Learn all the Different Types of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers have many different effects on your smoking experience.

One of the fun things about enjoying the world of dried herbs is how many different ways there are to smoke them. On any given day when you feel ready to break out your herbs and use them to relax or to reenergize yourself, you have a world of choices for a delivery system. 

Some days you want to use a favorite one-hitter for some refreshing alone time. Other days you gather friends together and circle around the biggest bong you own. 

Then there are those days where nothing will do but rolling up a nice fat cigarette and kicking back. While vaporizing has made headlines for years now, the most popular way to enjoy smoking herbs is rolled up in a tasty cigarette 💨.

If you find yourself loving the feel of a rolled-up bit of greens, you may think what kind you choose doesn’t matter. A lot of people don’t know how many different types of rolling papers are on the market. We’ve broken it down so you can experiment with the different types and find which ones suit your needs.

Do Different Types of Rolling Papers Really Make a Difference?

Using good rolling papers can make all the difference.

You might think all rolling papers are created equal but that common belief doesn’t hold water 💧. Paper made from higher quality material can improve your smoking experience. 

The quality of the cigarette itself can be bumped up a level. The way you enjoy smoking can be affected by which paper you use. Some papers burn more quickly than others, while some rely on the person using them to have damn good rolling skills. 

Traditional Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

Wood pulp rolling papers are the most popular papers.

Going back generations, people have rolled up their greens in papers made from wood pulp 🌲. Today, many people want to act in ways that prove to be conscious of the environment. This desire paved the way for the introduction of more earth-friendly rolling papers. 

Still, even someone who enjoys tree-hugging as a hobby can still swear by wood pulp papers. Some wood paper comes in a blend, offering a mixture of fibers. Some are brown, while others are bleached white. Wood pulp papers offer a medium burn rate; not too fast, not too slow.

Wood pulp paper provides the thickest material, which most smokers appreciate. The thicker the paper, the more an herb cigarette holds its shape. This matters when the weather is damp ☂ or humid or your smoking buddy shows up with sweaty hands. 

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp Rolling Paper is the world's first dehydrated organic hemp rolling paper.

Hemp has become all the rage and for good reason. It saves the destruction of a lot of trees because it comes from the hemp plant. Hemp fiber can be used to make paper, clothing, rope, insulation, and food 🍔.

Hemp paper is typically brown in color due to most manufacturers skipping the bleaching process. Like wood paper, they provide an even, medium burn rate. 

Hemp has a thick texture to it, making it easy for everyone to keep a tight hold on it when smoking and passing. They do absorb humidity more easily than wood paper but this won’t affect the aroma of the herbs you’re enjoying.

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice rolling papers aren't produced by harsh chemicals and burn with virtually zero ash.

Rice paper has accrued a number of fans in the past several years. Made from all-natural ingredients, the name says it all. They are made from processed and pressed rice. 

Rice paper comes out thinner than other types of rolling papers. This is good news for your lungs because you inhale less material. The downside means you have to develop a real skill for rolling up wispy paper that tears easily. 

The smoothness of the paper makes it a little trickier to keep in your grip. You definitely don’t want rice paper to get wet. Despite these vulnerabilities, rice paper burns slowly and provides almost no aftertaste. Although you might develop a craving for Chinese food 🍛. 

Other Kinds of Papers to Consider

 Rolling papers may have different porosity to control ventilation and burning rate.

While the above types of rolling papers cover the basic and most prevalent kinds, there are a few other things to consider. A small market of papers made from flax exists, which provides a similar product to rice papers. 

Novelty rolling papers come in a multitude of colors, designs, and even flavors. These types of paper provide a fun alternative from the usual papers and make great any occasion type gifts 🎁for friends. 

While many novelty rolling papers are made from high-quality paper, not all of them are created equal. Some brands trade well-made materials for the flash of how they look. Make sure you’re getting the thickness and durability you want when splurging on visually cool papers. 

If you want herb cigarettes that last longer, look at buying papers that have more length than others. These types can also prove useful for someone new to learning to roll who needs a bit of extra material to work with while they perfect their rolling skills. 

Ready to Roll?

start rolling the paper at the filter side of the joint.

Now you know all about the choices you have when it comes to shopping for different types of rolling papers. You may settle on one kind that suits your style or you may enjoy fishing around in your stash box or bag for which papers fit your current mood.

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