What is the Free Pipe Frenzy and is it Legit or a Scam?

What is the difference between the Me Time Box Products Free Pipe Giveaway and the Free Pipe Frenzy? Keep reading and see if you can spot the glaring problems with this way to get yourself a "free glass pipe" from the Facebook group run by Michael Dulaney.


What is the Free Pipe Frenzy?

So you have been poking around your Facebook feed and all of a sudden you get invited to join a "secret group" called Free Pipe Frenzy. Your trusted friend has tagged you on a post and now you are intrigued.

If it wasn't one of your close friends who knows you and you have been randomly added to a FB group for a free glass pipe, you should be high alert. In 2020, it's typically unlikely that you are joining any groups unless you either voluntarily add yourself to a private group or if you have had some other previous discussion, but that's on you to decide.

Enter the Facebook Group run by a gent, Michael Dulaney, who has approximately 40+ rules on how not to get banned. His main rule is to introduce yourself and let other group members know you exist and how excited you are to "win" free glass pipes.

Most people that join, don't bother reading the rules of engagement, so here is the main description of the Free Pipe Frenzy group: 

The FreePipeFrenzy deal is no scam, but it does take advantage of poor, unsuspecting people on Facebook looking to get a free glass pipe.

The list of rules to belong to this Free Pipe Facebook Group are pretty daunting, if you ask me. It reminds me a little bit about the rules from Fight Club.

What does Michael Dulaney and his admin NOT want you to do?

Michael Dulaney and the rest of the Free Pipe Frenzy admin are serious. Keep reading down below to see why.

Here are the some baffling and shady rules of the FB group:

  • First and foremost, NEVER QUESTION AN ADMIN. If your post was removed or your comments were turned off it was simply for the betterment of the group.
  • Absolutely NO whining, complaining OR complaining about complaining! 
  • NO DEBATES. Do not start a debate and do not participate in a debate if you see one started. 
  • No posts of glass that arrives broken.
  • Members found to be involved in any copycat groups in ANY capacity are not welcomed to be part of this group. 
  • Using items that you did not pay for or win from personally from this group to complete "set completion challenges" is considered THEFT and you will be instantly removed from the group without question.

You asked us, so we tell you. This doesn't seem right at all to us. Michael Dulaney has effectively shut down your ability to call him out about the legitimacy of the Free Pipe Frenzy.

Do we live in a time where someone will tell us what we can say and what we cannot say?

Michael Dulaney and the Free Pipe Frenzy. Is this a scam? It's not quite a ripoff, but you will overpay for a glass pipe.

The biggest issue that I have is the claim that other websites and groups are stealing credit card information and selling it on the dark web.

Michael Dulaney of Free Pipe Frenzy on Facebook spreads lies and creates panic to trick people into paying too much for glass pipes.

Come on now...that's just a straight lie. Unless Michael Dulaney or his minions have explicitly gone to every competitor FB group and website, made a purchase and can prove that there was identity theft, it's actually deceptive marketing practices by the FTC's definition. 

What is that Smell? Oh. It's BS.

In order to join the Free Pipe Frenzy qualifier for a bigger prize, you will be buying more glass pipes at higher prices than what the item is selling for at a local brick and mortar retailer.

In order to join the Free Pipe Frenzy qualifier for a bigger prize, you will be buying more glass pipes at higher prices than what the item is selling for at a local brick and mortar retailer.

I really can't knock the guy's business model to liquidate old inventory in his warehouse or to simply buy cheap glass pipes from China and push them onto unsuspecting smokers on Facebook at a super premium.

I am even okay with the idea that someone has to pay shipping and handling in order to get a free glass pipes and free bongs.

What I am NOT okay with is that you are "required" to add additional items to the shopping cart in order to be eligible for a prize to win.

By the time you have added in your "free pipe" and at least one qualifying item, you are already paying $38.

Here is the "Free Pipe Frenzy" Cost Breakdown 

 Free Smoking Pipe

$7.95 Shipping and Handling

 Add 1 Qualifying Glass Item

$21.95 for the glass bong or pipe

 Additional Shipping and Handling


Total Cost


Sadly, you if you want to be eligible for the MEGA GLASS PRIZE BUNDLE you will need to "collect" a whole bunch of other glass pipes and glass bongs. For example, you can see this set completion challenge is requiring the person to purchase 4 glass pipes at the regular price of $30 per pipe in order to become eligible to win a bigger prize pack.

FreePipeFrenzy Facebook for Free Glass Pipes is not a real glass smoking pipe giveaway, but a way to make people overpay for cheap glass pipes.

Here is the new breakdown of what your Free Glass Pipe will cost after being sucked into the Free Pipe Frenzy ploy:

 Free Pipe Giveaway

$7.95 Shipping and Handling

 Add 1 Qualifying Glass Item

$21.95 for the glass bong or pipe

 Additional Shipping and Handling


Subtotal before Set Collection


Add 3 More Glass Pipes


Total Cost


You are adding more cheap glass pipes to your order, driving up the total sale of your free pipe to over $100 in order to qualify to win something that may have a value of $100.

How could this possibly make sense? How has nobody told you about this before you let go of $103 of your hard earned money on 5 glass pipes that you could have hand picked for half the price?

It's fine, because you are going to win the big prize from Free Pipe Friday, right? There is definitely a chance that you could win a bunch more glass pipes, but with the Facebook admins letting everyone know that there are only a handful of winners, the chances are super low to win.

Why This Doesn't Work

By the time you have completed all of the steps to qualify for a bigger prize, you have probably spent well into the hundreds of dollars to have a chance to win a free glass pipe. The freepipefrenzy is not a scam, per se, but it is a way for Michael Dulaney to find a unique way to charge MORE for glass pipes that are available in your local smoke shop for cheaper.

At the end of the day, you have continued to spend money on glass pipes in a totalitarian Facebook group that won't allow anyone to speak about the potential bad deal that they got. 

Oh yea. I almost forgot. In order to qualify you need to add in 10 of your friends from Facebook into the group because there is a sucker born every day, and today is no different.

Let's hope that you don't get un-friended for bringing people into the Free Pipe Frenzy Facebook group and overpaying like this person who probably spent a few hundred dollars on glass pipes that aren't even going to be used. #SHAME

People overpay at the FreePipe Frenzy on Facebook for glass pipes that are cheap and Chinese.

How is our Free Glass Giveaway different?

We could care less if you just get a glass pipe. Buy one. Buy two. Snag however many glass pipes you like, because there is no reason that an industry should have its growth stunted because of shady smoke shop dealers, online or IRL. 

Me Time Box Products is a real business with a real staff of people looking to advance an industry forward. Do we want you to buy more of our beautiful glass bongs and pipes?

Yes of course, but we don't want to force you to make a purchase to qualify for a bigger prize. If you have made it to our site and you want a freepipe, go ahead and get a free pipe. We are not going to twist your arm and make you feel like you have to make another purchase. That's just bad business IMO.

Will we offer you some additional items? Yes.

Do you have to buy them? Never.

Did you have a bad experience at Free Pipe Frenzy? Buyer's remorse? Let us know and we will make it up to you, because we truly care about you and want you to live better, every day.

There are no free pipe friday free shipping codes, so don't bother looking. Claim a free glass pipe from Me Time Box and never overpay.

Me Time Box is not associated with Facebook, Facebook.com, Michael Dulaney, Free Pipe Friday, Free Pipe Frenzy, FreePipeFrenzy.com, FreePipeFriday.com, FreePipeFriday.net. 

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