Learn About and How To Use a Grinder

Say Goodbye to Sticky Fingers with a Grinder

Did you just get your hands on the best smoke product in town?

Keep those hands from get the sticky-icky nectar from those buds, by learning how to use a metal herb grinder. 

Starting with the basics, let's get you using the grinder the right way, so you can enjoy life, every day.

First, What's a Herb Grinder or Crusher?

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An acrylic or metal grinder is a tool used to crush large pieces of dried herbs into an evenly-chopped, mini fluffy flower shake, that makes for the perfect consistency to roll a up joint.

There are many types of grinders out there on the market, but most are constructed from either plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, or nickel.

Here's what you can expect to find in the herb grinder market:

  1. Electric grinders
  2. Business Card grinders
  3. Two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece grinders.
  4. Various grinder sizes ranging from 30mm to 150mm in diameter.
  5. Novelty grinders in a variety of colors and designs.

Learn the Parts Of A Herb Grinder

Learn the parts of the herb grinder, so you can learn the best way to use a grinder to pulverize your buds with this guide from MeTimeBox.com, home of the best gifts for girls who smoke and girly stoner box bundles with free shipping!

Every grinder has 3 main components to how it works, in it's most basic form:

  • Grinding chamber where you place your flowers.
  • Teeth or pegs for grinding.
  • Fully closing lid to keep the contents secure and to twist the grinder.

Depending on your preferences on the bells and whistles, some metal grinders have additional chambers, compartments, and even a catcher and scraper for kief.

Acrylic Two-Piece Grinders

Acrylic Two-Piece Grinders are the cheapest grinders for weed and readily available at online smokeshops. Visit metimebox.com for more smoking accessory bundles and the best gifts for girls who smoke!

The acrylic grinder is the cheapest grinder that ranges in cost from $10-$20 where you are shopping, and everyone knows they don't last forever.

This is the type of grinder that is consistent, easy to clean, and we'll send you one with every purchase of the original Me Time Box.

Three Piece Grinder

The 3 part metal grinder has a middle section that allows the buds to fall through uniformly sized holes. Read more at metimebox.com and shop the top rated stoner box with free shipping and no subscription!

This economical small to medium sized grinder similar to the two part herb grinder but with 2 important differences; they are made of metal and make life easier.

The middle chamber has holes for the perfectly ground flower to fall directly into the additional chamber at the bottom.

Since the ground buds fall through uniformly sized holes, you can add more flower in comparison to it's plastic 2-part friend.

Four Piece Grinder

The four part nickel grinder has a dedicated mesh screen for collecting and scraping kief. Read more here at Me Time Box Products, home of the top stoner bundles and smoking accessories for girls who smoke!

The main perc of the 4 compartment grinder, is that has an additional filter screen chamber for catching kief.

Kief is the pollen-like residue leftover after using your herb crusher grinder, and it is sifted through the screen.

After 10 times (or so) of using your grinder, take a peek in the fourth chamber located at the bottom.

Add a little kief dust to a bong bowl, sprinkle into your next j, or add some to your morning protein shake.

Do I Really Need a Grinder?

Is an herb crusher grinder for weed necessary? If you want to find out more about grinders, read this guide from Me Time Box Products, home of the best stoner gifts for girls, and smoking accessory bundles with free shipping!

Look, is it a necessary smoking accessory? No.

Does it make your sessions better? Yes.

A herb grinder is needed to truly enjoy your smoking experience, whether you want an even bowl burning through your water bubbler pipes, chillums, or stuffing a RAW cone. 

Ensuring an even distribution of dry herb flowers is critical when you decide to roll it, pack it or bake it.

You can choose to grind it manually, but it will never be consistent throughout, it's sticky, and can cause burn all wonky-like when you try to light it.

More Benefits Of Using A Herb Grinder

Learn more benefits of using a metal grinder for weed with this guide on how to use a grinder from metimebox.com, home of the top rated stoner box, free weed pipe offer, and the best stoner gifts for girls who smoke.

The benefits of grinding your smoke products are endless but we are going to list 5 more of our favorites reasons to own a grinder, if you are still here are reading.

  1. Easier on the throat: Grinding your dry herb flower creates smaller , more uniform particles to ignite vs chunks of larger particles cause pockets of air which can be an irritant when inhaling.
  2.  Kief: When you grind your dry herb flowers, tiny crystals remain behind in the grinder. They are usually stuck to the sides of the grinder, or in a Kief chamber of a four-piece grinderThis residue is more potent and purer than the smoke product itself and can be used later on to enhance your smoking experience through a water bubbler pipe.
  3. Convenience:  Carrying smoke products in your grinder is easier to transport when you are traveling. Metal grinders have magnets inside to make sure the top does not open accidentally and some better-equipped grinders are completely smell-proof.
  4. Save Time: Literally, you need less than 60 seconds to pulverize a beautiful bud. Don't you want more time to smoke?
  5. Exposing the Crystals: Grinding buds into smaller buds unlocks the hidden crystals of that little plant universe. You know the crystals are magic, right?

It's Time to Learn How To Use A Herb Grinder

Learn how to use a grinder with this guide from Me Time Box Products, home of the best stoner gift bundles and girly smoking pipe bundles with free shipping!

Step 1

Open the top of the grinder and place the dry herb flowers in between the teeth of the grinder. Make sure the pieces are not too big or it might cause a jam. 

Step 2

Put the top back on and start to twist forward and backward to begin grinding. Rotate it a couple of times to ensure everything has been crushed. There might be a little resistance in the beginning, but once it starts pulverizing, it's smooth sailing. 

Step 3

Tap the top of the grinder and open it to observe if everything is done to your liking. In some grinders, the finished product ends up in the second compartment. If some kief was collected in the third chamber, you can sprinkle it in with the collected dry ground flower. 

And That's That!

Learn how to use a grinder with this guide from MeTimeBox Products Online Smoke Shop for Girls and the top rated smoking bundles with cheap pipes and free shipping!

It's super simple to use a herb grinder, right? Just like anything in life, once you learn how to use a grinder, you can obtain mastery after a few twists of your new friend.

Don’t miss out on a much more pleasant smoking experience in exchange for saving a couple of bucks.

If you’re looking to get a good grinder for either yourself or your friend, we have a bunch of bundles in the Me Time Box Gifts for Smokers category 

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