Me Time Box vs The Happy Kit

Any experienced and happily medicated man or woman has an happy kit, hopefully a very happy kit. Some sort of case, bag, box or space where they store all of their smoking kit essentials. They know how to use a one hitter, just like they know how to clean a glass pipe or smoke a bong. Want to know how to pack a one hitter? Just ask some smoking veteran, or us for that matter. So smokers with the knowledge, they have the luxury of having a fine variety of smoke kit essentials and tools of the trade because they know what to do with them. Like everything else in life, they want to stay organized and be able to assemble a portable smoking kit when they need it. The question is; Who offers the best smoke kit setup?

Me Time Box has spent years crafting the Me Time Box, a veritable pandora’s box full of premium happy kit essentials including exquisitely crafted glass smoke pipes like bongs, bubblers, bowls and chillums. Our artisan craftsmanship ensures you the very best smoking experience while also feeling as though you have added a real piece of art to your overall decor. We even have a pink one hitter and pink glass pipes. There are other companies that offer something somewhat similar to us, like The Happy Kit.

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One of The Happy Kit products they feature is what they refer to as a smell proof case. What is the purpose of a smell proof case? To make sure odors are contained within the case. But, if everyone can smell what is inside of a smell proof case, it really smell proof just because The Happy Kit say it is? You zip an Happy Kit smell proof case closed. What zipper have you ever know that is airtight? Instead of quality durable glass chillums, they offer the standard aluminum smoking bats that get very hot when you light them. Metal conducts heat, if you were unaware. The fragile glass bowls that come in a supposed deluxe happy kit, shatter easily.

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Cleaning grinders is an essential task for any avid smoking fan, but what happens when the screen in the second chamber of the grinder breaks free over the lightest of cleanings? If you open a very happy kit anxious to roll one up, what happens when the rolling paper rips each and every time you start rolling? It is not just frustrating, it is infuriating. You are anxious to start your session and you are losing time.

If we look at some price comparisons, The Very Happy Kit sells for $100. For your money, you get a supposed smell proof case, a single blown simple glass bowl, two sets of brittle generic rolling papers, a metal bat, a grinder and a plastic tube. The Me Time Subscription Box costs $45 and you get two durable double or triple blown glass pipes (which could be glass water pipes like a bubbler or a bong), Raw Rolling Papers, a durable grinder, hemp rolling papers, a RAW clipper lighter, cleaning tools, RAW cones, a torch and more. The cost differences between Me Time Box and The Happy Kit, along with the amount, variety and quality of the smoking products are more than apparent.

how to pack a one hitter, happy kit, how to use a one hitter, how to use a chillum, the very happy kit

One of the foundations of Me Time Box is to provide beautifully crafted high quality smoking products to our clients and help the industry take the next step. Smoke kit essentials have been impacted negatively by prohibition whether consumers know it or not, but those days are numbered. Businesses in this industry need to step up to meet the demand of a consumer that is going to expect something more. Here at Me Time Box Products, we will continue to provide you only the very best and beautifully crafted glass pipes, rolling papers, rolling trays, grinders and anything you can think of to take your sessions to the next level.Β If you are going to take your Me Time to the next level, what else should you expect? And remember, we are always here for you, so if something is wrong or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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