How to Clean Silicone Pipes

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Silicone pipes have become a very popular way to enjoy smoking your CBD greens. Some people associate silicone with handy kitchen cooking 🥘 tools but this efficient material also makes for other great products. 

Pipe and dab containers made from silicone are safe to smoke, and the non-stick surface it provides makes it less likely to break than glass, ceramic, and other fragile materials. Silicone is also less likely to absorb and retain oils and residue leftover from smoke sessions 💨.

There are a few different methods for cleaning your silicone pipe, allowing you to experiment and choose the one that works best for you. These are all effective, don’t take much effort, and provide you with a squeaky clean pipe.

If you have a pipe that has water in it, like a bubbler, be sure to empty the old water before you begin cleaning it.  

The Dishwashing Soap and Water Method

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Many cleaning methods for smoking accessories involve a simple water 💧 and soap application and silicone pipes are no exception. When going this route, make sure to choose a mild dishwashing detergent, such as Dawn. 

Mix one cup of really hot water with three drops of the dishwashing detergent. Add two teaspoons of white or apple cider vinegar and mix well together. 

Place your pipe inside a Ziplock baggie or other storage container that can withstand the heat of the hot water. Baggies made for freezer storage work better than thin ones. 

Pour the cleaning solution in the container, making sure to use enough to cover the entire pipe.

Seal the baggie or container and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how long it’s been since your last cleaning. Use cotton swabs or pipe cleaners to clean off any remaining bits of residue, including inside the pipe. 

Rinse the entire pipe thoroughly with warm water 💧 and let it fully dry. If you need to fire that bad boy up right away, dry the exterior with paper towels or a towel. You can run a clean, dry cotton swab or pipe cleaner through the interior parts to dry them.

The Dishwasher Method

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Using a dishwasher 🍽 to clean your silicone pipe provides a real time-saving method. This method works best if you have a dishwasher that works well, instead of an old clunker. 

Place your pipe on a shelf and make sure to anchor it so it doesn’t bounce around in the machine. You can lay something like a pot handle across it to hold it down, use a zip tie to keep it in place, or put it in the basket that holds forks and knives 🍴. 

The Freezer Method

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This method works best when you have a truly nasty pipe that has either seen a lot of use or rarely gets cleaned. Rinse the pipe inside and out with water and place it in the freezer without drying it off. 

Let it chill out ⛄ there for a few hours, then remove it. Manipulate the pipe by squeezing and bending its shape. This will allow the residue to crack and break away. You can then rinse it out. This method may take longer than others but can pay off for stubborn pipes. 

Can I Use Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt?

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For many pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking accessories, the go-to cleaning method involves isopropyl alcohol and salt 🧂. While that’s typically a great answer, it doesn’t work for products made from silicone. 

Cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and products with oil in them can damage the silicone. They can cause the silicone to swell and make your pipe bend out of shape, rendering it damaged or useless. 

Pre-packaged Cleaners May Damage Silicone Pipes

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Some companies sell pre-packaged cleaning products for smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, and bubblers. These can be expensive 💰, especially compared to the thriftiness of using inexpensive products you probably already have at home.

In addition, some of the bottled cleaners being sold don’t mention that they aren’t safe to use on all types of materials. Many are solely meant for glass smoking equipment, and using them on silicone can cause damage and even ruin your favorite pipe. 

Cleaning products with strong chemicals usually wash away when rinsing out a glass or ceramic pipe, but this is not the case with silicone. Silicone contains tiny air pockets that absorb the chemicals and result in degrading the material. 

Time to Put That Silicone Pipe to Use

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Now you’ve got some solid and simple choices for cleaning your silicone pipe. Find what works for you and make sure to get in a habit of regular cleanings.

When you have a silicone pipe that is clean, it allows you to load up and achieve the benefits you rely on from your CBD herbs. Happy smoking! 💨

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