your physician immediately if you experience negative side effects such as skin irritation or burns.

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