How to Dab Without a Torch

Heat up a dab rig with big flame Dab Torch

You love your CBD dabs and couldn’t imagine giving them up. However, maybe the flame worries you or is becoming too expensive to refill. You might have wondered, “How to dab without a torch” or, “How to heat up a dab rig without a torch?” The good news is, you don’t need to use a torch if you don’t want to. However, the way you smoke might change.

Why Do I Need a Torch for Dabbing?

The whole of a dab is to flash-vaporize the dab on a nail. The dab refers to the hemp flower concentrate. A nail is where you place the CBD concentrate. Before you put hemp and CBD concentrates on the nail, it must be heated and remain red-hot. 

Dabbing torches are the most common option to heat, specifically a butane torch lighter. This type of torch provides intense flames to heat what you need.

Here’s the Problem with Torches

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Although torches are small, they still have a flame that can reach up to five inches long. Their temperatures reach near 2,500°F. Problems include imprecise heating, long cooldown time, and the cost of butane refills.

When you can’t use a torch, there are alternatives. You can heat your rig on a stove. Often called, “the poor man’s dab”. This technique requires you to heat your dab rig on a gas or electric stove. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Turn your stove on high and use metal tongs to hold the nail over the burner. 
  2. Heat it for several minutes (around five minutes).
  3. Use the tongs to take it off the stove and into the rig. 
  4. Take a dab. 

This method isn’t the safest, but it works

dabbing accessories for a perfect dab session
Dab Accessories Cleaning Tool use to remove the smoke concentrates

An e-nail is your next best bet if you don’t want to deal with the dangers of fire. An e-nail is a nail that heats up through an electric component. Metal coils surround the nail and heat it with electricity from a battery. many battery boxes allow you to set the temperature, so you always know how hot the e-nail is. 

The e-nail method has a few flaws. The first flaw involves the coil. Coils need to be replaced often, which can get expensive over time. 

You also need to remember the battery box and cord too. It’s extremely easy to pull the cord out and shut the whole operation down, which really kills the vibe. 

The other flaw involves the coil and nail. The coil has to cool down before you can move it.

Health stones are smoking devices that contain a pipe attached to a bowl. The stone is ceramic and doesn’t react to heat or concentrates. Place your dab on the stone and then use a regular lighter to heat the stone from below. The stone transfers the heat and vaporizes the concentrates, which is a safer and more convenient method but only lasts around five months.

Vaporizers are an effective, portable way to dab. Vaporizers contain quartz, ceramic, or titanium coils in the chamber. The battery heats the coil and vaporizes the oil. Depending on your usage, the battery on a vape can last for days. Vapes also remove the required cleaning that a dab rig needs, giving you more time to take more hits.

Topping a clean glass bubbler bowl has been a common way to dab among older generation stoners. You dab the CBD oil on a hemp flower-packed bowl and smoke. Classic. Use about two dabs on a single bowl but you can stretch it out if you’re sharing, so everyone gets a chance to try it. 

Ideally, you want to pack the bowl part way, dab, then repeat until the bowl is full of hemp flower. This avoids exposing the oil to open flame and doesn’t decrease the potency of the CBD dab.

Similarly, you can also do this with a hemp wrap. You can dab your CBD oil and place it on your hemp flower as you spread it along with the paper. You can crumble it and spread it throughout. Some attempt to make a “snake” with the oil and wrap it around the wrap. If you do this method, avoid getting the CBD oil around the end of the hemp blunt.

Dabs provide a smoker with a more intense experience. However, the thought of having to use open flame does concern many. 

You don’t have to give up dabbing if torches are no longer what you want to use. Other methods provide portability and safety. If you want to experiment further with different types of Hemp and CBD concentrates or smoking methods, try out the Me Time CBD Box, which lets you experiment until you find what you like!

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