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You may have always wondered if there was a way you could take your CBD dabs on the go. Most smoke shop workers or heavy smokers would suggest you invest in a Nectar Collector. They offer a better solution to dab rigs or complicated setups. If you’re a dab fan, but you hate carrying all the luggage and gear that comes with it, then a nectar collector will solve all your problems.

What is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar Collector From Me Time Box

Nectar collectors have risen in popularity because it’s a more convenient, portable device to smoke CBD dabs or concentrates. They might not completely replace your dab rig, but they offer a solution for when you need to take a hit while you’re out.

Parts of Nectar Collector

You don't have to worry much for those who constantly misplace their lighters because there are only a few parts to a nectar collector that you need. 

There’s the silicon or glass straw that’s used as a mouthpiece to inhale vapors, the tip (titanium or quartz) that resembles the dab nail, silicon or glass dishes that hold the dabs, and water chambers that resemble a bong. Nectar collectors come with percolators to give you a smoother hit.

How Do Nectar Collectors Work?

Before you get to business, you need to prepare your nectar collector. First, you need to attach the tip and the body. This prepares your dab straw for use. If you have an electronic dab, you will need to connect the tip to the battery. 

Next, you have to fill it with water. Once you’ve filled it with water, tightly seal it. There are different types of nectar collectors but most come with leak-proof bodies, so you shouldn’t have issues when you take the hit. There isn’t a place to directly put any concentrates on a nectar collector, so you’ll have to prepare it on a heat-resistant tray. Thick glass dab trays work the best.

You might be familiar with the next part because it’s common for all methods of smoking - you need to fire it up. To heat your nectar collector, you can use a torch or e-nail, and this might change depending on the type of collector you have. For example, a glass or silicone collector needs to be heated manually because of the tip type. 

Once you’ve turned your heating source on, apply it to the tip of the tip in a brush-like motion for a few seconds or until it turns orange. Electric nectar collectors heat themselves with a device. Usually, you can choose your temperature settings to ensure you’re applying just enough heat.

Like with everything smokers do, take caution with how you heat your collector. Some tip types can overheat and burn your concentrates while other types will break when too hot.

Time to dip! Make sure you do this on a leveled, solid surface. Why? Because this will make sure the collector’s tip has direct contact with the concentrates and vaporizes them properly. It also prevents you from having to move the collector around to get all the concentrate at once.

Once you’ve dipped, you can start to inhale, and when you feel you’ve gotten the desired amount of vapors, remove the tip. Don’t forget to exhale.

Why Use a Nectar Collector?

The main reason people use nectar collectors with water is for convenience and a smooth hit. It doesn’t contain many loose parts and doesn’t take as long as a dab rig or nail. A nectar collector reduces your waste, and by waste, we mean product. You control how much you use, so every bit is consumed. The price of a Nectar Collector is similar to a glass bong, so it’s not overly expensive.

FAQ on Nectar Collector

  1. What can I smoke out of a nectar collector?

You can smoke just about all types of concentrates, smoke products, rosin, CBD oil, or budder.

  1. How do I know when the tip has cooled?

If your tip is red or glowing, it definitely hasn’t cooled down. This heat level will potentially damage your concentrates. You can wait around 15 to 30 seconds or when the glowing starts to fade away.

  1. How do I clean it?

You’ll need a plastic zip-top bag, hot water, 91% cleaning agent, and a cup. Blow through the tip of your collector, allowing you to push the water out and fill the chamber with the cleaner. Place the piece inside the cup and let it soak in the cleaner for at least an hour. Then take the plastic bag with the cleaner, put the tip inside, and soak it for around one hour. After soaking, rinse with hot water to remove any remaining residue from the cleaner, and you should be on your way to having cleaner, smoother hits again.

A nectar collector is the best solution when you want a less time-consuming and portable way to smoke concentrates. Compared to other smoking devices, they’re less expensive and easy for beginners to use. You can smoke just about any product with a nectar collector, which gives it a versatile edge over other smoking devices. If you aren’t sure what to smoke with your new nectar collector, try out Me Time Box products for a wide variety of concentrates and accessories.

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