How to Clean Your Dabbing Accessories

Clean your dabbing accessories rather than letting it get really dirty

Do you love to dab? It’s such a great way to enjoy your greens when you kick back after a long day or start off a great weekend 😎. 

You want to get all you can out of your smoking session, which means keeping your dabbing accessories clean. Doing this provides full-flavored hits time after time that are a pleasure to inhale. A clean nail keeps old bits of oil and residue from negatively impacting the flavor of your greens.  

Keeping up a regular cleaning 🧹 routine also helps the nail live a long, happy life. Like so many others, we love a good quartz dab. If you need help cleaning your nail and other quartz dabbing surfaces, we’ll show you how in just three easy steps. 

Make Sure You Don’t Overheat Your Quartz

You may be tempted to set your torch 🔥 on high when you’re getting your quartz banger up to temperature. Dial back this tendency and use a light touch instead. Always heating the quartz up as high as you can contributes to it breaking down more quickly. 

When a banger that hasn’t been consistently and correctly cleaned gets heated up to a high heat, it can cause the residue to degrade the quartz via a baking-in effect. Contaminants such as oil and dirt will make the banger become cloudy ⛅ and more susceptible to breakage. 

When using your torch, apply a steady hand in a gentle brushing effect around the sides and bottom of the banger. This provides an even heat that makes for a solid hit and longer-lasting equipment.

We also recommend you don’t make a habit of using a cheap fuel source. High-quality fuel, such as that found in butane torches 🔥, is popular when dabbing for a reason. Choose butane over propane to get a cleaner burn.

Keep a Supply of Cotton Swabs Handy

Cotton swabs, commonly known as Q-tips, are a standard item for cleaning all sorts of smoking accessories. They are inexpensive 💲 and found at any grocery store, discount store, or pharmacy (or your bathroom medicine cabinet).

When the banger is still warm from taking a dab, the cotton swab comes in handy to clean out excess oil and burned residue. Use one end of the cotton swab to soak up the oil. Use the other end to spot clean any dirty areas that are left over. 

Dabbing at an even temperature that isn’t too high helps reduce the amount of charring that accumulates. It also leaves less puddling, which means a quicker cleanup time ⏰.  

Break Out the Rubbing Alcohol

The last tip involves using rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol. This inexpensive product is also sold by grocery stores, pharmacies, and your favorite dollar store type shop. Dip a cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol and use it to clean up any leftover residue when you’re done dabbing. 

If you are traveling ✈ and don’t want to bother with packing rubbing alcohol for on-the-road cleaning sessions, throw a pack of alcohol pads in your suitcase. They take up very little room and help you keep your smoke sessions neat and tidy even when you’re away from home.

We’ve seen some cotton swabs that come with isopropyl alcohol inside the stems. If you prefer these, all it takes is a snap on one end of the swab and then you can pour out the tiny supply of alcohol on whichever part of your smoking gear needs a quick scrubbing.

If your banger needs a serious cleaning, try soaking it in warm rubbing alcohol. This allows the debris to soften, making it easier to clean. You can rinse the dab in warm water 💧 and let it dry. Even if you just let it sit, rubbing alcohol evaporates fairly quickly, so it should dissipate when you fire up your torch again.

What If I Have a Titanium Nail?

While quartz nails enjoy great popularity, many people dab with a titanium nail. The important thing to remember about cleaning this kind is not to use rubbing alcohol. Titanium is a porous material and any absorption of the alcohol could damage the nail. 

When your titanium nail shows an accumulation of residue, you need to do two things to get it clean. Heat the nail using a dab torch. While the nail is hot, scrape off the residue with a dabber tool. 

Now You Know How to Keep It Clean

See how simple cleaning your dabbing accessories turned out to be? Everyone wants to spend time enjoying their smoke sessions 💨 rather than engaging in laborious cleaning rituals. With our handy steps, you can scrub your nails clean and get down to business.

Getting into the habit of regular cleanings extends the life of your valuable smoking gear. It also makes sure you get the strong, flavorful dabs you deserve.

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