How to Use Your Dab Tool for the Perfect Dab

Dabbing is a great way to enjoy your CBD flowers. If you’re out of practice or new to dabbing, we’ve put together a guide for understanding the process and choosing how you want to achieve the perfect dab.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing means vaporizing single servings of CBD flower concentrates in order to experience the effects quicker 🏃 and with more intensity than unconcentrated herbs. 

You use just a “dab” (meaning a tiny bit) when vaporizing. Many tools can be involved in dabbing, including a blow torch, nail, bong, dab tool, and carb cap. 

A dab can come in the form of different colors 🎨 and consistencies. Their names may reference their consistency or how they are extracted. These include CO2 oils, butane hash oil, and Rick Simpson oil.

Now let’s get into the different ways to dab!

Dome & Nail 

Many people like the dome and nail method of dabbing. You heat 🔥 the nail while it’s inside the piece, then put the dome on and drop the dab on the nail while you inhale. 


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Domeless nails have built-in holes allowing vapors to enter the bong without needing a dome. These types of nails last longer and are made of titanium, ceramic, and quartz. 

Many modern dabbers have traded in their domeless nails for quartz bangers and lower temperature dabbing.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

Low-temp dabbing may seem complicated to a newbie, but many long-term users favor this method. Low-temperature dabbing takes longer than other methods because the carb cap needs time to cool down, but it avoids certain noxious chemicals that get released when using higher temperature methods. 

Low-temperature dabbing can be done with a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail. With low-temp dabbing, the effects that CBD flowers provide last longer. You get better-tasting smoke clouds 💨 that last longer. 

To low-temp dab, heat the walls of your nail or banger for about a minute, then let them cool down briefly. Experiment to find out your preference for how long of a cool-down time you need. 

Drop the dab and let it melt, then add the carb cap. The nail and rig will fill with smoke, and you can use the carb cap to spread out the oil to achieve more vaporization. 

The heat up & cool down method is worth trying. While a low-temp dab typically uses a quartz banger that is slow to cool, you can use this method with an insert inside that allows longer heat retention.  

Insert Drop Technique

This type of dabbing allows CBD flower concentrates to rapidly heat. Pre-fill the insert with concentrate, then heat the nail or banger walls. Wait five to thirty seconds, depending on how quickly your equipment retains heat, and drop the insert in.

Wait a few seconds before inhaling. The first few hits give a heavier flavor than usual, followed by smooth vaporous clouds 🌥. Once you have the timing down, you’ll see little or no puddling at the end. 

Dabbing Without A Torch

Some people prefer not to buy and transport blow torches but still want to enjoy the dabbing experience. This can be done using other flame 🔥 sources. 

If you do your dabbing at home, you might want to make a habit of using an E-nail instead of a torch. E-nails plug into a wall socket, using electricity instead of an open flame for its heating element. 

Experiment to find the temperature you favor and you can use it to vaporize the dab for the entire process. 

You can also find portable E-nails that don’t need torches or rigs. You simply hold down a button and it causes the E-nail to heat up or atomize. Then drop the dab onto the nail and cap it off, similar to a low-temperature dab process. 

If you’re super old school, you can use a regular cigarette lighter or even light nails on a stovetop. 

Portable Vaporizers

You can use vaporizers that eliminate the need for water 🌊 or glass in the dabbing process. These also allow you to heat your concentrates without needing a torch or rig. 

You can find many choices for types of vaporizers used for dabbing CBD concentrates. They provide ease of use and feel modern, but it will take a pricier model to get the best effects your CBD flower has to offer. For that reason, many people stick to other methods. 

Now You’re Ready to Dab

We hope you feel ready now to explore your options and enjoy the wonderful world of dabbing. We keep a close eye 👀 on developments in the dabbing industry and let you know when something new hits the market. 

Keep in mind that the smoking industry has come a long way from the original dabbing method, which consisted of heating a knife until it was red hot, dropping a dab on it, and inhaling. Thankfully, we are out of those caveman days!

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