How To Use A Grinder


Did you just get your hands on the best smoke product in town? Are you feeling excited to get home and experience its euphoric properties?. Well, your excitement might have to wait till you master how to use a grinder, and thankfully, this article will teach you exactly that.

What Is a Herb Grinder?

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A grinder is a tool used to crush large pieces of dry herb hemp flowers into smaller pieces. There are many types of grinders out there on the market. They range from electric grinders, card grinders, two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece grinders. Each of these has its own value-added experiences according to the consumer's style and budget.

Parts Of A Herb Grinder

Every grinder has three main parts - A grinding chamber, teeth or pegs for grinding, and a lid to keep the contents secure. This is commonly known as the two-piece grinder, it is normally the size and shape of a hockey puck.

Other variants have additional components to them. Here are the parts for the different kinds of grinders on the market.

Three-Piece Grinder - This is similar to the two-piece but with an additional chamber at the bottom to collect the herb once you have ground it. The middle piece will have holes in it to allow small pieces of dry herb to pass through, ensuring only the perfect pieces of dry herb hemp flower are found in the bottom collecting compartment.

Four Piece Grinder - This grinder has an additional piece that is separated by a film or screen. After you have ground your smoke products, it is collected in the second chamber, but it leaves behind a pollen-like residue which is sifted through the screen and collected in the third chamber.ย 

Why is Grinder needed?

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A grinder is needed to truly enjoy your smoking experience through water bubbler pipes and other similar smoking devices. It is essential to ensure an even distribution of dry herb hemp flowers when you decide to roll it, pack it or bake it. You can choose to grind it manually, but it will never be consistent throughout and can cause irregularities when you try to ignite it.

Benefits Of Using A Herb Grinder

The benefits of grinding your smoke products are endless but we are going to list a couple for your viewing pleasure.ย 

Easier on the throat -ย Grinding your dry herb hemp flower creates smaller particles to ignite, larger particles cause irritation to the throat when to light it. Crushing it also unlocks the flavors of the dry herb flower and tastes a lot better when it is consumed or inhaled through a bong with bubbler.ย 

Kief - When you grind your dry herb hemp flowers, tiny crystals remain behind in the grinder. Sometimes they are collected on the sides of the grinder or in a Kief chamber of a four-piece grinder.ย This residue is more potent and purer than the smoke product itself and can be used later on to enhance your smoking experience through a water bubbler pipe.

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Convenience -ย  Carrying smoke products in your grinder is easier to transport when you are traveling. Metal grinders have magnets inside to make sure the top does not open accidentally, some better-equipped grinders can also mask the odor of the smoke product. The time taken to grind using a grinder is split in half as opposed to grinding it by hand. Grinding your dry herb CBD flower makes it more potent which means you would have to use less, think of the cost youโ€™ll be saving.

How To Use A Herb Grinder

Step 1

Open the top of the grinder and place the dry herb flowers in between the teeth of the grinder. Make sure the pieces are not too big or it might cause a jam.ย 

Step 2

Put the top back on and start to twist it to begin grinding. Rotate it a couple of times to ensure everything has been crushed. There might be a little resistance in the beginning, it soon subsides.

Step 3

Tap the top of the grinder and open it to observe if everything is done to your liking. In some grinders, the finished product ends up in the second compartment. If some kief was collected in the third chamber, you can sprinkle it in with the collected dry herb hemp flower.ย 


You might have learned how to use a herb grinder, but the benefits of it will stay on with you forever. Using a grinder is much better than having a session without it, donโ€™t miss out on a pleasant smoking experience. If youโ€™re looking to get a good grinder for either yourself or your friend, take a look at the Me Time Box products available online and get one today!

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