Guide: Learn How To Use A One Hitter

Being new to the medical scene or expanding your smoking horizons can make you feel like a noob that should never be seen in public with your glass one hitter pipe. Which is why you’re here, to learn how to use a one hitter. Going out with your pipe in hand is going to take a bit of time and preparation on your part, but we’ve got you covered with detailed instructions. 

Learn how to use a one hitter glass pipe and how to pack a one hitter or glass chillum from Me Time Box Products, Smoking Subscription Box!


  • Choose the right end to load is important (only one side is designed to be lit)
  • Don't stuff it like a Thanksgiving Turkey (pack loosely)
  • Know what it is and what is isn't (it's only a one hitter)
  • Proper cleaning is super important (just clean it)
  • We always give you a new one hitter (don't panic)

If you like to share your one-hitter with friends, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with how to pack a one hitter (which end do you stuff?). For the most part, if you know how to use a standard glass bowl, you’ll be able to pack a one hitter with no problem. Don’t worry if it looks like your medicine will fall out; just pack your chillum tightly enough and you’re good to go. 

Me Time Box Products has a top-rated smoking subscription box for you to invest in, if you’re serious about getting to grips with using a one hitter on a daily basis. It will even help you cut the regular cost of prepping, supplying and cleaning. 

Continue reading below to see the very detailed instructions on how to use your one hitter.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really go anywhere without my medicine. I love going to see live shows, I love spending time with my family, I love going out to eat and I don’t even mind heading off to work. Part of the reason I am so absolutely in love with everything is my smile inducing herbs. But, to go out with it takes some preparation which means getting my one hitters in order. If you are new to smoking a one hitter or some nice artisanal chillum, let me explain how to use a one hitter. 

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Me Time Box Products offers a beautiful selection of durable glass one hitters with all sorts of colorful swirls, along with marbled stone and metal chillum designs. Part of the value of having unique one hitters with different colors and designs is so that you can tell them apart. We even have a pink one hitter. Why is that important? Well, for me, I have a different medicine strain for different occasions and times of the day. Some fills me with energy and makes me a bit more creative, while others help me relax and chill. I bring three, maybe even four chillums with me when I go out. Adding in a few OG chillums is worth considering too since they are even skinnier and fit nearly anywhere. While maybe a couple of them are packed with the same strain, I remember which is which and know just the right time to smoke a specific one hitter.

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One hitter bowls should be renamed multiple hitter bowls, but one way or another they are only good for a few hits which makes sharing them a bit challenging. Not that it can’t be done, but it makes packing a one hitter over and over again a bit of a pain. If you know how to pack a standard glass bowl, then you know how to pack a one hitter. It’s the same thing except that the bowl is all the way at the end of the pipe and newbies might be concerned their medicine will fall out. It won’t as long as you don’t pack your chillum loosely. Make sure you use a grinder so that it is all broken up well before you pack a one hitter. It should all stay nice and tucked in there and be ready to go when you are ready to smoke. On the OG Chillum, don't confuse the bowl for a filter. It's the shallow end you pack. I've seen people pack the stem. It looks good but won't work because there is no way to get the air in there.

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Let’s talk about how to light a one hitter. When using a one hitter or chillum you really want to focus on cornering the bowl, which means you just light the side of the bowl and let your inhale pull the flame into the bowl to burn as little of your medicine as possible. Since there are only a few hits in a one hitter, conserving it is important to make the most of it. You need to be careful once you reach the end of the bowl or else you suck ash into your mouth, yuck! If you have any reflective surface nearby, even the a silver zippo will work, you can watch the bowl glow like a fire flower when you inhale. When that glow diminishes, you know you are reaching the end.

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Smoking a one hitter is quick and inconspicuous. One hitters and our glass chillums are small and tuck easily into pen holders in your backpack or over the shoulder bag. You do need to clean a one hitter a little more often since they are smaller and get clogged, but it is quick and painless. For me, glass chillums are an essential part of my smoking pipe collection. If I am looking for a quick smoke before I head to bed, a one hitter is often my choice since it is fast and I don’t necessarily need a full session. Glass one hitters play their part in the whole Me Time experience. I hope you find them as useful as I do.

Oh and BTW, your one hitter is going to need quite a bit of cleaning, and you feel like it might get a bit nasty. Want to know how to clean a one hitter the best way possible? Thankfully, it’s quick and painless. 

You can also click here if you want to claim for yourself a free glass pipe that’ll definitely get your nice lifestyle off to a good start, and give you something to use whilst your other pipe is in for a clean! 

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