How to Clean a Quartz Banger

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You put thought into choosing the perfect quartz banger, spend your hard-earned money 💰 on it, and want to enjoy it for a long period of time.

Make sure you don’t skip one important step: cleaning it on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure which cleaning method is the best and what ingredients you’ll need, our quick and easy guide will answer all your questions. 

Understanding Quartz Bangers

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A quartz banger is a dab nail made from quartz crystal. While many people prefer titanium bangers, an enthusiastic population prefers quartz for a few reasons. They feel quartz removes the sometimes metallic taste that a titanium nail can provide when they dab. 

The surface of a quartz banger is easy to clean and this banger is more durable than those made from other materials. Quartz bangers make it difficult to overheat 🔥 them, and they hold their heat well for a long time. 

Be mindful that price does contribute to the quality of a quartz banger. 

Low-priced ones are thinner and may have imperfections that affect their durability. 

Quartz bangers that cost a bit more tend to hold heat longer and give you more value for the money you spend. 

Why Cleaning Your Equipment Is Important

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Sometimes it can feel like a chore to postpone a smoking session in order to perform a cleaning task, but engaging in regular cleaning sessions provides multiple benefits. 

It helps avoid stubborn build-ups of residue, which makes for shorter cleaning sessions. Regular maintenance extends the life of your quartz banger, which saves you money 💲 in the long run. 

When you don’t clean your banger regularly, excess oil can get in the dab rig joints, which can cause the nail to get stuck or break. 

You will also enjoy the best flavors from your concentrates, providing deep, rich hits that give you the effect you want from your CBD flowers. 

Not to mention a clean banger just looks nice. Nobody wants to stare at or handle dirty, sticky smoking accessories, as it detracts from the smoking 💨 experience.

How to Deep Clean a Quartz Banger

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Place your banger or nail in a Ziplock bag or sealable container and cover with isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. Add four to five tablespoons of salt 🧂 and seal the container. 

Shake lightly to ensure the cleaning solution fully permeates. If the hard-to-reach areas of the nail need extra attention, push some salt into the crevices before placing it in the container.

Let everything soak for thirty minutes to an hour. You can even let it soak overnight 🌙, if necessary. 

Remove the nail and rinse it off with room temperature water, making sure the water gets rid of any remaining residue. Do not use hot or cold water, as that can damage the nail. 

If any stubborn residue remains, you can give it another cleaning cycle in the isopropyl alcohol and salt combination. You can also use a cotton swab, pipe cleaner, or paper clip to scrub it away while rinsing the nail under running water. 

Once everything looks squeaky clean, give it a thorough rinsing in water 🌊 for a couple of minutes to rid it of any lingering cleaning solution. The last thing you want to do is inhale any of that, as it can be dangerous. 

Make sure to let the nail dry fully before using it again. You can allow time for a full air dry or, if you’re in a hurry, completely dry all parts with a towel or paper towel. 

An important note to keep in mind: do not use a dabber tool to scrape or clean the inside of a quartz nail. This can cause damage to it. 

Spot Cleaning Your Banger to Avoid Chronic Buildup

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You can adopt a clean-as-you-go policy to help avoid waiting until the last minute to do a deep clean. Putting off regular spot check cleaning usually means you end up with a hot mess and have to spend valuable time ⏰ undoing the damage. 

Keep cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol handy when you dab and get into a habit of using them during each dabbing session. After you do a dab, dip the tip of the cotton swab in the alcohol and use it to clean the inside of the banger or nail. 

The cotton swab will absorb any oil or wax left over, leaving you with clean equipment for your next dab. Cotton swabs with pointed tips offer the advantage of getting into creases and edges, providing a fuller clean. 

There’s no need to rinse anything when you do this simple step because the alcohol will burn off the next time you heat the nail. 

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