Learn Why Your Glass Chillum is Your New BF

Chillums are traditional small hand pipes that marijuana smokers love

Are you a fan of relaxing with your favorite greens? Maybe you like a little alone time to smoke away the stress of the day. With the pandemic now settling into society’s rearview mirror, you may be excited about getting together with good friends to enjoy a group smoke session 💨. 

The only thing better than spending some Me Time with your herbs is doing so in a new way. If you haven’t explored the exciting world of chillums, let us introduce you to it. 

Nothing can kickstart excitement like having a new toy that fits your lifestyle and mood, so let’s talk chillums!

What Is a Chillum?

Chillums are straight, conical-shaped glass pipes that have an end-to-end channel. They are also referred to as bats 🦇 or one-hitters.  

Chillums have enjoyed popularity in the past several years. Many people enjoy adding a chillum to their selection of items they use to enjoy their favorite herbs.

Thousand of years ago in India, holy men and Hindu monks favored using chillums. This was before the arrival of tobacco in that part of the world. Chillums were often used as part of a meditation or spiritual ritual across Asia and Eastern Europe🌍.

Chillums can be made from several materials. Wood chillums enjoy great popularity. Many people choose clay versions because they offer a quick cooling ability. For those who want something flashier, they can choose from chillums made from glass, stone, and stainless steel.

Your average hand pipe may do the job, but chillums provide a more potent hit each time you indulge in your greens. 

Unlike many other pipes, chillums do not contain a carb hole typically used to regulate the air that flows to the mouthpiece. 

When a person smokes from a pipe with a carburetor, they cover the carb with a finger or thumb. Doing so allow the airflow to easily flow into their mouth. Removing their finger allows the bowl to clear and all of the smoke to be inhaled. 

Why Choose a Chillum Instead of a Hand Pipe?

Chillums are usually smaller in size as compared to Hand pipe.

As word spread in the past several years about chillums, many new customers became interested. A primary reason for wanting to check out a chillum is its reputation for delivering a truly strong rip. 

Chillums are easy  to pack with herbs. They offer a real no fuss, no muss option that gets you on the road to relaxation quickly. 

Since chillums do not have a carb, the contents of your bowl will burn longer.

Firing Up Your Chillum

 Simple steps to firing up your chillum

If you haven’t used a chillum before, no need to worry. Our simple steps will help you feel at ease after the first use. 

Due to the smaller size of chillums, light 🔥 yours at an angle of about 45 degrees. This helps keep your dry herbs from falling out. Some people prefer to place a small, often round item in the bowl, such as a little nut. 

Chillums are smaller than the average pipe. Because of this, you will get a limited number of hits from it. You can easily refill them as needed.

If you use a clay chillum, you will need to use either your closed fist or a small piece of cloth to act as a filter. 

When you are ready to begin, place a small pile of your greens on a tray. Press the end of the chillum into the pile. Press the chillum with your finger to ensure that it sticks there. 

Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and use your lighter to light the other end. Inhale lightly and slowly. This helps you avoid accidentally getting ash in your mouth. 

Tell Me More Reasons Chillums Are Great

Chillums are great for modest and for on-the-go smoking.

People love chillums for many reasons. Some people develop a loyalty to them and prefer them over all other smoking options. Others like having chillums as a choice for just the right moment to bust one out. 

Everyone wants to watch their budgets 💰, and chillums help you keep costs low. They are inexpensive and quality ones will last you a long time. 

Due to their little size, chillums offer you discretion in where you store them or how you transport them. You can pop your new little buddy just about anywhere and easily keep track of it.

If you and your friends want to have a group smoke session, chillums are a great way to go. 

No one wants to spend a minute more than they have to when cleaning up 💧. Chillums are super simple to clean, allowing you to pack one or clean up after a smoke quickly.

Ready For Your First Chillum?

A chillum is the coolest way to smoke to get that amazing high.

Now that you’ve learned all about chillums, it’s time to get started. We know you’ll love the high-quality, beautiful chillums we offer. Before you know, your new best friend will arrive at your front door 🚪, ready to help you relax on your own or with your besties!

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