How to Pack a Bowl

Since the dawn of time, humanity has always found a way to pack a bowl in their makeshift smoking instrument. Despite this, there are many people who are confused about the best way to fill your bowl. 

Firstly, you can’t just pack all your smoke product into the bowl and expect a smooth hit. You need to use a grinder to make the most out of your dry herbs when you fill the bowl. It will burn evenly and make it easier to light the whole bowl without leaving any remains after you’ve pulled your hit. But what is this bowl that we keep mentioning?

What is a Bowl?

Bowl In The Glass Pipe From Me Time Box

A bowl is one of the essential parts of a bong or pipe and is a rounded dish that is used to pack dry herbs. This component is attached to the main body of the bong/pipe and there is a hole leading to the body of the pipe at the bottom. The bowl is important to ensure the smoke travels smoothly into your lungs.

Most bowls function differently, depending on if they're used in bongs or pipes. Pipe bowls usually have a hole on the side that is called a carb. With bong bowls, you control the airflow by moving the bowl in and out of the bong's downstem.

What You Need to Pack a Bowl

Companies like Me Time Box Products offer a whole lot of accessories to make your smoking experience more convenient. You can subscribe to their services and get everything you need. But to properly pack a bowl, you generally need:

  • Dry herbs
  • Grinder
  • Smoking apparatus - A pipe with a bowl on the end or a bong with a downstem and bowl (bubblers work too)
  • A lighter or matchbox
  • You can use a tamping tool to evenly pack the smoke product into your bowl as an extra step.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pack a Bowl

Step 1

First, you need to grind the dry herb CBD flower before packing it into the bowl. Choose a medium-sized dry herb flower and place it into the grinder, ensuring you don’t add too much and crowd the grinder. Put the top on and give it a couple of twists. Once you open it, you should see that everything is crushed. You can twist it again if you’re not happy with the consistency, but if you are, then you can move to the next step. 

Step 2

Add some of the ground dry herbs, using your fingertips to pack it down as you go along, to your bowl. Make sure you don’t pack it too lightly or you’ll have difficulty igniting it properly. This will result in the dreaded Scooby Snacks (loose ash), and that’s something every stoner wishes to avoid. If you pack the bowl too tight, it might be impossible to light because of the restricted airflow.

A helpful tip is to place your bong or pipe over a plate/tray to help you gather any bits of dry herb that fall out while you pack the bowl. Once the bowl is filled with the dry herb, the bong is ready for the next step. Place your finger on the carb hole, which is a tiny hole normally located on the side of the bong/pipe. This gives you control of airflow going through the bong/pipe. 

Step 3

To ensure the perfect hit, cover the hole when you ignite the bowl so the smoke builds up inside the bong/pipe. Followed by placing your lips on the mouthpiece of the instrument. Pull the smoke generated inside the bong into your lungs; you will be able to see the smoke travel from the bowl to the downstem of the bong and fill up in the main compartment of the instrument, along with the bubbling of the water as you do it. Similarly, the smoke doesn't use any water in a pipe and is pulled into your mouth directly. 

Step 4

When you’re ready to inhale, let go of the carb hole and breathe in through your mouth. Make sure your mouth is securely over the mouthpiece of the bong or pipe. The remaining ash left in the bong after your hit should be discarded for the next hit. You can blow out the ash or tap the bowl lightly over your palm. Alternatively, you can carry a poker which helps to clear the airway and make sure there is nothing blocking the bowl.


There is only one way to pack a bowl full of dry herb hemp flower correctly, and you have just read through it. Do not stress about mixing up the steps; practice makes perfect. Be safe and always clear the bowl for the next person in the smoking circle.

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