How to Roll a Cross Joint

Find out how to roll the perfect cross joint here.

Have you ever seen a cross CBD flower joint? They are shaped like a cross โ™ฐ and provide a funky new way to enjoy a smoke session. Cross joints may appear difficult to roll, but donโ€™t be intimidated. Weโ€™ve broken down the process into a few easy steps so you can roll one like a pro.

Cross Joint Rolling Supplies

You will need some supplies if you want to roll a cross joint.

Gather these simple supplies in order to roll a cross joint and enjoy your CBD flower in an interesting new way:

  • CBD flower
  • Grinder
  • Small rolling papers
  • Large rolling papers
  • Sharp instrument, such as a needle, pin, or wire
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of cardboard or cardstock paper (this is optional)

Roll a Fat CBD Joint

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Use a large rolling paper to roll a CBD flower joint that is much bigger and thicker than the ones you typically roll. Be sure to leave a bit of an empty twist at the tip end. This will make the joint easier to light. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Optional Step: Insert a Small Piece of Cardboard In the Endย 

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Many smokers opt out of this step. You can try rolling a cross joint with and without it and decide which method you prefer.ย 

The cardboard is there to act as a sort of mouthpiece ๐Ÿ‘„ in order to burn the joint all the way down to the end, making sure you use up every bit of your CBD herb. You can do this step now or as the last step.ย 

Cut a small strip of thin cardboard or cardstock paper. The strip should be about two to three inches long and half an inch wide. Roll the strip into a cylinder about the size of your joint. Push the strip into the butt end of the cross joint.

Roll A Thin Joint

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Use the small rolling paper to roll a second joint, making it very thin so it will be easy to fit with the fat joint. Leave an empty twist at both ends.

Poke A Hole In The Fat Joint

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Use your sharp instrument and gently poke a hole three-quarters of the way from the bottom of your CBD flower joint. Once the instrument is all the way through the fat joint, slowly start to maneuver it to make the hole a bit wider.ย 

Donโ€™t make the hole too large; it needs to be the right size to form a seal when you insert the thin joint through it.

Poke a Hole in the Thin Joint

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Poke a hole through the middle of the thin joint, maneuvering the sharp instrument to make it slightly bigger. Do not make this hole as big as the one in the fat joint. The hole in the thin joint will allow air ๐Ÿ’จ to flow from the tip of the fat joint to the butt end.ย 

Insert The Thin Joint Through The Fat Joint

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Insert one end of the thin joint through the hole in the fat joint. Take your time and slowly work it through, using pulling, pushing, and rotating motions. Gentle movements keep the two joints from tearing open.

Stop the insertion once the small hole in the thin joint is now inside the fat joint. The hole allows for airflow, making it important to get it in the center of the fat joint.

Reinforce And Seal Up Your Cross Joint

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Cut the glues off the rolling papers with scissors โœ‚. Wrap the glues around the section where the thin joint intersects with the fat joint. Doing this makes the joint airtight. Without it, air and smoke will escape from the sides.ย 

Lighting Up

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Now itโ€™s showtime! Many people claim that you need two people and two or three lighters ๐Ÿ”ฅ to get a cross joint going, but we find thatโ€™s not true.ย 

Light the empty twist on the fat joint while you begin to gently puff on the butt end. Next, light the twist ends of the thin joint while taking small drags off the cross joint.ย 

There isnโ€™t a huge benefit to a cross joint, such as providing a more intense interaction with your CBD herbs. People love cross joints because they look impressive and give them a fun new way to enjoy their CBD herbs.

You can practice making one and then impress your friends with your new skill. If youโ€™re nervous about trying it, invite a smoking buddy or two to come over and build one together.

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